Difa-e-Pakistan-Happy Defence Day 6 September Text Messages in Urdu

Pakistan Celebrate 6th September as Youm-e-Difa and National Day of Pakistan in the memory of those brave persons who martyred in Pakistan-India second War and successfully defence Lahore, Sialkot and important areas of the country.

youm e difa poetry

Itna Hum Ko Hia YakeeN

AnKH Utha Ker deKh Lay

Itna  kisi Main Dum Nahi

May PAKISTAN Progress And Stays On The Facee  Of This Planet Till

The  End Of  This  World


HapPy dEfEncE DaY 


kEh uN JaWaaN sHOh’Daaaaa kOh SaLaaaaaM JiNhOoN Ny aPpni JaaaN Ki qUrbaNi dY kR HmaRy mUlK kO BcHaaYa:-):-)

SalaaM PAK ARMY:-)’

‘Shaheed ki jo mout hai wo Qom ki hayat hai.

Lahu jo hy Shaheed ka wo Qom ki zkat hai.

6 september

Happy Defence Day.’

Sar Ta Ba Qadam Qurbani
Hum Log Hain Pakistani,

Jo Rah Mein HaeL Hoga
Gum Karda-e-SahiL Hoga,

PunjAab Ki Hai Tughyani
Hum Log Hain Pakistani,

Lehrao Parcham Apna
DikhLao Haqiqat Apni,

Ab DiL Main Yehi Hai Thani
Hum Log Hain Pakistani,

Happy Defence Day!

His Desires Are Few,
His Ideals Are Lofty,
His Ways Are Gratuitous,
His Gaze Is Pleasing,
He Is Soft In Speech,
But Ardent In His Quest,
In War As In Peace,
He Is Pure Of Heart And Mind.
Dedicated To Pak Army Soldiers
Happy Defense Day

Zameen Pr Hi So Jate Hyn bandook Ka Sarhana Bna Kr,

Bistar Zarori To Nai Watan K Rakhwalon K Liye …

Salute to All Pak Forces

6 September 
Youm-e-Difa PAKISTAN Mubarak


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