How to register for covid vaccine in Pakistan

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

How to register for covid-19 vaccine in PakistanPakistan has received the first delivery of 500,000 doses of Chinese covid vaccine named Sinopharam covid-19. This is the first time in Pakistan that people are getting a vaccine against the pandemic. Now we hope Pakistan will move forward to combat this virus. As Covid Vaccine of China has reached in Pakistan. On social media and on the internet there are so many rumors and questions about how to register for the covid vaccine in Pakistan,  What is Chinese covid vaccine name, etc, how to get the covid vaccine in the body, etc.

Where to get Covid-19 Vaccine in Pakistan

Here on this page, we are trying to give you all types of answers… Please read it all.

Chinese covid vaccine namePakistan has received the first delivery of 500,000 doses of Chinese covid vaccine sinopharam which has been started through front line workers all over Pakistan. There is equal distribution and transparency is measured by checking and balancing concerned persons.  Pakistan received this vaccine as a gift from the Chinese Government and this is evident for Pak China friendship which is well known as across the mountains.

How to use Covid vaccineSpecial Assistant to Prime Minister on Health Dr. Faisal Sultan thanked the Chinese government for gifting the coronavirus vaccine to Pakistan. He said that the frontline healthcare workers will receive the vaccine in the first phase, he tweeted.

Now people of Pakistan have taken a sigh of relief especially those who have low immune systems. Ministry of Health Services Pakistan clarified that the vaccine is being used by injecting into the body. However, after the covid vaccine, it is necessary to maintain social distancing and all preventative measures as it is required.

Pakistan is also receiving the Astra Zeneca vaccine this month will be started in February 2021.

So far as all covid vaccines are being used to inject in arm muscles and two doses are given after three to four weeks.

Distribution of Covid-19 Vaccine in Pakistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan clarified while addressing the nation through Telephone that covid vaccine in Pakistan will be distributed among all provinces equally according to population census.

As we have mentioned above that in the first phase there are frontline health workers. Secondly, there is medical staff, then above 65 years old person and in the phase after the people of 60 years old the population above 18 years old inoculated.

 For streamlining this process Government has developed software where 400,000  health workers have registered in the resource management system.


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