Google and Samsung bare teeth in battle for Landfill Android

There are several competitors in Market of Android but google Samsung and Apple have become popular marketing branded Smartphones.

Some 32,000 voices at Nokia will strongly disagree with my opening suggestion . there are several  smartphones in market like windows Phone,LG, Motorola, HTC and Alcatel etc.

But stepwise it’s getting clear that the fight for smartphone dominance is between just Google, Sammy and Apple.

The Java-ish OS was once touted as an “open system” but it’s growingly a portal for Google ads and services. With its focus on low-end devices, Google has set about trying to fix the worthless “Landfill Android” end of the market, which has seen Nokia and no name manufacturers in China, along with similar hardware builders in formulating markets, make substantial gains.

The net competition is an Apple, Samsung and Google standoff. A side effect is that the importance of Android has been vilipended. For developers it now increasingly corresponds Marc Andressen’s famous description of Microsoft Windows – “a poorly debugged device driver layer”.

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