European Union Condemned Peshawar Church Blast

EU  Representative Catherine Condemned Peshawar Church Blast

Islamabad: the European Union Representative Catherine Ashton  highly condemned the killing over Peshawar Church Blast in Pakistan.

Catherine Said in her Statement about the Suicide Attack  near  Peshawar Church that  “I am appalled by the terrorist attack on the All Saints Church in Peshawar yesterday, which killed at least 82 people and injured more than 120.”

 She said that EU has strictly objections. ““We call onthe Government of Pakistan to take stronger action to ensure the protection of all its citizens ­ regardless of their religion or belief – and to bring to justice all groups and individuals responsible for inciting and carrying out acts of terror,”.

Cathrine said, “Accountability is vital to deter perpetrators. We encourage all Pakistanis to work together to promote and ensure tolerance and mutual understanding.” 

European Union Offered its  condolences  to families and toAll ChrictianCommunity  of pakistan.


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