Hot Qandeel Baloch the Most Searched Celebrity of Pakistan

What About Qandeel Baloch?

Celebrities created by tabloid newspaper and social media people who become famous mainly seem to their looks like something just like to bring them over the internet. Qandeel Baloch hot the most staring Pakistan’s Celebrity has been called the model and actress and singer but she’s mainly a social media star she’s also one of the country’s most controversial figures. Pakistan has provoked her to an extraordinary distress. Superstar draws the attention to herself by posting her selfies, messages and videos on facebook and youtube. Now at this stage she is one of the most popular stars in Pakistan and she has made her multi-million dollar.

Qandeel Baloch Latest Videos

In her videos, photos and messages most of the time she’s in bed in a provocative outfit exposing as much skin as she can get away with singing dancing or just staring at the camera and pouting there is the famous one with the bathroom another with a little cut red dress and red lipstick many of her posts something viral on Pakistani social media most of them it’s a puzzlement.

Most Searched Pakistan’s Celebrity Qandeel Baloch

People of Pakistan criticize her for using her body to get attention yet she’s been invited numerous times to Prime Time television shows the same men who wish to see the latest videos are the ones were quick to call her and see her staring.  Pakistani social Media and  TV channels has drawn attention  to her in a very bad eye that  many countries of  the world  have remarked that this is a country where girls can still get killed for choosing who they love and marriage.

Who is Qandeel Baloch?

Who is Qandeel Baloch and what is she doing on my timeline read one article what is Pakistan’s problem with country Baloch write another common steroid from over but a bold person this is too she must be arrested for spreading vulgarity to a kind of like her she’s truly worthy of the title drama queen and one of her approach his original the woman herself is an interesting example of conservatism Face book.

And what is the most watched videos country was very clear about how she wanted to marry the opposition politician and former cricketer Imran Khan she proposed to him on camera and was quite distraught when she couldn’t meet him in person she’s been promised to strip down to the Pakistani cricket team beat India in the T20 World Cup a few months ago she even a teaser for the promised performance which triggered Fierce criticism Face book page for a while but it was reinstated.

Really know what could have happened delete this controversy erupted when she posted selfies of her with the religious scholar Mufti Abdul qavi he’s a member of the moon sighting committee the people who decide when Ramadan begins and ends.

Qandeel Baloch Hot Pictures

Pictures  of hot qandeel baloch is in his own idea expressing herself like can you see me standing or sitting close to the cleric and wearing his traditional cap it’s still unclear why exactly she was visiting him but the media world watch live coverage and debate as a result the minister for religious Affairs suspended the clerics membership of the moon sighting committee and he was royalty .

Do such a thing the blue jar from the rested and conservative province of Balochistan in Southwestern Pakistan the lawyer claimed that she was military envelopes a copy of her passport even made it onto social media or her real name was revealed Fouzia as this of course from to get more media speculation is Conduit a real balloons one headline said whichever way you look at it come deal is almost impossible to me not just for the obvious reasons to do what she does.

Sexy Hot pictures of Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch

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