Bilal Sheikh Killing Person Shahid Bikik Arrested

Shahid Bikik arrested in CID raid at Super Highway karachi

KARACHI (27th September 2013) : Crime Investigation Department (CID) took a raid at Super Highway Karachi and arrested Lyari gang war criminated Shahid Malik alias Bikik on Thursday.

According to CID Reports  Shahid Malik was on the way to Nawabshah from Karachi  when  CID conducted a raid on  Super Highway and Arrest him.

Shahid aka Bikik is prominent criminated Person of Lyari gang war karachi, and was also demanded in the attack that killed Bilal Sheikh,  who was the top security officer of former president Asif Ali Zardari. He was also wanted in other cases of murder, attempted murder, exaction and looting.

Bilal Sheikh was killed  in a suicide blast targeting his double cabin vehicle in the Gurumandir area of Karachi on July 10, 2013.

It may be noted here that personnel office of a sensitive agency comprehended another prime accused of Lyari gang war, Sheraz Comrade and his two confederates from Lahore when they were trying to get away to Dubai from the Allama Iqbal International Airport on Tuesday.

The arrested persons were shifted to an unknown location for inquiry. The other two confederates of comrade were identified as Zakir Mogheeri and Awais Tipu. The agency personnel conducted a raid outside the premises of the Lahore airport on a tip-off and arrested them minutes before they were about to fly to Dubai.

Sheraz Comrade was wanted by the LEA in more than 100 cases of target killings, overcharge and kidnappings for ransom money. The Sindh government had also fixed Rs5 lakh as head money for the arrest of Comrade. Soon after the arrest of Comrade, police and other LEAs conducted raids in different parts of the city to arrest other criminals and their enablers on the directing of arrested charged persons.

It is worth mentioning that the Lahore Police had arrested a infamous target killer Amin Baleedi a couple of days ago. The law-enforcement agencies have become active since the criminals of the Lyari gang war have started fleeing to different parts of the country after the launch of targeted operation against criminals in Karachi.


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