E Tendering System for All Developments Projects in Punjab

Punjab procurement and regulatory authority (PPRA) E Tendering System for all government projects amounting to more than Rs.50000000/- (five crore) to show transparency and good governance of PTI Government.

E Tendering System for All Developments Projects in Punjab

What is E Tendering System

E tendering management system has been launched in Punjab. Punjab procurement and regulatory authority have taken all my measures to ensure transparency and good governance in respect of Public procurement of tenders with E tendering system. This e tendering management system helps to monitor the application of the law, rules regulations And procedures two procurement of tender. In collaboration with PPRA, this management system ensures its capability to shift all manual work to an online system and to monitor all procedures and control the procurement process across the province. This system mainly focuses on tender notices, expression of interest and request for proposals etc and also gives us visibility of status and evaluation reports submitted by different departments of the government of Punjab or any violation in respect of procurement of tender or cancellation of tender and upcoming procurement plan for a fiscal year. This system also helps for making transparency and maintainability of each process publicly through online process and it also provides facility for the public to show blacklisting of firms by government. In addition, all the stakeholders will be able to submit any query regarding any mechanism issued by this management system for insurance of efficient processes and good governance.

Benefits of E Tendering System and Eligibility Criteria

The local government of Punjab launch e tendering system to show transparency in business and good governance in respect of development projects which amounting Rs.50000000/- (five crore) rupees.  In its main characteristics, it offers us a dashboard having a completely online process for businessmen. Pakistan Engineering Council’s all contractors will be able to use this online e tendering system to show the transparency of government.  The best thing about this system is that any person from all over the world can participate in this tendering online system in different development projects by the government of Punjab.  keep visiting this page will update for further details if any or visit www. elgcd.punjab.gov.pk for submission of your application in this E Tendering System.


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