Former German Ambassador Converted To Islam after Unique Experience

Hasilpur, Pakistan: The newly embraced 72 year aged former German ambassador Yasmeen talking about her life changing experience has said that before she was a Christian. As a German ambassador she worked in Thailand. During her career tenure she went through the breast cancer disease. The German doctors had termed it as non-curable disease. She had spent worth millions of Euros for her treatment but none of them proved to be effective.


Yasmeen said that one of the ladies advised her to meet Pir Usman. Hence, she met him in London. ‘For 15 days he treated me though his spiritual knowledge. When I had my tests I was fascinated to see the results. After it, I began to take interest in Islam’, quoted the former ambassador.

She further said that Pir Usman had not taken any amount for her treatment.  ‘I read several Islamic books. I came to Pakistan, visited Pir Usman in Hasilpur and embraced Islam’.

Her new name is now Yasmeen. Many re-known figures have had entered into folds of Islam, one of them is the British top model Carley Watts lately. William Smith, known American celebrity too got impressed by the practices of Islam when he was in India this year.

Inzamam-ul-Haq the former batsman of Pakistani team had also been successful in convincing the Christian Yousuf Youhana to enter the folds of Islam who is now known as Muhammad Yusuf. Through its religious preaching, Islam continues to attract number of followers each year Alhamdulillah.


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