ETS Scholarship Award for TOEFL & TOEIC Language Courses

ETS Scholarship Awards for language assesment courses

For Students Who Want To Succeed In The English Language Assesment Courses (TOEFL & TOEIC) for different age  groups and  different Class gades. 

115 Scholarship Awards Criteria



Primary Junior ITP L&R
Age Group 8 to 11 Years 11 to 16 Years 16 to 18 Years 17 to 21 Years
Class Grade

Registered Students of 3rd to 5th Grade

Registered Students of 6th- 8th Grade Registered Students of 9th and 10th Grade of government Schools only






Registered Students of 11th to 13th Grade (under 14 years of study) of Govt Colleges or 9th and 10th Grade or 0 levels (02 & 03) of Private Schools
School Category Public or Private Public or Private Public / Gov. Public or Private
Number of Awards 20 20 30 45
Financial Award Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 15,000/- Rs. 20,000/- Rs. 30,000/-
Submission Deadline 13th March 2015
Test Date 30th March 2015

ETS Awards Application Form:

ETS Scholarship Awards Advertisement:

Application Process:

  • Step1: Register yourself in relevant English Language Assessment (TOEFL or TOEIC) with NTS
  • Step 2: Registration forms are available on
  • Step 3: Registrations forms should be duly verified by the Head of Institute/college/School,
  • Step 4: Complete and duly verified Registrations forms along with the attested copy of CNIC/ Form B should be sent to:
  • Assistant Director,
  • NTS-ETS Scholarships, National Testing Service-Pakistan, 1-E, Street # 46, Sector I-8/2, Islamabad
  • Step 5: Every registered student who appears in the test, will receive International English Language Score Report and Certification from ETS-USA         
  • Step 6: Scholarship awards will be declared on 11th April 2015

Important Note:

  • No form will be entertained if it is not verified by Head of Institute/College/School, or having incomplete information, or attested copy of CNIC/Form B have not been attached.
  • Scholarships are awarded on the basis of Merit & Present Demographic Location mentioned in CNIC/Form B.
  • NTS Scholarship Management Committee decision will be final and cannot be challenged in any court of Law.


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