Honda Pridor Zero Markup Installment Plan in Pakistan April 2024

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Honda Pridor Installment Plans  with 0% Mark-up

Honda CD 70 and CG 125 have always held a strong presence in Pakistan, but Honda Pridor stands out with its specific appeal. Renowned for its durability, performance, and modern design, Pridor has garnered praise from riders across the country.

Despite its classic frame, Honda remains a favorite among the masses, with millions trusting these bikes for decades. Alongside other top-selling models, Pridor’s spare parts are readily available, making maintenance hassle-free.

Highlighted by sleek bodywork and stylish features, including an eye-catching front design and embellished side covers, Pridor offers both aesthetics and reliability. Its four-stroke overhead camshaft engine ensures decent mileage, while the excellent suspension provides a comfortable ride.

The bike’s stylish appeal is further accentuated by a glossy masked headlight, bright indicators, and an attractive wrapped silencer with a silver accent. When it comes to durability, Pridor outperforms other motorcycles in its class.

With the price of the Honda Pridor reaching Rs208,900, many are seeking convenient instalment plans to make owning this bike more accessible. Here are the instalment options available:

Honda Pridor Installment Plans  with 0% Mark-up

Installment PlanTotal PriceMonthly Payment (0% Mark-up)
3 MonthsRs69,650Rs23,217
6 MonthsRs34,850Rs5,808
9 MonthsRs27,076
12 MonthsRs21,275
18 MonthsRs15,475
24 MonthsRs12,556
36 MonthsRs9,683

Whether you’re looking for reliability, style, or affordability, Honda Pridor offers the complete package for riders in Pakistan.

Note: The Above instalment plan is of Bank Alfalah. See the  complete details by click here.

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