Government Assures to Completion of 3G / 4G Auction Package

Government Assures of Transparent, Balanced and Pro-Growth 3G / 4G Auction Package

Today age the desired need of 3G/4G Technology in Pakistan the GOP is going forward to successful completion of grand initiative for next generation spectrum Auction. For this it has planned to make all possible efforts including suggestions of all stakeholders and cellular mobile network operators.

IT State Minister of Pakistan Mrs. Anusha Rehman said this while presiding the important meeting with CEO’s and representatives of the Cellular operators here on today.


Anusha further stated that all possible elements of this mechanism will be structured to ensure, welfare to the public, maximal investment into rollout of networks, and financial viability of the Mobile Broadband market.

The meeting was also attended by the Secretary IT Mr. Akhlaq Ahmed Tarrar and Chairman PTA Dr. Syed Ismail Shah.

The mobile operators who are the biggest stakeholders in next generation spectrum Auction initiative — due to the expected involvement and investments — jointly met the Minister to apprise her of the major suggestion of the industry and to request support  prior to close of consultation on the draft Information Memorandum issued by the Government.


A well balanced formulation of auction design and regulatory mechanism for the ensuing licensing is considered imperative in ensuring successful auction and a healthy mobile broadband market for the ultimate benefit of the broadband deprived Pakistani telecom users.

The Minister  and other key decision makers present gave due consideration to the suggestions presented during the meeting in a manifestation of an open and consultative approach that has been the hallmark of the GoP approach to the telecoms sector programs and initiatives.

There was a consensus that improvement of both the auction regime and the requirements of ensuing market development based on the principles of fairness, level playing field and proportionate forbearing regulation of markets for the benefit of the Pakistani consumers is essential.

The industry representatives assured the Minister of continued support and all endeavors to constructively contribute towards the success of the auction to the mutual benefit of the Government, the sector and most importantly the general public.


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