Famous Lahore cinema leaked Night-vision explicit couples videos

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By Sameer

A Famous Lahore cinema leaked Night-vision explicit couples videos on social media. Multiple movies of two Pakistani couples involved in lewd acts have long past viral, sparking outrage inside the deeply conservative nation.Lahore cinema leaked videos spark privacy

The films were circulated on Whatsapp group with claims that the couples had been filmed within the Emporium Cinema Lahore.

The claims that the acts have been filmed in Emporium Mall could not be independently validated however it was obvious from the seating arrangement that they had been made in film theaters
The pictures show two ladies attired in traditional Pakistani dress-one among them wearing hijab- sitting together with their partners clad in western clothes.

Enablers continually bring self-assurance amongst others encouraging them to stroll the same direction. Considering they are Muslims makes it even worse and brings us back to the lessons of Islam in which it’s miles cautioned not to put off marriage as it invites such vices.

furthermore, considering it’s far forbidden to interact in sexual activities earlier than marriage, Islam has also supplied a treatment; that is to rapid to manipulate your desires and urges.

No professional statement over the episode has but been launched, however, former Punjab’s Strategic Reforms Unit director fashionable (DG) Salman Sufi has introduced filing a lawsuit in opposition to the cinema.

No one appears ahead to their cinema outings to show right into a horrific enjoy wherein they listen to uncomfortable sounds coming from a close-by seated couple. Worse, see a great deal extra than they paid for; it’s miles scarring and worrying.

Clearly, those children don’t appear to care about the outcomes of such scandalous activities now not simply on their personal lives however also the kind of message they may be selling, soiling the minds of others.

“Just observed that video recordings of citizens from cinema halls in #Pakistan were shared around. This is NOT suited and is a contravention of regulation. Lahore's DHA Cinema Caught Couples In 'Indecent Act'

We call for that every one theater/Public places delete ALL video recordings that have no recorded protection hazard ASAP [sic],” Sufi tweeted.

Peoples Reaction on these videos:


People shared that this turned into no longer ok:


Some said the empliyees should be sued for breach if privacy:


People have been calling the CCTV cameras in cinemas a risk:


Some had been of the opinion that surveillance tradition is disgusting:


People were disgusted at the matters being performed in the name of protection:


People have been education folks who have been sharing the video:


People had questions:


Some thought intimacy and being in love are very natural things:


Many wanted the cinema to be sued:


And it labored due to the fact Punjab’s Strategic Reforms Unit director widespread, Salman Sufi, introduced filing a lawsuit against the cinema.


Not sure if this is sarcasm:


Some were calling it shameful:


Some blamed all of it on Naya Pakistan:


Many were confused:


And some were, of direction, shoving their concept of affection down other’s throats:

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