BMW New i3 Electric Car with Carbon Fiber Materials

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

What about BMW i3 Electric CarFRANKFURT, Germany:  BMW AG has completed the New i3 Electric Model Production. The new BMW i3 Electric Compact with Carbon-Fiber materials to keep the Down Weight of new i3 Electric Car BMW Model and improving Driving performance.

During launching at New York the CEO Norbert Reithofer emphasized about the performance of BMW i3 Electric Car that was designed as an electric from the ground up. CEO Norbert Reithofer named i3 as “born electric” at that time.

BMW  New i3 Electric Car Model built  in Leipzig, Germany, will go from zero to 100kph (zero to 62 mph) in 7.2 seconds. Its range is billed as 130-160 kilometers (80-100 miles). Models with an optional range extender gas engine can go as far as 300 kilometers (200 miles.)

The Car will be in show room for sale in November in Germany and other European Countries Markets with price at 34,950 euros ($46,000) and reaches the China, Japan and U.S next year.

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