David Cameron to Break EU Immigration Law

UK PM David Cameron Attemp to Break EU Law

Unitd kingdom ( UK) Prime Minister David Cameron  planned to capping national Insurance number  by attempt to break EU migration law  as it is the basic right of freedom  and essential principle.

 The president of European Commission  said that this is the clear indication of battle  with brussels over the proposed changes .

The Prime Minister plans to cut the level of migration from the EU by limiting the number of new national insurance numbers available to low skilled immigrants.

Newcomers  to UK would be given temprary national insurance numbers to stop moving people to Uk for work  and claim benefits  indefinitely.

However Mr Barroso has already suggested that the plans would be illegal under European law.

The cap on national insurance numbers for migrants is likely to be one of a series of “red lines” which will form the basis of The Prime Minister’s planned renegotiation of Britain’s relationship with the EU.

The cap will be set to ensure that net migration falls to below 100,000  from  250,000, The Sunday Times reported.


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