HTC One (M8) Pre-launch Advertised on High British retailer

HTC One (M8) is being advertised at Phones 4u

British major retailer Phones 4U showed HTC One (M8) banner on its shop before launching on the ground in London and New York.

This is totally silly proportions with pixilated showing at major retailer. HTC One (M8) has to launch on March 25, 2014. So far it does not see anywhere except at “Phones 4u”. Phones 4u is British biggest Smartphone’s retailer. May be it has used reference and showed flexes on its stores in Uk Streets.

Even more unusual is the presence of the phone on the add Sure, it’s been leaked already to within an inch of its life, but there’s still going to be a ton of ‘regular’ folks who don’t follow the tech blogs who won’t know about those. But they’re getting a pretty good idea what it looks like from this, even if it does have a pixelated face.

HTC Officials says that have to launch its HTC One (M8) on March 25. Than what is which we are seen on phone 4u Store. It is being advertised before launching officially.


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