Expected Petrol price in Pakistan from January 16.

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By Fayyaz Sidhu


Petrol price in Pakistan January 2024

Islamabad – Petrol and diesel prices are expected to see a marginal decrease in the second half of January 2024, primarily due to a decrease in global crude oil prices. Pakistanis, grappling with economic challenges, can anticipate some temporary relief in Petrol price in Pakistan for January 2024 from 16th of  January.

After a period of economic instability, there are tentative signs of activity picking up in Pakistan, coupled with a reduction in external pressures. Now, petrol prices in the country are poised to undergo minimal adjustments. According to reports, a cut of around Rupees 5-6 per liter is anticipated in the upcoming price revision.

The recent drop in oil prices, observed last week, adds a layer of complexity to the situation, with the ongoing conflict in the Middle East potentially impacting crude rates. Against the backdrop of these factors, the public in Pakistan, facing the burden of inflation, anxiously awaits the government’s decision, hoping for a significant reduction in fuel prices to alleviate economic woes.

In December 2024, the federal government maintained the status quo, keeping petrol and diesel prices unchanged. The public, persistently contending with high petrol and diesel prices, eagerly anticipates the government’s decision with the expectation of a substantial reduction to ease economic burdens.

Petrol Price in Pakistan January 2024

As of the first half of January 2024, petrol is available at a price of Rs267.34, while the rate for diesel stands at Rs276.21. The final decision on fuel prices will be made in a meeting led by interim Prime Minister Anwaar Kakar, further emphasizing the significance of the impending announcement in shaping the economic landscape.

In conclusion, the expected reduction in petrol and diesel prices brings a glimmer of hope for the Pakistani population, offering a potential respite from the economic challenges they have been facing. The final decision, set to be revealed in the meeting led by Prime Minister Kakar, holds the key to providing the much-needed relief sought by the public.

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