Chinese tycoon Sentenced to Death

Liu Han, a Chinese tycoon  and his brother  Liu Wei   were found as leading mafia   crime  has relation with  China’s former security chief Zhou Yongkang . Hubei Court sentenced them to death on crime and murder.


Liu Han has a wide corruption case and crackdown linked to Zhou’s network cause him to sentenced.

The court judgment stated that, among other things, Liu Han and his brother had “in an organised fashion obtained benefits via illegal activities”.

Several times they “committed murder, harm and illegal detention”.

The verdict stated they relied on “the cover-ups and connivance of government employees” to illegally control gaming machines in Guanghan in Sichuan province.

The case rises other sobering up questions for China’s political leaders media reports said.

It could lead to criminal deals against Zhou Yongkang, an associate of Liu’s and China’s former security chief.

If this case has truth than it will be the most serious political corruption case in China’s communist history.


Liu, who is the former head of mining conglomerate Sichuan Hanlong Group, was ranked 148th on Forbes’ list of the richest Chinese business people in 2012.

His former company once tried to take over Australian miner Sundance Resources Ltd in last years.

In recent months, several top officials from Sichuan province linked to Zhou Yongkang have come under examination.

Mr Zhou was the party secretary in Sichuan province before becoming head of China’s Public Security Ministry in 2003.

Speculation has whirled for months that Mr Zhou is being investigated for corruption case , although none of the Gossiper  have been confirmed officially.



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