Best love Poems , poetry, Shayari 2014

We invest to much into three little words
“I Love You” sends a shocking body surge
The chemistry is something thats be unheard….

When I look into your eyes;
I sense the comfort and warmth I’ve Longed for,
to the point I can hardly speak
you make my knees weak.

When you hold me close in your arms;
I feel safe, away from harm
Couldn’t help but to fall for your natural charm.

When my heads lays down on your chest;
I hear the beat of your heart ring in my ear,
The sound only I can hear
makes me shed a tear.

When you take my hand into yours;
I know with you I truly belong,
We’ll walk this world till the end of time
me being yours and you being mine
and baby to me thats the bottom line.


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