Google fined $17m for circumventing Safari privacy settings

The most used search engine and internet services outfit Good has been fined $17m to settle the Google fined m over Safari privacy Use

privacy case raised by disgruntled Safari users.

US Federation Trade Commission ( FTC ) investigated that Google circumvented  Safari Web browser  Privacy Setting and allowing the users to track  internet activity.


This is not allowed to anyone , as previously Google had promised the FTC that it would not track users without disclosure as opposed to play fast and loose  with web surfing activities.


The $17m will be spread out across 17 cities. In a statement New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said that New York will get $899,580.

Google has already fined to use this , and last year it had paid up to $22.5m to FTC. That was the largest penalty imposed by FTC.


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