CEO Mark Zuckerberg Ready to Change Facebook newsfeed

Mark Zuckerberg to announce changes to Facebook news feed

Mark Zuckerberg  the CEO is getting ready to  change facebook Newsfeed .Mr. Zuckerberg will do his change in Facebook for the Second Time since 2004.The Last Time the change in Facbook has bneen made in September 2011. Mr Zuckerberg is keeping all the changing in Facebook until the media event set for this coming Thursday at PST 10.00 AM at the Headquarters in Menlo Park.

Mark Zuckerberg said in his statement that “We want to make News Feed ampler,” Zuckerberg said, using an industry term for content that includes photos, video and animated graphics. By allowing users to post more of that content, he added, Facebook will be able to offer admen

However different opinions are under these circumstances whether will make it better or worse. Some of these think that it would be bad for social network and many of them would leave facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg announced a semantic search engine early this year  called graph search.Graph Search is a phrase-based search that might have a certain connection to the new newsfeed in facebook.

Since the introducing  of facebook in 2004, this social network is growing fast and is used over 1 billion users  in its 9 years of existence.


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