Gold Collection by Fazal Jewellery Centre 2013

Gold is Jewellery Brand founded in 1987  in United States and now available in Different Cities of Pakistan. Fazal Jewellery Collection of Gold  offers the Jewellery Sets for Women of All Taste and age Groups. Here We are sharing latest collection Fazal jewerllery Centr’s Bangles and rings and some other women handmade, and incorporate a strong sense of art, design and high quality.

Each piece of jewellery is created after painstaking hours spent on unique designs and selecting just the right gems and precious metals. A single piece of jewellery can sometimes take an entire day to design, before the design is sent to the workshop where locally trained artisans will develop it into a sparkling piece of art.

GOLD especially prides itself on drawing inspiration from Pakistan’s deep cultural heritage. GOLD is one of the few jewellery designers in Pakistan able to recreate antique pieces from the Mugal era, indistinguishable from the original piece. 

All of the materials that go into a piece of GOLD jewellery are sourced from the finest suppliers, including rare diamonds and pure emeralds from the US

GOLD is a brand which brings love, style and rare elegance to the women who wear it Here We are sharing GOLD’s repertoire includes creating exquisite rings, necklaces, pendants, chokers, and high-end diamonds and pearls.

So have a look of our best Jewellery Collection by Fazal jewellery Centre on

Fazal Jewellery Collection 2013

best Jewellery Designs 2013

Raema Malik Gold Necklace with multiple Colors

Best women Gold Jhumky by Raema Malik

Pakistani Jewellery Designs 2013

Raema Malik Jewellery latest Collection

Raema Malik Gold Jewellery Designs 2013



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