Bise Sawat Board SSC Annual 2016 Examination Date Admission Fee Schedule

bise Swat board ssc admission 2016

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE Saidu Sharif Swat board  has announced the Admission Fee schedule of  Matric  SSC Part-I and Part-II  Annual examination 2016  with normal, Double and triple fee .

SSC annual examination 2016 for Bise Saidu Sharif Sawat Board will commence on 15th March , Tuesday.

Last  date for matric SSC Annual examination 2016 of Bise Swat is 15th December for regular and  30th December for private candidates.

See the full schedule of Matric ssc  2016 annual examination  admission  fee with normal , double and triple fee .

CATEGORYWith Normal Admission Fee UptoWith Double Admission FeeUptoWith Triple Admission Fee Upto

Admission Fee        Rs. 750/-

Total Fee Rs.1075/-Total Fee Rs.1825/-Total Fee Rs.2575/-
                 Practical Fee           Rs. 120/-
                  DMC Fee                  Rs. 200/-
                    Admission Form Fee Rs.    5/-

Admission Fee        Rs.750/-

Total Fee Rs.955/-Total Fee Rs.1705/-Total Fee Rs.2455/-
                   DMC Fee            Rs. 200/-Rs. 40/- Practical feeRs.40/- Practical fee      (if any)Rs.40/- Practical fee
                Admission Form Fee Rs   5/- ( if any) (if any)

Admission Fee      Rs.800/-

Total Fee Rs.1155/-Total Fee Rs.1955/-Total Fee Rs.2755/-
                Enrollment Fee        Rs.150/-
                 DMC Fee                  Rs.200/-
               Admission Form Fee Rs.   5/-

Admission Fee      Rs .800/-

Total Fee Rs.1005/-Total Fee Rs.1805/-Total Fee Rs.2605/-
                   DMC Fee             Rs. 200/-Rs.40/- Practical fee(If any)Rs.40/- Practical feeRs.40/- Practical fee
               Admission Form Fee Rs.  5/- (if any)( if any)

Admission Fee      Rs850/-

Total Fee Rs.1475/-Total Fee Rs.2325/-Total Fee Rs.3175/-
            Original Cert: Fee     Rs.300/-
              Practical Fee           Rs. 120/-
            DMC Fee                 Rs. 200/-
       Admission Form Fee Rs.  5/- (+Rs.80/- per Failed subject of 9th ) Rs. 40/- per practical if any

Admission Fee        Rs.850/-

Total Fee Rs.1355/-Total Fee Rs.2205/-Total Fee Rs.3055/-
            Original Cert: Fee     Rs.300/-
             DMC Fee                   Rs. 200/-
             Admission Form Fee Rs.    5/-
 (+Rs.80/- per Failed subject of 9th )  Rs. 40/- per practical if any

Admission Fee     Rs.900/-

Total Fee Rs.1405/-Total Fee Rs.2305/-Total Fee Rs.3205/-
             Original Cert: Fee    Rs.300/-
            DMC Fee                 Rs. 200/-
   Admission Form Fee Rs.  5/-(+Rs.80/- per Failed subject of 9th )  Rs. 40/- per practical if any
8Reappear/Failed Class 10 )

Admission Fee   Rs .900/-

Total Fee Rs.1105/-Total Fee Rs.2005/-Total Fee Rs.2905/-
                 DMC Fee           Rs. 200/-
     Admission Form Fee Rs.   5/-(+Rs.80/- per Failed subject of 9th )  Rs. 40/- per practical if any
9Improvement of Marks 

Admission Fee   Rs.1400/-

Total Fee Rs.1605/-Total Fee Rs.3005/-Total Fee Rs.4405/-
(For one part or both)

DMC Fee                Rs. 200/

     Admission Form Fee Rs.  5/-
             ( Rs. 40/- per practical if any)
10Improvement of marks in oneTotal  Rs1105/-Total Rs.2005/-Total Rs2905/-
or two subjects

Admission Fee   Rs.900/-

             DMC Fee………..   Rs .200/-
        Admission  Form Fee     Rs.  5/-
        ( Rs.40/- per practical if any)
11Additional Subject

Admission Fee     Rs. 830/-

Total Fee Rs.1035/-
           DMC Fee               Rs  200/-
         Admission Form Fee. Rs . 5/-
12Miscellaneous FeeFresh private  Note: 9th Class candidates must attach following documents with their Admission Forms.
Creation of Centre Fee               Rs. 40000/-i.                     Original School Leaving Certificate countersigned by EDO(E&SE) of the concerned Districts.
Change of Centre Fee                 Rs. 4000/-ii.                    Affidavit to the effect that candidate is appearing for the first time in 9th Class.
Amanuensis  Fee                          Rs. 2000/-iii.                  NIC own/Father/real brother  (Attested copy)


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