German Chancellor Angela Merkel China Visit with Trading Agenda

German Chancellor Angela Merkel begins 3-day visit to China

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has started to visit China Chengdu Capital of South Western Sichuan province with business executives here on Sunday 6th July 2014.

Two countries have so much in trading and in Import and Export. German Chancellor Angela Markel will visit to China for the 7th time till she has joined his office in 2005.

More than 150 German Companies are working in China Chengdu Capital of South Western Sichuan province and it shows very good trading sign between these two countries.

For Germany China is the second largest export market outside Europe after United States U.S. On the other hand China’s market is very important for promoting business of Trade of Germany and   China has best trading agenda to import machinery Set up and Cars for its rising population.

For china Germany is a big supplier of machinery use and these two countries each year imports and Exports goods worthily.

In last year 2013 Germany sold goods for 67bn Euros (£53bn; $91bn) to China while import from china for 73bn Euros.

With Trading Agenda along with Business Executive Delegation German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Will also meet with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang and President Xi Jinping.

In the past, the chancellor has spoken out against human rights abuses in China but it is not clear that she will face disapproval for her trading contracts this time.

In an article in Welt am Sonntag, German intelligence Chief Hans-Georg Maassen warned that small and medium-sized German firms were at risk of industrial espionage from Chinese government agencies.

“They are up against very powerful adversaries. The Chinese technical intelligence agency alone has over 100,000 employees,” Mr Maassen said in an excerpt of an interview to be published on Sunday.

The meeting will be held in Beijing  between  two countries business executives  and it is firmly expected that German Delegation is looking  to address  on main points  such as fair trading  access for foreign companies  and respect for  intellectual property  rights.


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