Humaima Malick is set for Hosting Sindh Festival

Sindh Festival to be hosted with Humaima Malick

Humaima Malick is the leading Pakistani star. She has been very successful in Pakistan films and recently has been awarded by 5 International best actress awards for her debut movie Bol and now is working with big bollywood sensation Emraan Hashmi in movie, Shaatir.

Now by approaching of organizers she has been chosen to host sindh Festival in Moen-jo-Daro. She is so excited to host such a Festival.

“. I think it’s a great initiative by Bilawal and I wish him all best for addressing such an important subject said Humaima Malik”.

She had a strong and devastating message to the world and said ‘I consider myself a cultural ambassador of Pakistan when I set my foot abroad for work. Unfortunately I feel there is not much we have done to bring out our identities as a nation and specifically as a culture.

She said by   bringing out our identities as a nation especially in culture is a very powerful tool for showing to the world. I hope we get to see more such festivals in future. Bilawal earns my respect for his vision.’


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