Ghulam Ali album launches ceremony After Threats from Shiv Sena

Ghulam Ali concert was cancelled

NEW DELHI star Music Legend Ghulam Ali New album Ceremony  (concert) was cancelled due to continous threats from Hindu Extremist organization Shiv Sena. 

A ceremony was held at Royal Plaza   in India    and this music album  (music concert) has to be launched for the bollywood latest movie 2016 “Ghar Wapsi”. However even was cancelled due to constant threats from the Hindu extremist organisation Shiv Sena.

Film director Sohaib Ilyas stated to media that the ceremony was cancelled on the basis of the beetling threats of any action from the extremist organisation contempt the preparation of police.

A music ceremony of Ghulam Ali was cancelled on January 19 on the basis of similar threats from Shiv Sena.


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