Bipasha Basu: Bollywood Best fitness man Salman khan

Salman Khan is the best fitness icon in Bollywood: Bipasha

Top Star Actress Bipasha Basu Who has his Second Fitness DVD “Break Free” Says that it is very hard to choose among Top Fitness men in Bollywood. But I Think Salman khan is the best fitness man among Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan as one of them has their own different roles.

Salman khan is the man who brought fitness into our industry. He is creditd for popularizing a fit body. He is a fitness icon among all bollywood stars. Bipasha Basu Says at the launch of her DVD “Break Free”.
“Hrithik is an extremely handsome guy, great body. He has lot of issues which he fights and he triumphs to he looks the way he does… so definitely there is a great story there with Hrithik’s kind of physique,” Bipasha said.

Bipasha cannot even leave out her first co-star Akshay, saying, “Akshay Kumar is my first hero. He is a guy who is not just physically fit, he is also mentally fit and keep himself healthy by taking supplements to boost his metabolism. So, everyone is iconic and inspirational and everyone has their story.”


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