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We are sharing your page’s very funny sms, funny jokes, and funny sms in Urdu poetry, sms text messages, and very funny jokes on this page.

Funny sms Urdu Jokes Quotes messages are what we all need to get us through the day. These texts with funny jokes in Urdu can make anyone smile and feel a little bit better. A good laugh is a great way to release tension and stress in life. A collection of funny, smart, and thoughtful text messages and quotes to make you LOL. However you choose to spend your day, these will be sure to bring a smile to your face.

Hilarious messages are always welcome for a good laugh. One of the funniest messages is the one with Urdu jokes quotes, which is well summed up in this article. This article will introduce you to sms messages with Urdu jokes quotes so that you can share them with your friends and family.

We know you’re tired of reading all those political news updates, and we certainly sympathize. So, in the spirit of the Easter holiday, we thought we would share some fun and easy-to-read sms Urdu Jokes Quotes messages with you. For instance, did you know that in Latin the word cutes means “beautiful” and in Welsh it means “blessed”?

A few days ago, I was startled by an unfamiliar number popping up on my phone. An sms had arrived with the subject line “Urdu Jokes Quotes messages.” I hesitantly opened it and found what seemed to be a joke in Urdu, with the message below it translated into English. The text of the joke was hilarious, but I couldn’t understand the jokes in Urdu.

Funny sms Poetry

Height Of Facebook Updates..!Urdu/Hindi Funny SMS and Jokes

“Suhaag Raat Hai, Ghunghat Utha Raha hun Me..”


1 Comment: Bhai Update Kerty Rehna,
Hum Online Hen..;-p:)

  • Funny Jokes in Urdu

Pehle zamane Ki Ladkiya,
Dua Parh ke Soti Thi
Taaki Unhe Darr Na Lage.
.                                          Best funny J0kes in Urdu
.21st Century Ki Ladkiya..Latest Funny SMS, Urdu Funny SMS, Hindi Funny SMS 2016

Raat Ko Bhi Makeup Karke Soti He,
Taaki Doosro Ko Darr Na Lage.

1997 Ki Larkiyan Kehti thin:
“Agar Tum Mil Jao,
Zamana Chor Dengy Hum”Funny jokes sms messages, greetings, quotes & wishes

2016 Ki larkiyan Kehti Hen:
“Agar Tum Mil Jao,
Purana Chor Dengy Hum”..:-p

Isi Liye Kehty Hen,
Jab Tak Larki Kanwari Hai,
Na Tumhari Hai,
Na Hamari Hai,                                                                   Urdu Funny Quotes

Bas Ye Hi Samjho k
Sarkari Hai..:-)


  • Urdu Jokes funny sms text messages

Najumi: Tumhari Zindagi me 14 Larkiyan Aaen gi.

Larka Khush ho ker: Wah Kiya Baat Hai.Urdu Funny SMS Jokes


Najumi: Ziyada Khush mat ho,
Un 14 Larkiyon me se
13 Tumhari Betiyan
Aur Ek Bivi ho gi..;-p

Ab Bolo Wah Wah..:),

  • Funny Jokes Sms Quotes

Get married not for yourselfImages for funny sms jokes

But for the future of your children

They are getting late for school

And fees are increasing day by day

  • Funny sms Jokes

Jabhi koi friend thanks bole toh usse kehna:

Thanks mat bol, jab bhi koi 3 larkiya dikhe unhe

Mera number da dena aur kehna

ke aage 3 ko forward kare 


Me: Bhai need your support

She is online and said I Love You kiya kero?

Lawyer: Bhai, sabse pehle screen shot le.

Documentation bahut zaroori hai

  •  Funny Love sms

Three types of ashiqs

Sache wale
Jhute wale
December wale

  •  Funny teacher sms  Jokes in Urdu

Teacher pappu seFunny Jokes in Urdu

Koi aise jaga batao

jaha aurtein kam ni kerte

Pappu: Fire bergade

Teacher: wo kiyo?

Pappu: aurton ka kam aag lagana hota hai

Aag bhujna nai

  • Funny Girl sms Poetry

Larkiyan bhi mohabbat main aisayHusband & Wife Jokes

Larkon ko chaand taaray tor kar laanay

Ko kehti hai jin ko muhallay main

Koi amrood bhi tornay nai deta 

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