Ex President Musharraf to Solicitation Versus his arrest

Parvez Musharraf had conferred ┬áhis aides and legal experts and adjudicated to approach the apex court for alleviation, All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) secretary general Muhammad Amjad assured the media outside the former military ruler’s farmhouse.Pervez Musharraf to appeal against his arrestPervez Musharraf to appeal against his arrest

Speaking hours after the High Court cancelled Musharraf’s bail and directed police to arrest him, Amjad said, “We have decided that since the Supreme Court has already said Musharraf will not be arrested for another case seeking his trial for treason, we will approach the Supreme Court to confirm his bail”. ┬áThe appeal is expected to be filed this afternoon, Amjad said.

“Pervez Musharraf is fine, he is not worried. He has always said he is not scared of anyone. If it is necessary, he will present himself for arrest,” he said.

“But it is not necessary that that he will be arrested immediately if a High Court suddenly dismisses his bail, for whatever reason. The district police can be informed and they can make the arrest. He has not escaped from the city,” Amjad said.

Musharraf, 69, fled from the Islamabad High Court complex after Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui cancelled his bail and directed police to immediately arrest him.

Musharraf had appeared in the court this morning to seek extension of his interim bail in a case related to the sacking of over 60 judges during the 2007 emergency.

Police tried to reach the former President but his bodyguards rushed him out of the courtroom and escorted him to his black SUV.

Musharraf’s motorcade drove out of the court complex before police could act.

Musharraf drove from the court complex to his farmhouse at Chak Shahzad on the outskirts of Islamabad. About two hours later, police sealed all roads leading to the farmhouse and asked motorists to take different routes.


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