Google Helpouts: Connect Users to Experts Online

Google has recently launched new service to facilitate users more reliable with its feature named “Google Helpouts”.  Through this you can connect with experts to find a solution of your problem online with Vedio call live and can get guidance by teachers.

Of course, Wikihow is kept and run by a wide community of world who, though talented, aren’t professionals and as a result, is free. Helpouts is not.

A live session on Helpouts starts from $1 and can get costly quickly. A few things are free as well. Billing is done on flexile terms. That’s really not too bad either especially since most professionals aren’t into humanist and charity work either so this was anticipated.

Many people and organizations haved joined this sevice and are getting online help for their problems. Rosetta stone and Kip McGrath have also recently joined. There are total seven categories for you and limited number of users but many more on the way.

Categories of Google Helpouts are as under:

  • Art & Music
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Cooking
  • Education & Careers
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Health
  • Home & Garden

This is not so much new, it was also available in different forms before like online music lessons, tuitions but it is expected that onwards it will be so appreciated and will be used every day in every society.

The service can be used by Google Wallet for payment and you have not to go to paid section just yet (unless you’re in the US). Free ones can be tried though and if you’re confident enough to take the plunge, let see how it works.


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