Bullets Attack at Wasim Akram’s Car in Karachi

Bullets fired at Wasim Akram's car in Karachi

Pakistani Former cricketer Wasim Akram  is hitted by Target Killers by bullets.  Pacer is  escaped  unhurtedly  on  Wednesday August 5, 2015. His car was attacked when he was  going to stadium to train bowlers  near National Stadium Karachi at afternoon.

 According to Police  there is not  slightly unhurt  by former skipper Wasim Akram. He was not directly hitted by target Killers but  they  target the Types of wasim Akram’s Car and he was so lucky because of Traffic rush . “A car hit mine, I stopped him and then his guy stepped out and fired at my car,” he said live on the Express News channel.

“He was definitely an official, I have noted the number of the car and given it to the police.”

 By this Attack  Pakistan Cricket has loses all hopes for visit other teams in Pakistan.  He was an official person and  come here for Training camp  in National Stadium in Karachi.

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