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Here we are sharing Famous Baby Girls names with Meaning with Urdu & English. Download free Bachoon K Qurani Naam (Quranic Name For Girls/Babies) with English to Urdu meaning, Select your children name read Islamic names for boys and Islamic girls names out of this book, Muslim baby names with Urdu meaning, Download Complete book for Islamic names and meanings.

Baby Names for Muslim Girls

In step with a Muslim, Hadith Muslims have got to decide on a name that includes a just right which means that, a great way to deliver benefits to the children throughout their lifestyles. Famous Muslim, Islamic and quranic baby girls names for boys and girls, information on Islamic names for Muslim girls and their definition and full meaning.

Best Islamic Names for Boys and Girls In Urdu

Name Arabic Meaning
Aabidah ده ٌ ب ع Worshipper
Aabirah ده ٌ ب ع Fleeting, Transitory,Ephemeral
Aabish ب Daughter Of Sad Who Was AQueen Of Iran AN
Aabroo و ب ع Honour, Fame, Dignity
Aadab آ اب Hope And Need
Aadila ة ل أ Just, Honest, Equal, Upright
Aaeedah ٌ اد Visiting, Returning, Reward
Aaeesha دهٌ أع Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest Wife Of The Prophet MuhammadPbuh
Aafiya فاع Good Health, Bin Ayyub HadThis Name, He Was A Narrator Of Hadith
Aafreeda ف د ة Created, Produced
Aafreen ن ده ف ع Brave, Acclaim
Aaida أد Visiting, Returning.
Aaidah ٌ أد Name Of A Narrator OfHadith
Aaila ئاع Beautiful, Like Moon.
Aaima ةم ئأ Leader, Ruler.
Aaina ا نا Mirror
Aaira أ ى Noble, Respectful
Aakifa قا A Lady Who Worship Allah InSolitude
Aakifah كا Devoted, Dedicated
Aala ا ل آ Bounties
Aaleyah لا Exalted, Highest SocialStanding
Aalia لآ Exhalted, Noble
Aalimah لا Scholar, Authority
Aaliya دها ل ع High, Tall, Towering,Excellent
Aaliyah دهٌ ل ع Tall, Towering
Aamaal أعمال Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes
Aamal آمال Pl. Of Amal, Hope
Aamanee ه نامأ Good Wish
Aamilah ٌل ده ما Doer Of Good Deeds,Righteous
Aaminah ٌن ده ما Secured, Safe
Aamira ده ة أم Imperial, Abundant,Inhabited
Aamirah ده ٌ ام A Woman Inhabitig In APlace.
Aani ه نآ Fatimah Khatoon Female SheWas A Literary Woman And A Poetess In Qastaniniyah.
Aani FatimahKhatoon She Was A Literary WomanAnd A Poetess In


Aania نآ Towards, Direction, Concern.
Aanisah نا Young Lady, Maiden
Aaqilah ٌل ده ق ع Intelligent
Aara آ ا Adoring
Aarifah ٌ ف اع Knowing, Women WhoRecognises Islam
Aarzoo آ زو Desire, Wish, Hope
Aasfa اف س آ Protector, Guardian.
Aasia دها س آ Hope
Aasimah ٌمس ا Protector, Defendant,Central
Aasira ده ة س أ Bond.
Aasma سم ا Excellent, Precious
Aasmaa سماء أ Excellent, Precious
Aatifa ةف ده طع Affection, Sympathy
Aatikah ٌق ده طا Generous
Aatiqah ٌق ده طا Shoulder Support Old
Aatirah اط ح Fragrant
Abal ل بأ Wild Rose
Abasah ةس ب ع Daughter Of Al-Mahdi
Abbaasah ٌس ا ب Lioness, Sister Of HaroonRashid
Abda ا با Worshipper
Abdah ٌا با Worshiper (Of Allah).
Abdaorabeedah ع ب ب ة Worshipper.
Abdiqani ب Qaniyare
Abeedah ده ٌ ب ع Worshipper
Abeer ده ب ع Fragrance
Abeera ده ب ع The Mixture Of The Smell OfThe Petals Of Rose And Sundal
Abeerah ده ٌ ب ع Rose, Sandal Saffron MixedTogether In Fragrance
Abeeraorabeerah ب ب ة The Mixture Of The Smell Of The Petals Of Rose AndSundal.
Abia ه بأ Great
Abida ده ة ب ع Worshipper
Abidah ده ٌ ب ع Worshipper
Abidah Abida Worshipper
Abir ده ب ع Serious, Beautiful
Abir Abeer Fragrance, Perfume
Abla با Well-Rounded
Ablaa بأ Perfectly Formed
Ablah ل بأٌ Perfectly Formed
Ablah Abla Ablaa Perfectly Formed
Abqurah ب Genius
Abra ا با Example, Lesson
Abrar با ا Devoted To God
Abreshmina انمٌ ز بأ Made Of Silk.
Abroo و ب ع Honour, Fame, Dignity
Abtahi بأ One Who Lives In Abtah
Adab ا اب Hope, Need
Adab Aadab Hope And Need
Adala ة ل أ Justice.
Adan ا ان Paradise, Heaven.
Adara أ ا ة Virgin
Adawiyah ة أ دو Summer Plant
Adeeba ده أ Cultured, Polite
Adeebaoradiba ا ب ا ب أ Cultured, Polite
Adeel ل ع د Equal
Adeela ة ل أ Equal
Adeelah ده ع Just
Adeema مة ع د Rare.
Adeena ده أ Pious, Good Luck
Adeeva دهف ض أ Pleasant, Gentle
Aden ن ا د Warm Person
Adiba ده ا Well, Mannered, Cultured,Polite
Adifaah ٌف ده ض أ Smart, Talented
Adila ة ل أ Justice
Adilah ده ع Equal, Just, Honest
Adilah Adila Adeela Equal, Just, Honest
Adilaoradilah أ ل ل ة Just, Honest, Equal, Upright.
Adira ة أ د Strong.
Adiva دهف ض أ Pleasant, Gentle
Adla ى ل أ Respected Witness.
Aeedah ٌ أد Visiting, Returning, Reward.
Afaf فاف ع Chaste, Virtuous, Decent,Pure
Afana فأ The Forgiver, Pardner.
Afeefa ع ف ٌ فى Chaste
Afeefah ع ف ٌ فه Pure, Chaste, Virtuous
Afeerah حا فأ Covered With Soil Or Dust
Afia فاع Away From All Problems
Afifa ع ف ٌ فى Neat Lady
Afifah ع ف ٌ فه Chaste, Modest
Afifah or Afeefa ف ٌف ده ف ع Chaste, Modest
Afiyah فاع Health, Free From Illness AndGrief
Afizah ف A Person Who Knows TheRecital Of The Quran
Afkar فا Pl. Of Fikr
Afnan فا Tree Branches Or Twigs
Afra ع ف ا Dust-Coloured
Afra Afraa White
Afraa ءا ف ع White
Afrah حا فأ Celebrations, Festivals
Afreen ن ده ف ع Friendly
Afrin ن ده فا Praise, Lucky.
Afroz ز فأ Illuminated.
Afroza ز فأ Burning, Polishing.
Afroze ز فأ Enlightening
Afsa فأ Prophet Mohammeds PBUHWife
Afsana ف Story
Afsar فأ Crown.
Afshan ف Adornment Aids
Afsheen ص فأح Shine Like A Star
Afshin ف Decorated With Sparkles
Afya فاع Shadows
Afza ز فأ Increase, Augmentation.
Afzaa ز فأ Increasing
Aghala ىل غأ Pleasing.
Agharid د ا ا Pl. Of Ughrudah, Twittering
Aghsan صان أغ Pl. Of Ghusn, Branch, Twig.
Ahdaf أه اف Pl. Of Hadaf, Aim, Goal
Ahdia ة أ ذد Unique, The One
Ahlam ال مأح Witty, Imaginative
Ahlem مل حأ Dream
Aicha اد Enthusiasm
Aida أد Visiting, Returning, Reward.
Aidah ٌ أد Guest, The One WhosReturning
Aidah Aida Visiting, Returning
Aidahoraida ا هو ااد Visiting, Returning, Reward,Present.
Aiesha ةٌ ده ع Lady, Woman
Aighar ا أ She Was A Religious,Righteous Woman
Aila ةل ده ع Noble
Aimal مال اد Hope
Aimen من أد Most Congratulated
Ain Alsaba Treasure Of The Eye
Ainalsaba ن Treasure Of The Eye.
Aini هن ده ع Spring, Flower, Source,Choice
Aisha اد Life, Vivaciousness, LivingProsperous, Youngest Wife

Of The Prophet Muhammad Pbuh

Aishah دهاع Wife Of The Prophet SAW
Aishah Aisha Ayishah Living, Prosperous
Aishahoraesha اٌ ٌٌ أ Life, Vivaciousness, LivingProsperous, Youngest Wife Of The Prophet Muhammad


Aiza زا اد Noble
Ajeebah ٌب ده جأ A Narrator Of Hadith
Ajia أ ج Superb, Wonderful.
Ajradah ج ا ٌ Al-Ameeh, Was A GreatWorshipper Who Worshipped Long In The

Night Sometimes Right Up To Dawn AN

Ajwa اجوا Name Of A Date In SaudiaArabia Tree Planted By Holy Prohpet PBUH
Akbari كأ Big.
Akhtar ات خا Star, Good Luck.
Akhtari ي ات خا Wife Of Prophet…
Akia ك ا ع Sister
Akida اك Certain, Firm.
Akifa قأ Devoted To, Dedicated To.
Akifah ك Intent, Busy
Akila ةل ده ق ع Intelligent, Smart
Akilah ٌل كأ Intelligent, Logical, One WhoReasons
Akleema قأ Beautiful One Of TheDaughters Of Adam AS
Aklima قأ The First Step
Akshiti ك ش ت Victorious Peace
Al Adur Al Karimah A Pious, Righteous AndIntelligent Woman Of Egypt She Respected The Ulama And Built Religious Schools Madrasah And Mosques, She

Died In 762

Alaa ىل ع Signs
Alaia دها ل ع Virtuous
Alam م لأ World, Sing. Of Alameen.
Alamara األ ما ة Adorning The World
Aleema لأ Exalted, Highest
Aleemah لأ Knowing, Knowledgeable
Aleena ان ده ل ع Silk Of Heaven
Aleeza لأ Joy
Alesha اٌ ع لا Protected By God.
Alfah لأ Guide.
Alhan ناٌ لا Melody.
Alhena ان ٌ لا A Ring
Alia دها ل ع Beautiful
Aliah لا Exaulted, Noble, HighestSocial Standing
Alifa لأ Friendly, Sociable
Alika دهك ل ع Love
Alima لأ Wise
Alimah لأ Skilled In Music Or Dance
Alina لا Beautiful Not Verified
Alisha لا Honest, Truthful, ProtectedBy Allah.
Alishaba باٌس لإا Beautiful Sunshine.
Alishba ةب ٌ ع لا Pretty
Aliya ة اا دل High, Tall, Towering, Lofty
Aliyah دهٌ ل ع Exalted, Noble
Aliyah Aliyyah AliaAlia Exaulted, Elevated, HighestSocial Standing
Aliyahoraleyah لا Exaulted, Elevated, HighestSocial Standing
Aliyya ة اا دل Highest Social Standing
Aliyyah ٌ ده ده ده ل ع Variant Transcription OfALIYAH
Aliza لا The Daughter Of Ali (Ra).
Alleyah دهٌ ل ع Leader
Alma ام لا Apple
Almas سام لا Diamond
Almasa اس م لا Diamond.
Almira ا ده م لا Princess
Alraaz ز لا Mystery
Altaf فاط لأ Kindness, Politeness
Altthea دهةال ح ت Sincere
Aludra ا ع لا Virgin
Alveena لأ Loved One, Cared One,Liked.
Alya لا Loftiness
Alyaa لا Heaven(S), Sky, Sublimity
Alyan لا Tall And Healthy.
Alzahra ة ٌز لا The Illuminated
Alzena دهز لا A Woman
Alzubra بز لا A Star In The ConstellationLeo
Amaara أما ة Crown
Amah اماٌ Slave, Daughter Of Khalid Bin Saeed, A Woman Companion, Daughter Of Companion, Had This Name She Was Born In Habshah, And Was Married To Az-Zubayr Bin Al-Awwam
Amal أمل Hope, Aspiration
Amal Amal AamalAmala Hope, Aspiration
Amala أمال Hopes, Aspirations
Amalillah ٌل ل ده ل مع Hope With Allah
Aman امان Security, Peace, Safety
Amana ة نامأ Faithful, To Believe
Amanat ة نامأ Pl. Of Amanah, Trust,Deposit.
Amani ه ناما Wishes, Aspirations
Amanioramany ده من ن م Wishes, Aspirations
Amany ه ناما A Wish
Amara أم Eternal Beauty, Urgent News
Amat امات Servant (Female)
Amatasalam مل ص ت م Servant Of Peace
Amatullah ٌ لوطم /////// Servant Of Allah
Amaya دهة أم Night Rain
Ambar اب ما Ambergris
Ambara ب مأ Perfume, Ambergris, Fem.
Ambarin ن ده ب مأ Perfumed.
Amber ده ب ام Jewel
Ambereen ب مأ Fragarance, Amber, Sky
Ambra ا ب ما Gemstone
Ambreen ب مأ Sky
Ameena ةن ده مأ Trustworthy, Faithful.
Ameenah ٌن ده مأ Trustworthy
Ameer ده أم In English ,Means Prince, InArabic ,Means Kind
Ameera ده ة أم Noble Lady, Princess
Ameerah ده ٌ أم Princess
Amel دهل ام Hope
Amelia دهة ل عم Trustworthy, Beautiful
Amila ةل ده مع Hopeful.
Amilah ٌل مأ Hopeful
Amima دهمة أم Full, Complete,
Amina ان ده ما Honest
Aminah ٌن ده مأ Trustworthy, Faithful
Aminah AminehAmeena Trustworthy, Faithful, Secure
Aminahoramineh ٌن م حن م Trustworthy, Faithful, Secure
Amineh ٌن ده مأ Faithful
Amira ده ا ام Princess
Amirah ده ٌ أم Royal Lady, Princess
Amirah Ameera Princess, Leader
Amiraoramirah أم م ة Princess, Leader
Amjad امجا Magnificence, Splendor
Ammara أم ا A Lady With Strong Imaan
Ammarah أم ٌ An Inhabitant
Amna ان ما Peace
Amnajane نجن م A Tranquil Gif Of Peace From
Allah Almighty .
Amra ام ا Princess
Amrah ام اٌ Headgear
Amreen ن أم د Sky
Amrozia ام وز Woman Of Today
Amsah سح أم Friendly
Amtullah ٌل ل ت مأ /////// Servant Of Allah
Anaan نا نأ Clouds.
Anabia بان ع Paradise Door.
Anadil ل ن ع Pl. Of Andalib, Nightingale.
Anah ٌا نا Patience, Perseverence
Anal لا نا Five
Anam ما نا Present
Anan نا نا Clouds
Anan Anaan Clouds
Ananoranaan نأ Clouds
Anat ت نأ Perseverance, Patience.
Anaum ما نأ The Blessing Of Allah
Anbar نا Perfume, Ambergris
Anbarin ن ده ب ن ع Of Ambergris
Andalah ٌ لاض ن Song Of The Nightingale.
Andalib ل ن ع Nightingale
Andleeb ل ن ع Nightingale (A Bird)
Aneeqa نأ Beautiful
Aneesa نأ Close, Intimate, Friendly
Aneezah دهزٌ ن ع She-Goat
Angbin ن ده ب ج نا Honey
Angeza زج نأ Reason, Logic.
Anida ده ة ن ع Obstinate
Anika نأ Very Unique
Anila نأ Inexperienced, Raw.
Aniqa نا Neat, Elegant, Smart.
Anisa نأ Friendly
Anisah نأ Close, Intimate, Friendly
Anisah Aneesa Close, Intimate, Good Friend
Anisahoraneesa ن ٌص نا Close, Intimate, Good Friend
Anissa نأ Pleasant
Anizah دهزٌ ن ع She Goat.
Anjum موج نا Stars
Anjuman نمج نا Assembly.
Anmar ام نا Leopard
Anmol لوم نا Precious
Anna نا Food
Annam ما نأ Gods Blessing
Annissa نأ Charming
Anniyah نأ Concern, Loving
Anoosh ٌو نأ Delighted.
Anoosha ٌو نأ Delighted, Happy
Anqa نأ A Woman With A Long Neck
Ansam نا Pl. Of Nasam, Breath
Ansambreezes نا
Ansara اص نأ Helper
Anum مو نا Blessing Of God, Gods Gift
Anwaar او نأ Rays Of Light
Anwar او نا Rays Of Light, Pl. Of Noor.
Anwar Anwaar Rays Of Light, Blossoms
Anwara او نأ Ray Of Light
Anwarah ٌ او نأ Greatly Lighted
Anya نا A Woman With Large Eyes.
Apana ا نا بأ Almond.
Aqdas س قأ Pure, Sacred.
Aqeela ةل ده ق ع The Best, The Very Best.
Aqeelah ٌل ده ق ع Wise, Sensible
Aqiba ةب ق ع Result, Consequence.
Aqila ةل ده ق ع Wise, Sensible, Intelligent
Aqilah ٌل ده ق ع Wife, Spouse
Aqlimah ق Intelligent,Wise,Daughter OfProphet Adam,Sister Of


Aqsa قأ Name Of A Mosque
Araam أ ام Relief, Comfort
Aram ا ام Signs, Flags
Areeba ده أ Wise
Areebah حا ب أ Witty, Smart
Areefa ده ع Learned, Expert, Authority
Areej د أ ج The Fragrance Of A FlowerFrom An Orange Tree
Areena ده أ Voice Of Bird.
Aresha اٌس ع Under An Umbrella
Arfa ة ف ع Greatness
Ariana ة نا ده أ Land Of Arians
Aribah حا ب أ Wise
Arifa ده ع Learned, Expert, Authority
Arifah ٌ ف ع Knowledgeable
Arij د ا ج Sweet Smell
Arij Areej Fragrance, Sweet Smell
Arisha ده ع Highness
Arissa د ع Bright
Arjumand ن موج ا Noble, Honourable
Arman ا مان Wish, Longing
Armin دهن ا م Dweller Of The Garden OfEden
Aroob ع وب Loving To Her Husband
Aroosa ةس و ع Bride
Aroosh ٌس و ع Angle Of Heaven.
Aroub ع وب Woman Loving To HerHusband
Aroush ٌس و ع Angel Of Paradise
Arshi ع ٌ One Who Lives In The Sky.
Arshia اٌس ع One Who Lives Is The Sky.
Arshiya ع ٌ Fairy, Abode Of Allah, LivesIn Skies
Arub ع ب Loving To Husband
Arub Aroob Loving To Her Husband
Aruba ا بو ا Loves Her Husbandarus
Aruboraroob ب و ب أ Loving To Her Husband
Arwa أ وى Mountain Gazelle
Arwah أ واح Breath Of Air
Arya ا ا د Noble
Aryisha ده ع Under Tree/Umberalla
Arzo أ ز Hope
Arzoo آ زو Wish
Arzu أ ز Wish, Hope, Love
Asah صح أ Plant Known For ItsGreenness
Asalah ٌ لاص أ Nobility Of Descent
Asar ثأ Pl. Of Asar, Sign, Mark
Asbah حب ص أ Pure As Water
Aseel دهل س أ Smooth, Pure.
Aseela ةل ده ص أ Of Noble Origin, Highborn
Aseelah ٌل ده ص أ One Belonging To A GreatHeritage And Family
Asfaq قف ص أ Favours
Asghia غ ص أ Pious People, ModestPeople.
Ashadieeyah ٌ شا د Princess, Cute, Perfect
Ashalina لاحس Sweet, Always Living, Shy,Loving
Asheeyana دهن ٌ أ House, Nest
Ashika ةق ده ٌ ع Love
Ashiqa ةق ده ٌ ع Very Friendly
Ashna ان ٌ ع Beautiful.
Ashraf ش اف ا Nobler, More Honourable
Ashwaq شواق ا Love, Affections
Asifa ةف س أ Organiser
Asil دهل س ا Smooth
Asilah ٌل ئ س أ Noble Origin, Pure
Asima سمىأ Protector
Asimah ٌمس أ Protector
Asimah Asima Protector
Asimahorasima امص ٌمس أ Protector
Asira ده ا س ا Honoured, Chosen,Preferred
Asiya دها س أ The Muslim Wife Of Pharaoh
Asiya Asiyah One Who Tends To The Weak, One Who Heals,Comforts, Consoles
Asiyah دهح صأ One Who Tends To TheWeak And Heals Them
Asjad سج أ Gold, Jewel.
Asli ل س ا Pure, Original.
Asma سما ا Loftier, More Eminent
Asma Asma Asmaa Excellent, Lofty, Eminent,Precious
Asmaa سماء أ Higher, More Exalted
Asmara سم ة أ Beautiful Butterfly
Asmat صمت أ Pure, Clean
Asna ان س ا The One To BeAcknowledged Or Praised
Asra س ىأ Travel By Night
Asrar أ ا س Secrets
Asriyah ة س د أ Modernist
Assia دها س أ Protect
Ateefa ةف ده طع Affection, Sympathy
Ateeqa ةق ده ت ع Ancient, Noble, Fem. Of Atiq.
Ateeqah ٌق ده طأ Old Ancient
Athilah ٌ لذأ Deep-Rooted, FirmlyEstablished
Athir اث ده Favored, Preferred
Athmah ع ظمه A Narrator Of Hadith
Atia تا Gift
Atifa ةف ده طع Affectionate, Sympathetic
Atifah تأ Affectionate,Compassionate, Sympathetic
Atifah Atifa Affectionate,Compassionate, Sympathetic
Atifaoratifah ت Affection, Sympathy.
Atifat ةف ده طع Kindness, Sympathy.
Atika تا Clear, Pure, Limpid (OfWine).
Atikah ٌق ده طأ Virgin, Pure, Clear
Atikah Atika Virgin, Pure, Clear
Atiqa ةق ده ت ع Emancipated, A BeautifulLady.
Atira ده أط Fragrant
Atirah أط ح Fragrant.
Atiya دهة عط Gift
Atiyah تأ Gift, Present
Atiyah Atiya Gift, Present
Atiyahoratiya تأ Gift, Present
Atuf أطوف Affectionate, Kind Hearted
Atyaf دهاف أط Fantasies
Awatif عواطف Emotions
Ayaat ات أد Many Signs & Proofs, VersesIn The Quran
Ayah اٌ اد A Verse From Quran Or ASign From God
Ayah Ayeh Quranic Verse, ClearEvidence, Sign Of God
Ayan ان اد Luck
Ayana ن أد Lucky, Good Day, Day OfJudgement
Ayat ات آد Quranic Verses, ClearEvidences, Signs Of God
Ayda ا اد Returning, Visitor In Arabic.
Ayeh اد Sign, Distinct
Ayesha ةٌ ده ع Well Of
Ayishah دهاع Living, Prosperous, YoungestWife Of The Prophet
Aymen من أد Sacred, Brave, Old Name OfArabia
Aynunnahar ٌان ن ده ع Source Of The Springbabara
Ayra ا اد Respectable
Aysha اد Alive And Well
Ayshah دهاع Wife Of The Holy ProphetSAW
Az Zahra Excellent And Smart
Azaa عزاء A Must Have, Right, Courage
Azadeh زا ٌ Princess
Azah أزاح Loved One, Good, Successful.
Azeema مة ع دز Determination, Firm Will.
Azeemah مه ع دز Great
Azeen ن أ دز Beauty, Patience
Azeeza زة ع دز Esteemed, Precious,Cherished
Azhaar أزها Pl. Of Zahrah, Flower
Azhar ازها Flowers, Blossoms
Azhar Azhaar Flowers, Blossoms
Azima أزمة Great, Powerful, Dignified
Aziman أزمان Sky, Heaven
Azin ن ا دز Accessories (UsuallyJewlery).
Aziz ز ا دز Friendship
Aziza زة ع دز Noble, Precious, Cherished
Azizah زٌ ع دز Esteemed, Precious,Cherished
Azizah Aziza Azeeza Precious, Cherished,Beloved, Dear
Azizahoraziza زه ززا ع دز Esteemed, Precious,
Azka ىأزك Pious
Azra از ا Maiden, Pious, Woman
Azraa عذ اء Unpierced Pearl
Azrah أز ٌ Beautiful Pearl In Jannah(Heaven)
Azwa عزوة Pl. Of Zau, Light
Azza عزة Young Female Gazelle
Azzah أذاٌ Young, Gazelle
Azzah Azza Young, Gazelle
Baasima ةمس ا ب Smiling
Badai ب ي Pl. Of Badia, Wonder,Marvel.
Badeeah ٌ ا د ب Astonishing, Amazing,Marvel, Wonder
Badia ا ا د ب Unprecedented, Admirable,Unique
Badiah ٌ ا د ب Unprecedented, Amazing,Admirable, Unique
Badiah Badia Unprecedented, Amazing,Admirable, Unique
Badiaorbadiah ب Unprecedented, Amazing,Admirable, Unique
Badiha هة د ب Insight, Perceptive Faculty.
Badiyah ٌ ا د ب Desert
Badr ا ب Full Moon
Badra ا ة ب Full Moon
Badriya ب د ة Resembling Full Moon
Badriyah ب د ٌ Resembling The Full Moon
Badriyah BadriyyahBadriya Resembling The Full Moon
Badriyyah ب د ٌ Resembling The Full Moon
Badyah ٌ ا د ب Clear, KnowledgeablePerson.
Baha اها ب Value, Worth
Bahaar ب ا Spring
Bahar ب Spring, Prime Of Life, BloomOf Youth
Baharbano ب ح ب Blooming Princess
Baheeja دهجة ٌ ب Happy
Baheera ده ة ح ب Dazzling, Brilliant.
Bahia دها اٌ ب Nice
Bahiga دهجة ٌ ب Variant Transcription OfBAHIJA
Bahija دهجة ٌ ب Glad, Happy, Joyful
Bahijah دهجة ٌ ب Magnificent, Splendid
Bahira ده ة ح ب Dazzling, Brilliant
Bahirah ده ٌ ح ب Dazzling, Brilliant, NobleLady
Bahirah BahiraBaheera Dazzling, Brilliant, NobleLady
Bahiya دهة ٌ ب Beautiful, Radiant
Bahiyaa دهاء اح ب Beautiful, Radiant
Bahiyah دهٌ ٌ ب Beautiful, Radiant
Bahiyah BahiyaBahiyaa Beautiful, Radiant
Bahiyya دهة ٌ ب Beautiful In Arabic.
Bahiyyah دهٌ ٌ ب Radiant, Beautiful
Bahja جةب Happiness
Bahraa ه اء ب Beautiful, Shining
Bahriyah Al Aabidah She Was A DevotedWorshipper And Ascetic Of Basrah She Used To Say, “If The Heart Gives Up The Passions Evil Desires, It Will Then Demosticate

Knowledge” AN

Baiza ب White, Bright, Brilliant
Bajila ةل ده ج ب Honoured, Dignified
Bakarah ب Virginity.
Bakhita ب خ ٌ تة Lucky, Fortunate
Bakht اخت ب Lot, Fate, Portion
Bakhtawar خطو ب Fortunate, Lucky
Bakhtawara خطو ة ب Lucky
Bakura و ااك ب Coming Early.
Balbala لا ب Name Of Bird, Bulbul
Baleegha ب Eloquent
Baligha ب Eloquent.
Balqees ب She Was The Daughter Of Ahmad Bin Mishqar, And A Distinguished Woman Of HerTimes
Balqis لا ب Name Of The Queen OfSheba
Balsam لا ب Balsam, Balm
Banafsaj ب Violent Flower.
Banafsha ب Daughter Of Abdullah Al-Rumiyah
Banafsheh ب A Flower (Violet)
Banan ب Delicate, Finger Tips
Bano و نا ب Lady, Miss, Princess
Banou ب Lady.
Banu و نا ب Princess, Lady, Miss.
Banujah ب The Daughter Of Al-Mahdi
Baraa اء ب Excelling
Baraaa اء ب Excelling
Baraah اٌ ب Innocence
Baraim م اد ب Pl. Of Burum, Blossom, Bud.
Baraka اا اك ب White One
Barakah ب ٌك Blessing.
Barakah Baraka Blessing White One
Barat ا ات ب Innocence, Guiltlessness.
Bareea ب د ة Innocent, Blameless
Bareerah ده بة Pious, The Freed Slave OfSayyidina Ayshah RA A Well- Known Women Companion,

She Lived Upto The Times Of

Khalifah Yazid Bin MuawiyahRA
Baria ب د ة Excelling, Originator
Bariah ب د ٌ Excelling
Bariah Baraaa Excelling
Barika ده ب Bloom, Be Successful
Barirah اٌ ا د ب Faithful And Devoted
Barjaa جاء ب Of Beautiful Eyes
Barkat ات ك ب Blessing, Sing. Of Barakat.
Barkha اٌك ا ب Rain
Barrah ب ٌ She Was The Wunt Of TheProphet SAW, Daughter Of Abdul Muttalib And Mother Of Abi Salamah RA Also The Name Of The Daughter Of Abi Tijarah Al-Abdariyah Who Narrated From The Prophet SAW AN
Barraqa ة ق ا ب Bright, Brilliant, Shining
Barsala ة لاس ب Eyelashes.
Barzah ا زاٌ ب She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Basaaria ب Beautiful, Prior
Basbas ساب س ا ب She Was A Slave Girl Of IbnNafees
Baseema ب Smiling
Basemah ٌمس ا ب Smiling
Basha شا ا ب Bashaaer-Good Tidings
Bashair ب Good News, Good Omens
Basharat ب Good News, Glad Tidings.
Bashasha ب Bashaasha-Cheerfulness
Basheera ب Bringer Of Good Tidings, Joy
Bashira ب Bringer Of Good News, Fem.
Bashirah ب Bringer Of Good Tidings, Joy
Bashirah Basheera Bringer Of Good Tidings, Joy
Basila ىل ده س ا ب Brave, Fearless, Intrepid.
Basilabrave ب
Basilah ب Brave
Basima ب Smiling, Fem. Of Basim.
Basimah ٌمس ا ب Smiling
Basimah Baseema Smiling
Basinah ب Kitty, Kitten
Basira ب Sagacious
Basma سما ا ب Smile.
Basmah ٌمس ا ب A Smile
Basmah Basma A Smile
Basoos ب She Was The Daughter OfMunziq At-Tamimah AN
Bassama ب Smiling, Fem. Of Bassam.
Batina تا ب Hidden, Inner.
Batinah ٌن ط ب Hidden, Inner
Batool ب A True Devotee Woman OfAllah
Batrisyia ده تا ب Intelligent
Batul طو ل ب Virgin, Pure And Chaste.
Batul Batool Ascetic Virgin
Bayan ان اد ب Clearness, Eloquence
Baydah ب Worshipper, Servant Of Allah
Baysan ب To Walk With Pride
Bazala ة لازا ب Generous Woman.
Bazegha از ة ب Bright
Bazla ازل ب Reward, Generous.
Bazriqa ة قز ب Exalted, Great.
Beena ب Seeing, Clear Sighted
Beenish ب Intelligent, Genius
Begum بم Honorific Title, Queen
Behnaz زن ٌ ب Best Coquetry.
Benazeer ب Matchless, Unique
Benazir ب Matchless, Unique.
Berka ب ةك Increase, Breeding
Bhajat اجة ب Splendour, Magnificence
Bibi ب Lady Of Rank
Bilqees ب A Queen Of Saba
Bilqis ل Queen Of Sheeba
Bilqis Bilqees Queen Of Sheeba
Binesh ب Clever
Binish ب Clever, Intelligent
Birrah ب Good Deed
Bisar ب Adolescent
Bisharagladetdiding ب جن
Bisharah ب A Narrator Of Hadith
Bisma ب Smile
Bismal ب Fragrance.
Bolour ب Crystal.
Budur ب و Full Moons
Buhaysah ب ح ٌ ثة A Narrator Of Hadith
Buhaysah Buhaisah Walking With Pride
Buhayyah دهٌ ٌ ب The Name Of A FreedWomen Slave
Buhjah جة ب Joy, Delight
Buhthah هذٌ ب Happy, Delighted WhenSeeing Others
Bulbul لو ب Nightingale.
Bunanah ب Yazid Al-AbshamiyahsDaughter
Buqayrah ب A Narrator Of Hadith
Burdah ضه ب She Was Al-Suraymiyah, And A Very Dutiful Worshipper She Wept Often So She Finally Lost Her Eye Sight When Every Thing Was QuietAnd Motionless, She Used To
Call Out In A MelancholyVoice, O! Habib O Loved One! AN
Burum و وم ب Bud, Blossom, Sing. OfBaraim.
Busaina ب Diminutive Of Basna
Busayrah ب She Was A FemaleCompanion
Bushra ب Good Omen, Good News
Busr س و ب Unripened Dates
Busrah ب She Was A Companion WhoLived Until The Era Of Muawiyah
Bustan سطن و ب Garden, Orchard.
Buthayna ب Of Beautiful And TenderBody
Buthaynah ب Of Beautiful And TenderBody
ButhaynahButhainah Buthayna Of Beautiful And TenderBody
Buthaynahorbuthain ah اٌ ثو ب وٌانن دها Of Beautiful And Tender Body
Caitlyn تاس Pure Beauty
Cala ا ل ك Castle
Cantar س ن ت Small Bridge
Cantara س ن ت Small Bridge
Carna ا ن ع س Horn
Chadia ا شا د Gracious
Chafia فاٌ Look After
Chafika ده To Tend
Chahra ا ٌاٌ Notoriety
Chahrazad ا زٌٌ Sensitive
Chakira شاك Of Chakour Grateful
Chakori ٌ ي ك A Bird Name, Charming
Chaman شامان Garden, From UrduLanguage
Chamis شمس Sun
Champa اب ماٌ A Flower.
Chana ا ناٌ Gracious, Merciful
Chanchal شل ن ٌ Active.
Chand ناٌ Moon
Chanda ى ن ٌ Moon Light
Chandni ه ن ن ٌ The Moons Light
Chandra ا ناٌ Beautiful Like Moon.
Chasheen شاٌ Sweet.
Chessy ك س At Peace
Cyra ده ا س Moon
Daajiyah دهة اج Living Well Off
Daania نا Beautiful
Dafeenah ف Hidden Treasure
Dafiya فا Narrator Of Hadith
Dafiyah فا Narrator Of Hadith
Dahab هب Gold
Dahma اهما She Was A Scholar Of Religion And Had Learnt From Her Brother Al-ImamAl-Mahdi
Daiba ده Assiduous, Persistent
Daieba ده Hard Worker
Daiya دهة اع Caller For Islam
Dalaal ل ال Pampering, Coddling
Dalal ل ال Treated Or Touched In AKind And Loving Way
Daleela ل Guide, Proof
Dalia لا Dahlia, Flower.
Dalila ل Cherished
Daliya لا Dahlia
Daliyah لا Grape Vine
Dameetha اٌت ده م Simple And One Of GoodManners
Danah ٌ نا Big Pearl
Daneen دهن ن ض Princess
Dania نا Beautiful.
Danish نا Wisdom, Learning.
Daniya ن Kind Hearted
Daniyah ن Closer, Nearer
Danyah ن Close
Dara ا ا Halo (Of The Moon).
Darakhshaan شا خ Shinning
Darakhshan شا خ Shining.
Daria د ا ا Learned, Knowing
Dariya ةضا د Learned
Dariyah د ا ٌ Aware, Knowledgeable
Darkhshanda ا ن ٌ خ Splendid, Glittering.
Darra ة Pearl, Brilliant, Teat
Darrah ٌ ا Name Of A Sahabiyah,Daughter Of Abu Lahab.
Darya د ا ا Sea.
Dasa اس A Slave
Dastiaar س ت Helper, Assistant.
Daulah ة لو Wealth, Empire, State,Power.
Dawha اوها Lofty Tree With ManyBranches
Dawlat Khatoon She Was From A RulingFamily
Dawlatkhatoon لو She Was From A RulingFamily.
Dawud اوو A Prophets Name
Dayanna ا نا ده Divine,God Like
Dayfah ٌف ده ض Guest
Deeba ده Obedience
Deebaa ده Cloth Of Silk
Deema مة د Rainy Cloud
Deenah ده Obedience.
Delisha ل ٌ Happy & Make Others Happy
Dema ما د The Rainy Cloud
Demaordimah ما مة The Rainy Cloud.
Dhaakirah ةذاك One Who ConstantlyRemembers And Glorifies Allah
Dhakirah ٌذك One Who Remembers GodFrequently
Dhakiyah ذك Bright, Intelligent
Dhakiyyah ذك A Lady With A Sharp Mind And Keen Perception,Intelligent
Dhuha ض ى Forenoon
Dhuka ذوق Name Of The Sun
Dilafroze ده Captivating, Attractive.
Dilara ال ا د Beloved
Dildar ل ا Having A Big Heart.
Dilkash ٌك لذ Attractive, Captivating.
Dilruba ده Heart-Ravishing
Dilshaad ل Happy
Dilshad ل Happy, Glad, Cheerful.
Dilshadkhatoon ل She Lived Between -.
Dima ما د An Incessant Gentle Rain Unaccompanied By Wind,Thunder, Or Lightning.
Dimah مه د Cloud Which Carries Rainwater
Dina ده Love
Diqrah ة ق ده ض A Narrator Of Hadith
Dirran د ا Fadila, Very Gentle AndGenerous Person
Diwa عوة Candle / Light
Diya د ا Light
Diyaa دهاء ض Light
Diyanah ده Religion
Djamila ال دهم ج Variant Transcription OfJAMILA
Doaa واء Pray, A Voice Of Heart, Request To All-Mighty Allah, A Source Of Connection WithGod And Human
Doaordua او Pray, A Voice Of Heart, Request To All-Mighty Allah, A Source Of Connection WithGod And Human.
Doha ض ى Forenoon.
Douha ة و Morning
Dounia ن Terrestrial Life
Duaa عاء Prayer
Dubaah حا بذ (Zuba
Duha ة و Morning In Arabic. Male AndFemale
Duha Dhuha Forenoon
Dujanah ٌ ناج Rain
Dunia نو The World
Duniaordunya نو The World.
Duniya ن World, Earth
Dunya نو World
Dunyana ن Our World
Durar ا و Pearls
Durdanah ن ة Pearl
Durr و Pearls.
Durra ة و Pearl
Durrah ٌ و Pearl
Durriya د و ة Glittering, Sparkling
Durriyah د و ٌ Shining, Bright
Durriyyah د و ٌ Brilliant,Glittering
Durruya د و ة Glittering, Sparkling,Twinkling, Brilliant
Ehteram ما ت حإ Respect.
Eiliyah لإ The Beautiful One To GrowIn Peace And Love With God
Eimaan مان إد Faith
Eiman مان إد Faith
Eira ا إد Snow.
Ejaz زاج ده Miracle. Astonishment.
Elham مٌ لا Inspiration, Revelation.
Elijah ٌجع لا Beautiful, Sweet, Smart
Elisha اٌ ع لا Nice, Excellent, To Tie/BindFirmly
Eliza ةزع لا Unique, Precious
Elma امل ع Apple
Emaan مان إد Faith
Eman مان إد Faith
Emily هل ده م دهإ Flower
Emma إما Entire, All
Emna ةن ما Believing
Ereshva ةف ٌ ا Righteous
Erina ده ده Beautiful Lady
Ermina ان ده م Friendly
Erum مو ده Heaven
Eshaal لاٌس إ Paradise Flower.
Eshal لاٌس إ The Name Of Flower In TheHeaven
Esita دهت صع Desired
Ezzah عزاٌ A Person Who Gives TheHonour, Respect
Faadilah ٌل ض ا ف (Faazilah), Accomplished,Virtuous, A Female Scholer.
Faaiza زة اد ف Victorious, Triumphant
Faaizah زٌ اد ف Successful, Prosperous,Victorious
Faakhira اخ ة ف Proud, Excellent, Precious
Faakihah ٌٌكا ف Fuirts.
Faakirah ٌاك ف Elegant, Splendid, Proud
Faariah ا ٌ ف Name Of Sahabiyyah.
Faariha ا عها ف Happy, Glad, Delighted
Faarihah ا ةه ف A Swift She-Camel.
Faatihah ٌح تا ف Begning, Introduction,Perface, Opner, Conqueror.
Faatin ف ات ن Captivating
Faatina تا ف Captivating
Faazila ظل ف Virtuous, Honest, Excellent
Fadeelah ف Superiority
Fadheela ف Virtuous, Outstanding
Fadhila ف Virtuous
Fadia ا ا د ف Redeemer, Ransomer, Fem.
Fadila ف Good Looking, Attractive
Fadilah ف Distinguished, Learned
Fadilah Fadheela Virtuous, Outstanding, Superior, Cultured AndRefined
Fadilahorfadeelah ده ا ف وٌا ل ده ا ف Virtuous, Outstanding, Superior, Cultured AndRefined
Fadiya دهة ض ا ف Savior,Sincere,Sacrificing
Fadiyah دهٌ ض ا ف Redeemer, Self Sacrificing
Fadwa و ى ف Name Derived From SelfSacrifice
Fadwah وٌ ف Name Derived From Self-Sacrifice
Fadyaa ا ا د ف Sacrificing
Faeezah زٌ اد ف Leader
Fahdah ه ٌ ف Leopardess
Fahdah Fahada Leopardess
Faheema دهمة ٌ ف Intelligent, Learned
Faheemah دهمه ٌ ف Intelligent
Fahemah اهمه ف Intelligent, Learned,
Fahhaamat همت ف Very
Fahhama هما ف Very Intelligent, Learned
Fahima دهمة ٌ ف Intelligent
Fahimah دهمه ٌ ف Intelligent
Fahm اهم ف Intellect, Intelligence
Fahmara هم ا ف Adorned With Intellect
Fahmeeda ف م Intelligent
Fahmeedah ف Intelligent, Wise
Fahmida ف م Intelligent And Wise
Faida ة ئا ف Benefit, Advantage, Gain
Faihaa ف Garden
Faiqa ئا ف Superior, Outstanding
Faiqah ئا ف Surpassing, Excellent
Fairooza ف A Precious Gem
Fairoz ف Turquoise
Fairuz ف Variant Transcription OfFAYRUZ
Fairuzah ف A Precious Gem
Faiza ف Gain
Faizah زٌ اد ف Successful
Faizah Faiza Victorious, Winner
Fajr اج ف Dawn, Morning Prayer
Fakeeaha ف Cheerful, Amusing, Happy,Humorous
Fakeehah ف Cheerful
Fakhar ف خ Honour, Pride, Glory.
Fakhira اخ ة ف Excellent, Glorious
Fakhirah اخ ٌ ف Splendid, Elegant
Fakhitah ٌت خا ف A Dove, A Ringed Turtledove,The Name Of A Sahabiyyah.
Fakhr اخ ف Glory, Pride, Honour.
Fakhra اخ ا ف Good, New
Fakhri اخ ي ف Glory.
Fakhriya ة خ د ف Proud, Honorary, Glory
Fakhriyah ٌ خ د ف Honorary
Fakhriyya ة خ د ف Feminine Form Of FAKHRI
Fakhta ات خا ف Dove
Fakhtah ٌات خا ف A Dove
Fakiha ةٌكا ف Fruit
Fakihah ٌٌكا ف Fruit
Fakira ف Thinker.
Falahat ف Welfare, Benefit.
Falak ف Star
Falakara ة ك لا ف One Who Decorates The Sky
Falaki ف Celestial, Heavenly
Falaknaz لا ف Sky
Falaq ق اا ل ف Break Of Dawn
Faliha ف Fortunate, Lucky, Successful
Falihah ٌح لا ف Successful
Falina ن ده ع لا ف Cat Like, Latin Origin
Falisha ٌ ده ع لا ف Happiness
Fanan ف Tree Branch Or Twig
Fania نا ف Free.
Fanila نا ف Able, Worthy.
Faqiha ف Jurist, Expert
Faqirah ف Name Of A Beautiful WomanWife Of Murrah Al-Asadi
Fara ا ا ف Sunset
Faraal ل ا د ف Name Of Lion, Height.
Farafisa فا ف Name Of A Companion, BinUmayr Al-Hanafi
Farah ف ح Joy, Cheerfulness
Farahat ات ف Joys, Delights.
Faraza ف ز Success, Height
Farea ف ي Tall, Towering, Lofty, Slim
Fareeda ف د ة Unique
Fareedah ف د ٌ Unique Precious Gem
Fareedahorfaridah ده ا ف Unique Precious Gem.
Fareefta ف Devotee, Lover.
Fareeha ف د ة Joyful, Happy
Fareess ا س ف Life
Farha ف ة Happiness
Farhad ف اه Wise
Farhah ف ه Lively
Farhal ف ل ا Happy.
Farhana ة ناح ف Happiness
Farhanah ٌ ناح ف Happy
Farhannah ٌ ناح ف Glad,Joyful
Farhat ات ف Cheer, Pleasure
Farheen دهن ح ف Jubilant
Farhi ف ٌ ا Glad, Happy.
Farhina ان ح ف Happiness
Faria ا ا د ف Beautiful, Kind And Loving
Fariah ف د ح Fariah Or Furayah Was The Name Of A Companion, Daughter Of Maalik Bin Sanan Al-Ansari And Sister Of Abu Saeed Al-Khudri SheWas Called By Either Name
Farid ف د ا Unique Baby Girl Name(Necessary)
Farida ف د ة Unique, Matchless
Faridah ف د ٌ Unique, Matchless, PreciousGem
Faridah Fareeda Unique, Matchless, PreciousPearl Or Gem
Faridahorfareeda ده ا ف وٌا ده ا ف Unique, Matchless, PreciousPearl Or Gem
Fariha ف د ة Joyous
Farihah ف د ه Brisk, Swift
Farihah Fareeha Happy, Joyful, Cheerful, Glad
Farishta شت ف Angel.
Fariza زا د ف Light
Farizah زٌ ف Arch
Farkhanda ف خ ن ة Blessed
Farkhandah ف خ ن ة Happy, Lucky
Farnaz زا ن ا ف Splendid Coquetry
Farqad ا ق ا ف Name Of A Star
Farrah ف ح Variant Transcription OfFARAH
Farrukh و خ ف Happy, Fortunate.
Farwa وة ف Fur
Farwah واٌ ف Some Companions Had This Name, For Instance Ibn- Musayk And Ibn-Nawfal, AndIbn-Amr.
Faryal ا ف Name.
Faryat ف د ت Delightful Sun-Shine
Farzan زا ن ف Wise
Farzana زا ن ف Intelligent
Farzeen ف ز Learned.
Faseehah ف Eloquent
Faseelah ف Some Distance
Fasiha ف Eloquent, Fluent
Fasiya ف ا س A Gentle Woman.
Fateenah تا ف Intelligent.
Fatema تا ف Faatima
Faten ف ات ن Tempting
Fathima ف Daughter Of The ProphetPBUH
Fathiya ف Joy, Happiness, NewBegining
Fathiyah ٌع ده ظ ف Beginning
Fathiyya ف Feminine Form Of FATHI
Fatiha ف Opening, Introduction, Dawn
Fatihah ف Opening
Fatim تا ف A Woman Worthy Of The Ut-Most Praise
Fatima تا ف Daughter Of The ProphetMohammad Peace Be Upon Him
Fatimah اطمه ف A Daughter Of The ProphetSAW
Fatin ف ات ن Captivating, Alluring,Enchanting
Fatin Or Fatinah Fascinating, Captivating,Alluring, Enchanting
Fatina ف Captivating.
Fatinah تا ف Captivating, Alluring,Intelligent
Fatinorfatinah تا ف Captivating, Alluring,Enchanting
Fatma اطمة ف Contracted Form OfFATIMAH
Fattana ف Extremely Beautiful
Fauqiyah ف High Grade
Fauzia ة و دز ف Succesful, Victorious
Fawha وهة ف Breath Of Fragrance.
Fawz اوز ف Victory Or Success
Fawza و ز ى ف Victory, Triumph, Success
Fawzah و زٌ ف Success
Fawzah Fawza Success
Fawzia ة و دز ف Sucessful, Winner
Fawziya ة و دز ف Successful, Victorious
Fawziyah ٌ و دز ف Successful
Fawziyya ة و دز ف Feminine Form Of FAWZI
Fawziyyah ٌ و دز ف Successful, Victorious
Fawziyyah FawziyaFazia Successful, Victorious
Fawzy و ز ي ف Triumphant, Victorious,Successful.
Fayha ف Fragrant
Fayona ف Beautiful, Pretty.
Fayrooz ف Turquoise.
Fayruz و ز اد ف Turquoise
Fayyaza زة اد ف A Lady Who Confers Great
Fayza زا اد ف Variant Transcription OfFAIZA
Faza ازا ف Open And Extensive Area(Plane), Bloom, Spring
Fazeela ظل ف High Degree Of Excellence
Fazeelah ف (Fadeelah), Superiority,Attribute, Value
Fazeen ن دز ف Increasing.
Fazila ظل ف Scholar
Fazzilet تل ظ ف Blessings Of Allah
Feerozah ف A Precious Stone DaughterOf Al-Mazfar, She Was A Scholar, Narrator Of Hadith

And A Very Righteous Woman

Feheema دهمة ٌ ف Intelligent, Judicious
Feiyaz ف Successful
Fellah ف Arabian Jasmine
Fellahorfolla ف Arabian Jasmine
Femida ضىم ف Wise
Fida ف Redemption
Fidaa اء ف Sacrifice
Fidda ف Silver.
Fiddah ف Silver
Fiddahorfadah ف Silver
Fikriyah ف Intellectual
Fikriyya ف Feminine Form Of FIKRI
Fikriyyah ف Meditative
Filza ف Rose From Heaven
Firasah صه ف Perspicacity, Acumen,Insightfulness
Firdaus ف س و Jannat, Highest Garden InParadise
Firdausi ف و س Heavenly.
Firdaws ف س و Highest Garden In Paradise
Firdaws Firdoos Highest Garden In Paradise
Firdawsorfirdaus سHighest Garden In Paradise.
Firdevs ف Garden In Gana HighestLevel In Gana
Firdoos ف س و Paradise
Firdous ف س و Garden
Firdowsa ف س و Highest Garden Of Paradise
Firoza ف Turquoise
Firyal ف Old Arabic Name
Fiza ف Wind
Fizah ف Silver
Fizza ف Variant Transcription OfFIDDA
Fizzah ف (Fiddah), Silver, Name Of AMaid Servant Of Haz Rat

Faatimh (RAH)

Flora ف Flower A Nature Name
Foram و ام ف Fragrance
Forouzan زا ن ف Shining.
Fouzia ة و دز ف Victory, Triumphant
Fouziah ٌ و دز ف Vitorious, Successful, OneWho Has Attained Salvation.
Fozia ة و دز ف Successful And Victorious
Foziah ٌ و دز ف Successful
Fuada ض ى و ف Heart, Fem. Of Fuad.
Fudayl ل و د ف Learned, Scholar
Funoon ف Variety, Art.
Furaiah ٌ و د ف Name Of A Sahabiyah, Her
Second Name Was Faari
Furat و ت ف Sweet Water
Furayah ٌ و د ف Handsome, Well-Built
Furoozan زا ن ف Luminous, Radiant.
Fusaila ف Name Of A Female NarratorOf Hadith, Daughter Of

Wathilah Ibn Asqa

Fusaylah ف Some Distance
Fuseelah ف Name Of A Narrator OfHadith
Futun نو تو ف Fascinations
Fuzail زا ل ف A Form Of Faazil
Gabina ةن ب ج Honey.
Gabriella ل ده ب ج An Angel
Galai ه لاغ Hail.
Galila ةل ده ل ج Variant Transcription OfJALILA
Gamal جامال Camel
Gamila ةل ده مج Variant Transcription OfJAMILA
Gathbiyya بذاج Variant Transcription OfJATHIBIYYA
Gauhar جوه Variant Transcription OfJAWAHIR
Gawahir جواه Variant Transcription OfJAWAHIR
Gazala ة لازغ Intelligent, Charming
Gazbiyya بذاج Variant Transcription OfJATHIBIYYA
Ghaada ة ا Beautiful
Ghaaliya لاغ Fragrant
Ghada ا ا Delicate Young Girl
Ghadah ٌ ا Beautiful
Ghadah Ghaada Beautiful
Ghadeer د Brook, Rivulet, Small Stream.
Ghadia ا ا د Morning, Cloud.
Ghadir د ا Stream
Ghafira ده ة ف غ One Who Hides Others Sins.
Ghaida ده ا غ Young And Delicate, Soft.
Ghalia لاغ Precious, Priceless
Ghaliba لاغ Conqueror, Victor, Winner
Ghalibah لاغ Dominant
Ghaliya لاغ Precious, Valuable In Arabic.
Ghaliyah لاغ Fragrant, Beloved, Valuable
Ghaliyah Ghaaliya Dear, Beloved, Fragrant,Expensive
Ghamza امزا Gestures.
Ghaneemah دهمه ن غ Spoils, Booty
Ghania دهة ن غ Beautiful
Ghaniya دهة ن غ Rich, Wealthy, Prosperous
Ghaniyah دهٌ ن غ Pretty Girl, BeautifulWoman, Beauty
Gharam ا ام Love
Ghareebah ده غ Strange, Foreign
Gharra ة ا Noble Lady
Ghashia دهة ٌ ا Guidance.
Ghasna ان ص غ Bud, Blossom.
Ghatiya ط Dynamic, Moving.
Ghatola تاٌج Tulip.
Ghayda ده ا غ Young And Delicate
Ghayda Ghaydaa Young And Delicate
Ghaydaa ده اء غ Young And Delicate
Ghazaal زال Gazelle, Deer
Ghazaala ة لازغ A Young Deer (Fawn, Gazelle), Beloved, DelicateYoung Person
Ghazal ازال Flirt, Words Of Love
Ghazala ة لازغ Gazelle, A Young Deer
Ghazalah ٌ لازغ /////// Gazelle
Ghazia ا ا دز Conqueror, Striver (In The
Defence Of True Faith)
Ghaziya ة ا دز Female Warrior.
Ghaziyah ٌ ا دز /////// Warrior
Ghibtah غ ٌ ب ته She Was The Daughter OfAmer Al-Mujashaiyah, She Was A Narrator Of Hadith.
Ghina ان ده غ Singing, Song.
Ghitbah غ ٌ ت بة She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Ghizlan ن زال From Gazzalle
Ghotai ه توغ Bud.
Ghufayrah ده ة ف غ This Was The Name Of AVery Pious Woman Who Kept Vigil In The Night
Ghufran نا ف غ Forgiveness, Pardon
Ghufrana ا نا ف غ Forgiveness, Remission OfSins
Ghumaysa دهس وم Her Kuniyah Was UmmSulaym
Ghuncha نوغ Bunch Of Flowers.
Ghunwah ٌون غ Indispensible.
Ghunwah OrGhunyah Indispensible
Ghunwahorghunyah نوغ وٌاو نوغ Indispensible
Ghusn و سن Branch, Twig, Sing.
Ghusoon صون غ Branches Of A Tree
Ghusoun صون غ Branches
Ghusun صون غ Pl. Of Ghusn, Branch, Twig.
Ghusun Ghusoon Branches Of A Tree
Ghuzayyah ة جهو دز She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Gohar ج وها Precious Stone.
Grace ج س Graceful
Grana ة نا ج Dear,
Guadalupe بو لا وج River Name
Guhika جهك Voice Of A Bird
Gul E Rana Sweet-Smelling Rose
Gulab بجوال Rose, Rosewater.
Gulala ة لا ل ج Gorgeous
Gulalai ه لا ل ج Beautiful.
Gulali ه لا ل ج Gorgeous
Gulchin نٌس ل ج Name Of Flower.
Guldin ن ده لوج Out Of Flowers.
Guleen لوج One With Beautiful Smile.
Gulika دهك ل غ A Pearl
Gulistan دهن ت س ل ج Rose Garden, Garden.
Gulnar ان ل ج A Plant Whose Flowers
Gulnaz زان ل ع ج Cute Like A Flower
Gulrez زل ج Rose-Sprinkler
Gulsana ان س ل ج Unbelievable Flower.
Gulshan اٌس ل ج Rose-Garden.
Gulzaar ظل غ Rose-Garden.
Gulzar ظل غ Rose Garden
Guzeeda ا جو دز The Chosen One
Guzeena ن جو دز Selecting, Adopting
Haadiya ة ها د Guide To Righteousness
Haadiyah ٌ ها د A Director, A Leader, AGuide.
Haafizah ٌظ فاح Having A Good Memory, OneWho Knows The Whole Quran By Heart.
Haajar هاج Hard As A Rock
Haajirah هاج ة The Wife Of Hazrat Ibrahim,Peace Be Upon Him.
Haala ة لاٌ Aureole
Haalah ٌ لاح A Crescent Shaped Ear-Ring,Name Of The Sister Of Hazrat Khadija Tul Kubraa (RA).
Haalimah ٌم لاح Dreaming
Haamidah هام ٌ One Who Praises.
Haani ه ناٌ Pleasant, Name Of A SahabiWho Participated In The

Battle Of Badr.

Haarithah ٌ ث اح Name Of A Sahabi Who Participated In The Battle OfBadr.
Hababah ٌ باب ح A Daughter Of Ajlan She WasA Narrator Of Hadith
Habeeba ح ب ٌ بة One Who Is Loved
Habeekah ةق ده ب ح Wave, Wave Of The Sea, CurlOf The Hair
Habiba ح ب ٌ بة Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling
Habibah ب Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling
Habibah Habeeba Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling
Habibahorhabiba باٌ Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling
Hablah ٌل ب ٌ A Woman Who Earns A Lot.
Haboos سوب ح Name Of A Kind AndBenevolent Noble Lady Who Lived In Lebanon
Hadaya ا ه اد Pl. Of Hadiya, Gift, Present.
Hadbaa ءا ب ٌ With Long Eye Lashes
Hadeel ل ه د To Coo Like A Dove
Hadeeqa ده ح Gorgeus
Hadeeqah ده ح Garden
Hadhiqah ة قذاح Intelligent
Hadia ا ها د Guide To Righteousness
Hadiah ٌ ه د Guide To Righteousness
Hadil ل ها د Is The Voice Of A Dove
Hadiqa ده ح Walled Garden, Secure
Hadiqah ده ح Garden.
Hadiya ة ه د Guide To Righteousness
Hadiyah ٌ ه د Guide To Righteousness
Hadiyah Haadiya Guide To Righteousness,Calm
Hadiyya ة ه د Gift In Arabic.
Hadiyyah ٌ ه د Gift
Hadiyyahorhedeyah ده اٌ Gift
Hadjara ده ج ٌ Variant Transcription OfHAJAR
Hadya ا ها د Gift, Present, Sing.
Haeda هذا A Woman Who Repents ALot.
Haemah هامه Crazy In Love.
Hafa ة فاح Gentle Rain
Hafeeza ح Guardian, Protector, Fem.
Haffafa ح Glittering, Shining, Thin
Hafida ح Protect
Hafiza ح Honorific Title Of A Woman
Hafizah ح Heedful, Mindful
Hafsa ح Cub, Wife Of Muhammad(Pbuh)
Hafsah ح A Wife Of The Prophet SAW
Hafsah Hafsa Wife Of The Prophet
Hafthah ح Preserved, Protected
Hafza از فاح Variant Transcription OfHAFSA
Hager ده هاج Travel
Hagir ده هاج Variant Transcription OfHAJAR
Haifa اف ده ٌ Slender, Of Beautiful Body
Haifa Hayfa Slender, Of Beautiful Body
Haifaorhayfa ح Slender, Of Beautiful Body
Haimi ده م ٌ Golden
Haiqa اق ح True, Truly, Obedient Of God
Hajar ج Name Of The Wife Of TheProphet Ibrahim
Hajira هج ة Wife Of Prophet Ibrahim
Hajjah اجه She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Hajna ان جاٌ Daughter Of Nusayb, SheWas A Poetess
Hajra هاج ا Wife Of Hazrat Ibrahim .
Hajrah هج ة The Wife Of Prophet IbrahimAS
Hajun هاجون Prophet Ibraheems 4th AndFinal Wife
Hakeema دهمة ك ح Wise, Sage, Judicious
Hakeemah دهمه ك ح A Sage, Philosopher, APhysician, A Doctor.
Hakima دهمة ك ح Ruler, Queen.
Hakimah دهمه ك ح Wise, Judicious
Hala ة لاٌ Sweetness
Halah ٌ لاٌ Aureole
Halah Haala Aureole
Haleefa ةف ده ل ح Friend, Companion
Haleema دهمة ل ح Clement, Patient, Tolerant
Haleemah دهمه ل ح Gentle, Forgiving
Halia لاح Aware, Knowing.
Halima دهمة ل ح Foster Mother Of ProphetMuhammad SAW
Halimah دهمه ل ح Gentle, Patient, Mild-Tempered
Halimah Haleema Gentle, Patient, MildTempered
Halimahorhaleema لاٌ Gentle, Patient, Mild-Tempered.
Hamama مامة Dove, Pigeon.
Hamamah مامه This Was The Name Of A Slave Who Suffered Much Punishment For The Sake Of Allah But Sayyidina Abu Bakr RA Bought Her AndEmancipated Her
Hamas ماس Low And Soft Sound,Heartbeat.
Hamda ا م Praised, Laudation Of Allah
Hamdan م ان Much Praise.
Hamdiyah ٌ م د One Who Praises A Lot
Hameeda ده ة م Praiseworthy
Hameedah ده ٌ م Praise Worthy.
Hamida ده ة م Praiser (Of Allah), Fem.
Hamidah ده ٌ م Praising Allah, Appreciative
Hamidah Hameeda Praiseworthy
Hamima دهمة م Close Friend.
Hammada ما ة Praising (God).
Hamna انمٌ Purple Or Black Grape (AFruit – Berry)
Hamnah ةن مح She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Hamra ا م Red
Hamraa م اء Redcolored Female.
Hana ا ناٌ Happiness, Bliss, Felicity.
Hana Hana Happiness, Bliss
Hanaa ان ٌ Variant Transcription OfHANA
Hanan ان ٌ Mercy
Hanane نان ح Affectionateness
Haneef دهف ن ح Upright, True, True Believer
Haneefa ةف ده ن ح True Believer
Hanfa ىف ن ح Name Of The Wife OfSayyidina Ismail AS
Hanfaa ءاف ن ح The Wife Of Hazrat Ismail (Ishmael), (Peace Be UponHim).
Hani ه ناٌ Pleasant.
Hania ناٌ Happy, Delighted.
Haniah دهٌ ن ٌ Of Happiness, Bliss
Hanifa ةف ده ن ح Pure Muslim
Hanifah ةف ده ن ح Upright. Name Of Al-Numan Ibn Thabit, The Great JuristOf Al-Kufah, The Hanafi
School Takes Its Name FromHim.
Hanifah HanifaHaneefa True Believer
Hanin ناٌ Longing, Yearning
Haniya دهة ن ٌ Pleased
Haniyah دهٌ ن ٌ Pleasant
Haniyya دهة ن ٌ Pleasant In Arabic.
Haniyyah دهٌ ن ٌ Pleased, Happy
Haniyyah Haniya Pleased, Happy
Hanna ان ٌ Compassion, Sympathy, Pity.
Hannah ٌن ح Affection
Hanoon نون ح Compassionate, Merciful
Hanoona ة نون ح Compassionate, Fem. OfHanun.
Hantama ةمت ن ح Pitcher, Vessel (For StorageOf Water)
Hanyah دهٌ ن ٌ Happy
Haola ة لاح Name Of A Sahabiah, SheWas Also A Jurist And Scholar Of Islamic Law.
Hareem د م Walls Of House Of Kabba
Hareer د Silk.
Harisa د Cultivator, Lioness, Fem.
Harisah د Farmer, Ibn-Wahb Was ACompanion Who Had This Name.
Harmalah ةل م ح A Plant, Name Of A FamousSahahi(RA).
Haroona ها ون Protector, Messenger.
Hasana ان س ح Good Deed, Kind Act, Favour
Haseena دهن س ح Beautiful
Haseenah ٌان ده س ح Pretty Girl.
Hashmat شمت ح Modesty, Bashfulness
Hasiba ةب ده س ح Highborn, Respected, Noble
Hasibah ٌب ده س ح Respected, Noble
Hasifa ةف ده ص ح Judicious, Wise, Prudent
Hasifah ةف ده ص ح Wise
Hasina ةن ده س ح Pretty, Beautiful.
Hasinah ٌان ده س ح Pretty, Beautiful
Hasna ان س ح Pretty
Hasnaa ءان س ح Pretty Woman.
Hasnah ٌن س ح Beautiful
Hasnah Hasna Hasna Beautiful
Hasnahorhasna ان ساٌ وٌان ساٌ Pretty, Beautiful.
Hasnat تان س ح Virtues.
Hassana ةن س ح Most Beautiful Woman
Hatima امت ح Generous.
Hauled لوٌ Crown
Hawa هوى Arabic Form Of EVE
Hawa Hawwa Eve
Hawadah ٌ و Pleasant
Hawaorhawwa وا هوا Eve
Hawazin هوازن Name Of An Arabic Tribe
Hawiya ة ه دو Dominant.
Hawla ول Intelligent.
Hawra ة و Having Eyes With A MarkedContrast Of Black And White
Hawwa هو Eve
Hawwaa واء One Who Rejects Falsehood And Follows The Truth, The Wife Of Hazrat Aadam(Peace Be Upon Him).
Haya ا هاد Shyness, Bashfulness
Hayaam دهام ٌ Deliriously In Love
Hayah دهٌ ٌ Life
Hayah Hayat Life
Hayahorhayat دهاة دهه ٌ ٌ Life.
Hayam اٌما ده Deliriously In Love
Hayam Hayaam Deliriously In Love
Hayat ات هاد Life
Hayed هاد Movement, Motion
Hayet دهت ح Life
Hayfa اف ده ٌ Slender, Of Beautiful Body
Hayrah اد ٌ She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Hayud هاد A Mountain
Hazar هزا Nightingale
Hazeena دهزح Autumn, Treasure, Forever.
Hazeerah ده ة ظ Wise.
Hazima مة ه دز Firm, Energetic, Judicious
Hazimah مة ه دز A Women Companion Of TheProphet SAW
Haziqa ا قذاح Clever, Shrewd.
Haziqah ة قذاح Clever, Intelligent, Beautiful
Hazira ده ة ظ Intelligent. Wise
Hazirah ده ة ظ Clean
Hazzafa ة فذح The Name Of HazratHaleema
Heba اب ده ٌ Gift
Hebaorhiba اب ٌ ب ح Gift, Present
Hedaya ا ه اد Give
Heela ةل ده ح Hope
Heena ان ٌ Mehendi
Heer ده ده ٌ Powerful, Power.
Hela هال Moonlight,
Helai ٌ ل Swan.
Helena ان ده ل ده ٌ Spiritual Light
Helima دهمة ل ح Very Soft, Gentle
Hena ان ده ٌ Someone Who Is Polite
Henna ان ٌ Blessed
Hessa ةسٌ Destiny
Hessadestiny ده اس س ده ٌ
Heyam دهام ٌ One Of The Many Levels OrDegrees Of Love
Hiba اب ده ٌ Gift
Hibah ٌب ده ٌ Gift, Present
Hibat Allah Gift Of God
Hibatallah ه ٌ ب ت ل له Gift Of God
Hibatullah ه ٌ ب ت ل له Gift Of Allah
Hibba ةب ده ٌ Gift From Allah
Hibbah ٌب ده ٌ Gift Of God
Hidayah ٌ ه د Guidance
Hidiyah ٌ ه د As One
Hifza ح Protective Angel
Hijab دهجاب ٌ Daughter Of A Scholar FromBaghdad
Hijrah ج ةٌ Migration Of The Prophet,From Makkah To Madinah
Hikmah ٌمك ح Wisdom
Hikmahorhikmat تامك ده ٌ وٌامك ده ٌ Wisdom
Hikmat ك مت ح Wisdom.
Hila ا ل ده ٌ Hope.
Hilal لا ل ده ٌ Crescent, New Moon.
Himaja همج Goddess Parvati
Hina ان ده ٌ The Indian Privet, A Shrub
Hinaa اٌ ن The Indian Privet, A Shrub, The Leaves Of Which Are Used For Dyeing The Hands,Feet And Hair.
Hind ن ده ٌ Old Arabic Name
Hindah ة ن ٌ Wife Of Abu Sufyan
Hira ده ا ٌ Darkness
Hirah ده ٌ ح Mount Hirah, Named AfterThe Mountain Where The Holy Quran Was Delivered
To Prophet MuhammedPBUH
Hiral ده الٌ Wealthy
Hitaishi هٌ ات ده ٌ Well Wisher
Hiyam دهام ٌ Love
Hooda هو ا Variant Transcription OfHUDA
Hoor هوو A Virgin Maiden Of ParadiseFor Its Dwellers
Hooria د و ة Angel Of Heaven
Hooriaorhooriya ا ه د ه د Angel Of Heaven.
Hooriya د و ة Angel
Hoorulain ن لو ٌ The Most Beautiful HUR
Horia د ة Angel
Houda هو Variant Transcription OfHUDA
Hoyam ام ه دو Passionate Love.
Hubab با بوٌ Aim, Goal
Hubayshah ةٌ ده ب ح She Was A Poetess
Hubba ةب ٌ Daughter Of Maalik Bin AmrAl-Adwaniyah
Huboor وب ح Happiness.
Huda هو ا Right Guidance
Huda Hooda Right Guidance
Hudun ضنح To Become Quiet
Hujaimah جمه Name Of A Sahabiah KnownAs Umm Darda
Hujaymah دهمة ج Attack
Hujayrah ده ة ج She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Hujayyah دهٌ ج The Father Of Ajlah BinAbdullah Was So Called.
Hujjat جة Argument, Reasoning, Proof.
Hukaymah دهمه ك ح She Was The Daughter OfUmaymah Daughter Of Ruqayqah RA A Companion
Hulwah ٌول ح Sweet, Beautiful
Hulyah لوٌ Jewelry, Ornament, Finery
Huma هوما Bird Who Brings Joy
Humaida ده ة م Praised, Fem. Of Humaid.
Humaila ةل مح Golden Necklace
Humaira ده ا م From The Arabic Name Meaning Reddish! Title Name Of Aisha RA One Who Strives To Achieve HerUtmost Best!
Humairaa ده اء م Red Colored Girl, Name OfUmmulmoominin Hazrat

Aaishah (RA).

Humairah ده ة م Of Reddish Complexion
Humairah Humayrah Of Reddish Complexion
Humam هومام Brave And Noble,Magnanimous, Courageous, Generous.
Humamuddin مم ن Brave (Person) Of TheReligion (Islam), Generous.
Humaydah ده ه م She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Humayrah ده ة م Red
Humera ا م The Imaginary Bird WhoSoars The Highest
Humra ا م Beautiful, Rose
Hunaidah ده ة نٌ Diminutive Of Hind
Hunaidah Hunaydah Diminutive Of Hind
Hunaydah ده ة نٌ She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Hura ة Free Woman
Huriya ة و د Hooriya-Houri, Nymph
Huriyah د و ٌ Angel
Huriyah HuriyyahHooriya A Houri, Virgin Of Paradise
Huriyyah د و ٌ Angel
Hurmat مت Respect, Dignity
Hurriya د و ة Freedom, Liberty.
Hurya د و ة A Houri, Virgin Of Paradise
Husaama سام ح Sword
Husaina دهن س ح Diminutive Of Husn, Beauty.
Husay ح س Gazelle / Deer.
Hushaima دهما ٌٌ Diminutive Of Hishma,Modesty.
Husn سنهو Beauty
Husna ن ى سح Most Beautiful
Husnaa ءان س ح Most Pious, Most Beautiful,Most Precious.
Husni ن س ح Possessing Beauty.
Husniya دهة ن س ح Beautiful
Husniyah دهٌ ن س ح Beautiful
Husniyaorhusniyah ده ن س وٌ اٌ وا ده Beautiful
Hutaf فا توٌ Cheering
Hutun نوت ٌ Clouds With Rain
Huwaidah ٌ و Gentle
HuwaidahHuwaydah Gentle
Huwaydah ة ه دو Gentle.
Huzuz ظوظ Pl. Of Hazz, Fortune
Hzim م ه دز Strength, Care.
Ibadah ٌ ب ع Worship
Ibadat ت ااب ع Worship.
Ibrah ٌ ب ع Wisdom, Advice
Ibrisam د ب Silk.
Ibrisami د ب Silken.
Ibriz ز ده بإ Pure Gold.
Ibthaj بإ Joy
Ibtihaaj بإ Joy
Ibtihaj بإ Happiness
Ibtihaj Ibtihaaj Joy, Delight
Ibtihal بإ Supplication, Prayer
Ibtihl با Supplication. Prayer
Ibtisam بإ Smiling
Ibtisama بإ Smile.
Ibtissem بإ To Smile
Idhar عذ Fluff
Idrak إ اك Intellect, Perception
Iffah ٌف ع Purity, Modesty
Iffah, ٌف ع Chaste
Iffah Iffat Chaste
Iffat تف ع Chastity
Ifra ع ف ا Giving Happiness
Ifrah حا فا To Make Happy.
Iftikar فا Thought, Contemplation
Iftikhar فا Pride, Glory
Iftinan ف Enchantment, Captivation
Ihaa اء إد Inspiration
Ihab باٌ ده Giving, Granting
Ihsan سان إح Charity In Arabic.
Ihtisham شام ت اح Chastity, Modesty, Decency
Ijaz زاج ده Inimitability Of The Quran
Ijlal ال لإج Respect, Honor
Ijliyah دهٌ ل ج The Daughter Of Al-AsturlabiAl-Ijli.
Ikhlas ال ص إخ Sincerity
Ikleel دهل ل إ ك Crown, Garland
Iklil دهل ل إ ك Crown, Garland, Wreath.
Ikraam امإك Honor, Hospitality,Generosity
Ikram امإك Honour, Hospitality,Generosity
Ikram Ikraam Honor, Hospitality,Generosity
Ilhaam ماٌ لإ Intuition
Ilham ماٌ لإ Intuition, Inspiration
Ilham Ilhaam Intuition
Ilhan ناح لا Respectfull, Nice, Precious
Ilhem مٌ لإ Inspiration
Ilqis لا Queen Of Sheeba
Iltimas لإ Request, Appeal, Entreaty.
Ilyas لإ Name Of A Prophet Of Allah.
Imaan مان إد Faith
Imam مام ده A Leader Of Faith
Iman نام ده Faith, Belief
Imane مان إد Belief
Imani ه نام ده Faith, Belief
Imrana ا ن مع Population, Socialism.
Imthithal مذظل Polite Obedience
Imthithalorimtithal ده ث م ده الم ده و Polite Obedience
Imtihal لاٌت م Polite, Obedience
Imtinan نان ت مإ Gratitude, Gratefulness
Imtisal لاث ت مإ Obedience, Conforming To
Imtithal لاث ت مإ Polite Obedience
Imtiyaz دهاز ت إم Distinction, Mark Of Honour
Inaam ما نا Act Of Kindness,Benefaction, Bestowal
Inam ده Kindness, Benefaction,Bestowal
Inam Inaam Kindness, Benefaction,Bestowal
Inan نان ع A Slave Girl Belonging ToHaroon Al-Rashid Fih
Inas ده Sociability
Inaya ة دهان ع Concern
Inayah ة دهان ع Concern
Inayah, ة دهان ع Care, Concern
Inayah Inayat Care, Concern
Inayat ة دهان ع Concern, Solicitude.
Indela ل ن ع Like Nightingale.
Ines ده Partner
Injila ا ل ده ج نإ Shine.
Insaf فاص نإ Justice, Equity
Insha ده Creation, Origination
Inshirah نإ Joy, Delight, Happiness
Insiya نإ Someone Who Remembers
Intessar نإ Victory
Intisaar نإ Triumph
Intisar نإ Triumph
Intisar Intisaar Triumph
Intisarat نإ Pl. Of Intisar, Victory
Intisarvictory ف اس ده ت ن
Iqamat ةما قإ Calm, Peace, Staying.
Iqlas ده Trustful.
Iqra ده To Recite
Iradat إ ا ة Wish, Desire, Intention.
Iraj ا ج إد Flower
Iram ما ده Garden In Heaven
Irem م ده ده A Garden In Heaven
Irfana ف ع Believer.
Irtiza ت إ Contentment, Approval.
Isaad سا ا Blessing, Favouring
Isad ا س To Bring Happiness, ToProvide Help
Isaf ده Relief, Help
Isar ده Fascinating
Isha شا ع Night Prayer
Ishaml شمل ا Flower
Ishfaq قاف ٌ إ Compassion, Affection
Ishraq ش اقإ Radiance
Ishrat ش ات ع Pleasure, Enjoyment,Delight.
Ishya إ ٌ Spring
Isir ده Inspiritional, Strong
Islah ال ح ص إ Making Right, Making Good
Islam ال م س إ Submission To Allahs Will
Isma سم إ Safeguarding
Ismah سمح إ Purity, Modesty, Infallibility
Ismah, سمح إ Purity, Modesty, Infallibility
Ismah Ismat Purity, Modesty, Infallibility
Ismahorismat ةامس ٌامس Purity, Modesty, Infallibility
Ismat صمت ع Pious
Isood سو ا A Woman Of Delicate Body.
Isra ده Nocturnal Journey
Israa س اء إ Variant Transcription Of ISRA
Israt س ة ا Pure And Gentle
Issam صام ع Safeguard
Istabraq ق ب ت س إ Brocade
Istilah ال ح صطا Agreement
Itab بات ع Censure
Itaf عطف Clock
Ithar ده Preference
Itidal تا Straightness, Tautness
Itimad تا Reliance, Dependencen
Itrat عط ة Lineage
Izahet إزا ة Completing The Work
Izaz عزز Honour, Esteem, Regard
Izdihaar إز ها Flourishing, Blossoming
Izdihar إز ها Flourishing, Blooming
Izdihar Izdihaar Flourishing, Blossoming
Izma ع ظمة Higher Poistion, EsteemedPreviledge & Honour
Izz An Nisa She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Izza إذا Honour, Fame, Power.
Izzah عزاٌ Might, Power
Izzat عززت Honor, Esteem, Integrity.
Izzati ه تزع Noble
Jaan جآن Life.
Jabala ةل ب ج Powerful Lady.
Jabalah ٌل ب ج Daughter Of Musafh
Jabarah ٌ اب ج A Bracelet.
Jabeen دهن ب ج Forehead
Jabira ده ة ب ج Agree
Jabirah ده ة ب ج Comforter, Consoler
Jabrayah ة ده ب ج Love, Respect
Jada جا ا Gift, Present
Jadaorjadwa ج ا ج وا Gift, Present
Jadida ة ج د New, Fresh.
Jadwa ج وى Gift, Present
Jahaan جهان Land
Jahan جاهان World.
Jahan Aara Adornment Of The World
Jahan Khatoon She Was A Persian Poet
Jahanaara ا ن ٌج Adornment Of The World.
Jahanara ا ن ٌج To Flower, To Live
Jahankhatoon تخن ٌج She Was A Persian Poet.
Jahdamah جه مة She Was A Companion OfThe Prophet SAW
Jahida جاه ا Helps The Vulnarable
Jahmyyllah ٌل ل ده مٌج Beautiful One
Jaiyana جاد Strength
Jala الجا Bringing To Light, Shining
Jala Jala Clarity, Elucidation
Jalaa الءج Clarity
Jaleela ةل ده ل ج Glorious, Magnificent
Jaleelah ٌل ده ل ج Dignified.
Jalees دهس ل ج Table Companion. Associate.
Jaleesah ٌس ده ل ج Companion
Jalila ةل ده ل ج Great, Exalted, Magnificent
Jalilah ٌل ده ل ج Splendid, Lofty
Jalsaan لاج Garden, Gulshan
Jalwa او لاج Sight, Show.
Jamaima جمما Lucky.Jamal
Jamal جمال Cute – Lovely (Boy Or Girl)
Jamala ال جما Beautiful, Pretty, Moon-Faced.
Jameela ةل ده مج Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely
Jameelah ٌل ده مج Beautiful
Jameelahorjamila ل ده ماج وٌا ل ده ده ماج ا Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely
Jameerah ده ة جم Beautiful One
Jamia ع ده مج Gatherer, Collector, Author
Jamila ةل ده مج Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely
Jamilah ٌل ده مج Beautiful, Graceful
Jamillah ٌل ده مج Feminine Form Of JAMIL
Jammana ة نامج Pearl
Jana ا ناج Harvest
Janaan نان ج Heart, Soul
Janan نا ناج Heart, Soul
Janna ةن ج Garden, Paradise.
Jannah حان ج Garden, Paradise
Jannat تان ج Heaven, Paradise.
Jariya ة جا د This Was The Name Of Ibn Jamil, He Was On Eof TheAshab-As-Suffa
Jariyah د ج ح Slave Girl.
Jaseena ن ج دز Nice Heart
Jasia دهة ص ج God Is Gracious.
Jasmin دهن سم جا Flower
Jasmina ان ده مس اج Flower
Jasmine دهن سم جا A Flower.
Jasminorjasmina ان ده مس اج ون ده مس اج Flower.
Jasrah جز ٌ She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Jassia دهة ص ج One Who Sits
Jathbiyya بذاج Variant Transcription OfJATHIBIYYA
Jathibiyya بذاج Charm, Attractiveness InArabic.
Javairea ج Mysterious
Javaria ة ده ف ع ج Little,Small Girl
Javeria ة ده ف ع ج Name Of ProphetMuhammads Wife
Jawa جاوا Passion, Love
Jawahir جواه Jewels
Jawda جو ة Excellence, High, Quality
Jawedan جو ان Immortal, Lasting.
Jawhara جوه ة Jewel, Gem, Essence.
Jawharah جوه ٌ Jewel
Jawl جاول To Move Freely
Jawna ا نواج The Sun
Jaza جزى Reward, Compensation
Jazibiyya بذاج Attraction, Charm, Appeal.
Jehaan دههان ج Creative Mind
Jehan دههان ج Beautiful Flower
Jemimah جممة Beautiful
Jenna ةن ج Heaven, Paradise
Jennah حان ج Paradise
Jessenia ن ج دز Flower
Jewana ا ناوج God Gift.
Jian دهان ج Life
Jibla ج ٌ ب ال Nature, Natural Disposition.
Jihan دههان ج A River In Iran
Jilan نا ل ده ج Courtier
Jina ان ده ج Princess, Lucky, Patrician
Jinan نان ده ج Gardens, Paradise
Johara جوه ة Jewel
Johi جو ٌ (Urdu) Jasmine.
Joodi جوو ي Kind, Working.
Joya ا ج دو Searcher.
Judaala الج ا Distinct.
Judamah ج امه She Was The Daughter OfWahb
Jude جو ي Generosity
Judi جو ي Name Of A MountainMentioned In The Quran
Juhainah ٌن ده ٌج Name Of An Arab Tribe
Juhainahorjuhaynah دهاٌوج Name Of An Arab Tribe
Juhanah ٌن ده ٌج Young Girl
Juhaynah ٌن ده ٌج Name Of An Arab Tribe
Juhi جو ٌ Fragrant Flower.
Jumaana ا ناموج Silver Pearl
Jumaimah جممة Name Of A Sahabiyynh (RA).
Jumaina موجا نا Diminutive Of Jumana
Jumainah ٌ ناموج Name Of A Sahabiyyah (RA).
Juman جومان Pearl
Jumana ا ناموج Pearl.
Jumanah ٌا ناموج Silver Pearl
Jumanah Jumaana Silver Pearl
Jumaymah دهمة جم Name Of A WomenCompanion
Jumaynah ةن ده مج Gem, Name Of A WomenCompanion
Junah ٌا نوج The Sun
Junayna ةن ده ن ج Little Garden.
Juni ه نوج Lovable.
Junna ةن ج Shelter.
Junnut طون ج Heaven
Juri جو ي The Rose Of Damascus (Syria )
Juwairiyah ٌ د ج دو Little Girl
JuwairiyahJuwayriyah Wife Of The Prophet
Juwan جووان Perfume
Juwariah ٌ جو د A Small Girl
Juwariyah ٌ جو د She Was The Wife Of TheProphet SAW
Juzla ة لزج To Get Joyousness/Gladness.
Jwairiya ة د ج دو Small Servant,YoungRose,One Of The Wives Of Prophet

Muhammad,Youthful Girl

Kaadiha دهها ض ا ق Toiling, Making Efforts
Kaamla ةل ما ك Perfect
Kabeera ك Elder,Great,Big,Sahabia
Kabeerah ك Immense, Great, Senior,Name Of A Sahabiyah.
Kabeesha ك This Was The Name Of A Poetess, Daughter Of Al-Waqa (AN).
Kabira ك Great.
Kabirah ك Elder, Big
Kabshah ك She Was A Companion
Kadira ا ة ق Strong
Kadshah ةٌ ا ق She Was A Companion
Kaheela ةل ده ح ك Labour, Triumph, Trial.
Kaheesha ةٌ ح ق This Was The Name Of APoetess, Daughter Of Al- Waqa
Kaia ا اد ك Stability
Kaif ف اد ك A State Of Joy.
Kaifiya ك Ecstatic, Mirghful,
Kaina ئا ك Leader Woman.
Kainaat ئا ك Universe
Kakuli لوق ك Crest
Kaleema ةمل ك Speaker
Kaleemah ةمل ك Speaker
Kalila ق Sweetheart, Beloved
Kalsam لا ك Name Of Al-Qarshiyah
Kalsoom موث ل ك Name Of ProphetMuhammad PBUH
Kaltham ك ل ثم Name Of Al-Qarshiyah WhoTransmitted Hadith From Sayyidah Ayshah
Kamal مالك Lotus
Kamaliyah لام ك Perfection
Kameela ا ل ده ما ك Most Perfect
Kamila ا ل ده ما ك Perfect, Complete, Genuine
Kamilah ٌل ما ك Perfect, Complete
Kamna ان ما ك Hankering, Avidity.
Kaneez دهز ن ك Slave
Kaneezah ٌزن ك Firm (Of Flish), Sturdy
Kaniz نا ك Maid Servant, FemaleServant
Kanizah نا ك Young
Kanval نا ك Flower
Kanwal الو نا ك Water Lily
Kanz ز نا ك Treasure
Kanza از نا ك Hidden Treasure
Kanzah ٌاز نا ك Treasure
Karam مك Generosity
Karamat اماتك Miracle.
Karawan وانك Variety Of Plover Birds
Kardawaiyah ة ضا دو ق A Ious Woman
Kardawiyah ة ضا دو ق A Pious Woman, Daughter Of
Amr Al-Basriyah Was SoNamed
Kareema ما د ك Generous, Noble
Karida ك د ى Untouched
Karima مة د ك Kind, Generous, Benevolent
Karimah مه د ك Generous, Noble
Karimah Kareema Generous, Noble
Kariman مان ا د ك Generous Lady.
Karma ا ماك Vine, Grapevine, Kind
Kashfia ك ش ف ٌة To Make It Evident, ToImpart.
Kashfiya ك ش ف ٌة Enlightenment.
Kashida ق Hardworking.
Kashifa ةف ٌ ا ك Revealer
Kashifah ٌف ٌ ا ك Revealer Of Secrets
Kashira ق Jubiliant, Jovial.
Kashish دهٌ ٌ ا ك Attraction
Kashmala ا ل شم ك Necklace Of Flowers, Garland
Kashooda ق Attractive.
Kashud ش ؤ ك Bloom, Success, Benefit.
Kasirah ك Plenty.
Kasool سو ل ك A Girl Brought Up By TenderCare, Sluggish Girl.
Kasra س ا ا ك A Character In Shahnameh
Kasturi ت س ا ك Musk, A Song Bird.
Kathirah ك Plenty
Kaukab ب و ك ك Star
Kaureen ن ا د ك Beautiful Girl, Pretty Girl.
Kausar ق River In Janna Paradise
Kausarorkawthar ا ثوا ك و اس وا ك River In Janna (Paradise).
Kauser ق A Fountain In Heaven
Kawakib ب و ك ك Satellites
Kawkab ب و ك ك Satellite
Kawtar ك تو Prosperity
Kawthar ك ثو River In Paradise
Kaysah ك She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Kazima اظمة ك One Who Controls Or Suppresses Her Anger, Fem.Of Kazim.
Kebira ك Very Strong
Kehkashan شا ق ح ك Galaxy
Kenza ةزن ك Treasure
Khabira ده ة ب خ Aware, Knowing.
Khadeeja جة خ د Prophets First Wife
Khadidja جا خ د First Wife Of The Prophet
Khadiga جة خ د Variant Transcription OfKHADIJA
Khadija جة خ د The First Wife Of TheProphet PBUH.
Khadijah جه خ د First Wife Of The ProphetSAW
Khadijah Khadeeja First Wife Of The Prophet
Khadra ض ةخ Green, Verdant.
Khafifa خ Small.
Khaila ةل ده ح ك To Compete With Pride.
Khair ده خ Good, Blessing, Boon
Khaira ده ا خ The Best, Prime, Top
Khairah ده ٌ خ Good, Best, Well, Safe, Adv.Very Well,Goodness, Welfare, Happiness, Health.
Khairat ده ات خ Pl. Of Khaira, Blessing
Khairiya ة ده د خ Charity, Benevolence
Khakshan شا ك خ The Milky Way, Galaxy
Khaleesah ٌص لاخ Name Of A Sahabiyyah(RA).
Khalida ة لاخ Permanent, Immortal
Khalidah ٌ لاخ Abiding, Forever
Khalidah Khalida Immortal, Everlasting
Khalila ا ل ده ل خ Sweetheart, Beloved
Khalilah ٌل ده ل خ Good Friend
Khalisa ةص لاخ Pure, True, Clear, Real
Khalisah ٌص لاخ Sincere, Pure
Khalwat تول خ Solitude.
Khanam ما ناخ Princess, Noble Woman.
Khani ه ناخ Hidden.
Khansa ىث ن خ Old Arabic Name
Khansaa ساء نخ White Gazelle
Khaperai ي ب خ Fairy.
Kharijah خا جه External.
Kharo خ Bird.
Kharqa ا ق اخ Strong, Wind
Khashar خ ش Decorated, Ornamented.
Khashia دهة ٌ خ Pious, Devout, Fem. OfKhashi.
Khashifa دهف ٌ خ Disclosing, Divulging.
Khasiba ةب ده ص خ Fruitful, Fertile, Prolific
Khatera خاط ة Memory
Khatiba ةب ده طخ Orator, Speaker, Fiance.
Khatijah دهجة خط Variant Transcription OfKHADIJA ( )
Khatira خاط ة Wish, Desire.
Khatoon نو تاخ Lady
Khaula ة لوخ A Buck, Deer
Khawara خو ة The Sunlight, East.
Khawla ة لوخ Gazelle
Khawlah ٌ لوخ Deer
Khayal دهال خ Imagination, Vision, Idea,Care
Khayrah ده ٌ خ Good
Khayriyah ٌ ده د خ Charitable, Good
KhayriyahKhayriyyah Khairiya Charitable, Beneficent, Good
Khayriyya ة ده د خ Feminine Form Of KHAYRI
Khayriyyah ٌ ده د خ Charitable
Khazana ة نازخ Treasure
Khazanah ة نازخ Treasure
Khazeena دهزخ Arsenal, Treasure House.
Khidrah ض ٌخ Green
Khirad ده ا خ Intellect, Samajh, Aqal,Danish
Khitam مات ده خ Conclusion
Khitfa خ ٌ ت فا Erroneus, Forgetful.
Khizra دهز ا خ Green
Khojassteh ٌت س جخ Royal.
Kholah ٌ لوخ Name Of A Sahabiyyah(RA).
Khooshbakht ةخب ٌ خ Of Good Fortune.
Khudamah خ مة Service
Khudra ض ةخ Greenery, Greenness,Verdancy.
Khudrah ض ٌخ Greenery
Khulaidah ده ة ل خ Permanent
Khulat تخوال Love, Friend.
Khulaybah ةب ده ل خ This Was The Name Of AnArab Poetess
Khuld لوخ Paradise, Heaven, Eternal.
Khulood ول خ Immortality
Khuloud و خل Immortality
Khulud ول خ Immorality
Khulud Khulood Immortality, Eternity, Infinity
Khurmi م خ Happiness, Leisure.
Khurseed خ س Sun
Khursheed ده ٌ خو Sun.
Khusbakht ةخب ص خ Lucky
Khushbakht ةخب ٌ خ Lucky.
Khushbu شب خ Fragrance, Scent.
Khushnood شن خ Happy, Pleased.
Khushnuda ا ن ٌ خ Delighted, Agreed, Happy
Khuwailah ٌ لوخ A Little Or Young FemaleGazelle, Name Of A Women.
Khuwaylah دهوخ Gazelle
Khuzama خزامى Lavender
Khuzamah خ زامة Lavender
Kiah ك A New Beginning
Kifah ك Struggle
Kinana ة نان ك Paradise
Kinza ك Intelligent
Kiran ك Ray, Beam.
Kishwar ك Country.
Kiswa ق Cover Of Kaba
Kiswar ق Territory
Kochai ٌ و ك Nomad.
Kohinoor ون ٌك The Mountain Of Light
Koila ك Charcoal
Kokab ا ب و ك ك Star, Celestial Body.
Komal ومالك Beautiful
Kontara نو ك Dove
Korina ده و ق Exalted, Sublime, Nice.
Kouther ك ثو River In Jennah (Paradise)
Kowaisah دهو ك Handsome, Pretty
Kuaybah ك A Distinguished Woman OfHer Times Was So Named. She Was The Daughter Of Saad Al-Aslamiyah And She Offered Allegiance (Bayah)

To The Prophet PBUH.

Kubra ا بو ك Great, Senior
Kuhaylah ٌل ده ح ك Name Of A Pious WomanWho Was A Good Speaker
Kulsoom موث ل ك Full Of Flesh About The FaceAnd Cheeks, Rosy, Healthy
Cheeks, Chubby Cheeks.
Kulthoom موث ل ك Daughter Of The Prophet Mohammed Peace Be UponHim
Kulthoum موث ل ك Daughter Of The Prophet
Kulthum موث ل ك Daughter Of Ahmad Bin Ali Al-Asiwatiyah Was ARighteous Woman Who Had Memorised The Quran
Kulthum Kulthoom Daughter Of The Prophet
Kulus سو لو ك Clearness, Purity
Kunza از نو ك Hidden Treasure
Kuwaysah دهو ك Pretty
Kyda ك Preserved, Strong
Kyna ك Intelligence
Laaibah عا ل Laaibah Is The PrettiestWomen In All The Jannats Heavens She Will Be In

Jannat Al Firdous

Laal لآل Pearl, Ruby.
Labbaanah ل Milk
Labeebah ل A Wise Woman, Name Of ASahabiyyah.
Labeeqa ل Intelligent, Active, Adorned,Refined
Labiba با ل Intelligent, Judicious
Labibah ل Sensible, Intelligent
Ladan ن ال A Flower.
Lafiza ل As Deep As A Sea.
Lahifa لاف ده ٌ Helper.
Laiba ل ع بة Angel Of Heaven
Laibah ل ع به Laaibah Is The PrettiestWomen In All The Jannats

(Heavens). She Will Be In Jannat Al Firdous.

Laiha ال ئ Glittering.
Lail ا دل Night.
Laila ل Of The Night
Lailaa ل Name Of A Sahabiyyah.
Laiqa ئا ل Worthy, Deserving, Elegant
Lakhsha صها خ ل Glittering.
Lakhta خطة ل Ear Ring.
Lala ا ل ا ل Flower.
Lalzari ل Lal – Ruby, Zar – Golden.
Lama ما ل Darkness Of Lips
Lamah ال مه Brilliancy
Lamba ما ل Flame.
Lamees دهس م ل Pure Silk
Lamia دها م ل Brilliant, Lustrous
Lamiah دهاٌ م ل Shine
Lamis دهس م ل Tender Woman.
Lamis Lamees Soft To The Touch
Lamisa دهس م ل Soft To Touch.
Lamisah ٌس م ل Soft To The Touch
Lamiya دهة ال م With Beautiful Curls.
Lamya دها ال م Of Dark Lips
Lamya Lamya Of Dark Lips
Lana ا ال ن To Be Gentle, Soft, Tender
Landa ل Reference To The VirginMary.
Lanika ال ن The Best
Laraib ال د Without A Doubt
Laseef دهف ص ل Glitter.
Lashirah ل Very Intelligent
Lateefa ةف ده ط ل Gentle, Kind
Lateefah ٌف ده ط ل Variant Transcription OfLATIFA
Latif تا ل Gentle, Kind
Latifa ةف ده ط ل Gentle Kind Pleasant,
Latifah ٌف ده ط ل Gentle, Kind, Pleasant,Friendly
Latifah Lateefa Gentle, Kind, Pleasant,Friendly
Latifaorlatifah تا ل Gentle. Kind. Pleasant,Friendly.
Latimah طمه ل Scent.
Lawahiz ل ظ و Glances In Arabic.
Layaan ل Gentleness, Softness
Layali ل Nights
Layan ا دل Gentle And Soft
Layina ل Tender, Supple, Resilient.
Layla ل Born At Night, Dark Beauty
Layla Leila Born At Night
Layyah ل Twist, Flexure
Lazim ز لام ده Essential, Imperative
Leena ل Plant Of Dates, Soft, Mild,Clemency
Leila ل Night
Leilah ل Night
Lema ل Eye.
Leyla ل Variant Of LAYLA “Night” InArabic
Lhaam هآم ل Intuition
Liba ل Most Beautiful Hoor InJannah
Lina ل Palm Tree
Linah ل Tender
Linah Lina Leena Tender
Linahorlina ل Tender
List ل
Liyana ل Softness, Tenderness
Liza ل Dedicated For Allah.
Lraaz ل ز Mystery.
Lu Luah She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Lubaaba ل The Innermost Essence
Lubab با بو ل The Best Part
Lubaba ل Essence, Core, Gist.
Lubabah ل The Innermost Essence
Lubabah Lubaaba The Innermost Essence
Luban نا بو ل Pine Tree
Lubana ل Wish, Desire.
Lubanah ل Wish, Desire
Lubena ل Purity
Lublubah ل Affectionate, Tender
Lubna بو ل Kind Of Tree
Luja و جى ل Of Great Depth
Lujain دهن وج ل Gold
Lujain Lujayn Silver
Lujaina دهن وج ل Silver
Lujainorlujayn دهاجو ل Silver
Lujayn ن وجاد ل Silver.
Luloah هلل A Pearl
Lulu و لو ل Pearls
Lulua ا ل و ل Pearl.
Luluah و لو لٌ Pearl
Luluah Lulwa Pearl
Luna ا نو ل Moon.
Lunah ٌ نو ل Date Palm
Lutf ف تو ل Kindness, Friendliness
Lutfana ل Kind, Helper.
Lutfiya ل Delicate, Graceful.
Lutfiyah دهٌ ف ط ل Delicate, Graceful
Lyana ل Eye Of The Light
Ma ما Heights
Ma As Sama A Noble Hearted, Generous
Lady, Daughter Of Al-Muzaffar, Had This Name
Maaarifa ف عا د م Face, Countenance, Features
Maab مآب Place To Which One Returns
Maahirah ماه ٌ Skillful, Able, Experienced.
Maahnoor ن ٌام Glow Of Moon
Maali ه لآم Noble Things
Maarya ا ما د A Lady Of FairComplexion…Wife Of The Prophet PBUH
Maawa ماوى Heaven
Mabrooka وك ب م Blessed, Prosperous
Mabrouka وك ب م Lucky
Mada ما ا Utmost Point, Degree
Madaniya ن م Civilized, Urbane, Polished.
Madaniyah ن م Civilised, Cultured
Madeeha دهها ض ما Praiseworty
Madhat ت م Praise
Madiha دهها ض ما Praiseworthy
Madihah ه م د Praiseworthy
Madihah Madeeha Praiseworthy, Commendable
Madihahormadeeha اهو ما د ما د ه Praiseworthy, Commendable
Magda ماج ا Glorious
Maha ماها Wild Cow
Mahabbah ٌب حم Love, Affection
Mahala ة لاحم Brave.
Mahalfa لاحم Opponent.
Maham مهام Wife Of Mughal EmperorZahir.
Mahasin سن مح Beauties
Mahbasah ٌس ب حم A Narrator Of Hadith
Mahbooba ة بوب حم Dear, Beloved Sweetheart
Mahboobah ٌ بوب حم Mistress,Sweetheart
Mahbouba ة بوب حم Liked Well
Mahbubah ٌ بوب حم Beloved
Mahdiya ة مه د Rightly Guided By Allah
Mahdiyah ٌ مه د Rightly Guided
Mahdiyaormahdiyah اه د م Rightly Guided By Allah
Maheen دهن مه Like Moon.
Mahek م ق Fragrance
Mahfooza ةظوف حم Safeguarded, Well-Protected
Mahfuzah ةظوف حم The Protected One
Mahibah ةب ده ٌم Noble, Respected
Mahin دهن ماٌ Fine, Subtle, Thin.
Mahira ده ة مح Skilled, Skilful
Mahirah ده ٌ مه Adept, Expert
Mahjabeen م جب Powerful
Mahjooba ة بوجحم Hidden, Covered, Screened
Mahmooda م مو Praised, Praiseworthy
Mahmoodah م مو ٌ Praiseworthy, Praised,Elegant.
Mahnaz زان ٌام Pride Of The Moon.
Mahneerah ده ة ن مه First Born Of A Pair
Mahnoor ون حم Light Of The Moon
Mahparah ة ب حم Piece Of Moon
Mahreen ن ماه د Bright And Beautiful As TheSun
Mahrosh ٌس و ٌم Piece Of Moon, Pleasant
Mahroz ز م One Who Has A Face LikeMoon.
Mahrukh ٌ قو حم Face As Bright As The Moon.
Mahtab بات ٌم Moonlight.
Mahtalat ةل ت حم Moon-Faced
Mahum ماهوم Moons Light
Mahveen م ف Light Of The Sun
Mahvish ٌف حم Moon-Face
Mahwish ٌ ماه دو Beautiful Like The Moon
Mahzala ة لزٌم Brightness Of Moon.
Maida ة ئام Beautiful
Mailiha دهها ل ماع Beautiful
Maimana ةن م ده م Right, Right-Hand Side
Maimoona ة نوم ده م Auspicious, Prosperous
MaimoonaMaymunah Auspicious, Blessed
Maimoonaormaymunah نوم دهام وا نووم دهام ٌا Auspicious, Blessed, A WifeOf The Prophet
Maimuna ة نوم ده م Lucky, Blessed
Maira ده ا م Moon
Mais س ماد Proud Gait
Maisa دهام Walking With A Proud Gait.
Maisah دهام Walking With A Proud,Swinging Gait
Maisah Maisa Walking With A Proud,Swinging Gait
Maisahormaysa اص ده م وحس م Walking With A Proud,Swinging Gait.
Maisara ة س ده م Prosperity, Abundance
Maisarah ٌ س ده م Wealth, Richness
Maisoon نوس ده م Of Beautiful Face And Body.
Maisoora ة وس ده م Ease, Successful, Fortunate
Maissa دهام Slender
Maisun ماد Maysoon / Meaning
Maizah دهزٌ م Discerning
Majda ماج ا Glory, Honour, Nobility.
Majdiya ة مج د Glorious.
Majeeda ماج ة Glorious, Noble, Sublime
Majeedah ماج ٌ Glorious, Honorable,Generous, Splendid.
Majida ماج ة Glorious, Noble, Respected
Majidah ماج ٌ Glorious, Noble, Respected
Majidahormajida ده ا ده اهو ماج ماج Glorious, Noble, Respected.
Makaarim ك ا م م Of Good And Honorable
Makarim ك ا م م Of Good And Honourable
Makarim Makaarim A Women Of Good AndHonorable Character
Makhtooma ةموت خم Name Of A Women Singer OfThe Past
Makhtoonah ة نوت خم Name Of A Singer And ABeautiful Lady Of The Past
Makkiyah دهٌ ك م From Makkah
Maladh مال ذ Protection, Shelter
Malaha اٌ لام Beauty, Grace, Elegance.
Malaika ئلام Angels.
Malak مال ك Angel
Malakah ٌك ل م Talent
Malalai ه للام Sad, Melancholic
Malayeka ةك ده ل م Angel
Maleeha لام Beautiful And Charming
Maleehah ده ه ل م Salty, Graceful, BrownishColour
Maleeka ةك ده ل م Queen, Fem. Of Maleek.
Maliha لام Praising
Malihah هم ل Beautiful
Malika لام Queen
Malikah ٌك ده ل م Queen
Malikaormalikah لام Queen
Malka اك لام Fem. Of Malik, Queen.
Malkia دهة ك ل م Queen
Malmal لام لام Soft
Mamoona ة نومؤم Trustworthy, Honest
Manaal لان م Attainment, Achievement
Manaar ان م Guiding Light (Lighthouse)
Manab با نام Deputyship, Share
Manahil لٌان م Spring Of Fresh Water
Manal لا نام Attainment, Achievement
Manal Manaal Attainment, Achievement
Manar ا نام Guiding Light Lighthouse
Manar Manaar Guiding Light
Manara ة ان م Fem. Of Manar: Light-House.
Mandal ل ن م Fragrant Wood.
Manel نام Present
Manfoosah صة ف ن م She Was The Daughter OfAbu Yazid Bin Abu Al-Firwaris
Manha اٌ نام Gift Of Allah
Manhal لاٌ نام Fountains, Spring OfSalubrious Water.
Manhalah ةل حن م Spring
Mann ن مان Gift, Present, Favour
Mannana ان ن م Bountiful, Generous
Mansoora صو نم Assisted, Victorious
Mansurah صو ٌ ن م Supporter, Victorious
Manzoora ة وظن م Approved Of, Chosen
Maqboola ة لوب ق م Accepted, Admitted, Granted
Maqboolah ٌ لوب ق م A Noted Woman Of The PastHad This Name
Maqsooda صو ة ق م Intended, Destined.
Maraam م ام Aspiration
Marab ما اب Wish, Desire, Purpose, Use
Marah م ٌ Happiness, Joy
Maram ما ام Aspiration
Maram Maraam Aspiration
Mardhiah دهٌ ضم One Who Is Loved AndRespected By All
Mareera د م ة Strong, Powerful, Rope
Marghuba ا بوغ ام Coveted, Desired.
Maria ا ما د One Of The Wifes Of TheProphet Muhammed Pbuh
Mariam م م د Mother Of The Prophet Isa
Mariam Maryam Arabic Form Of Mary Mother
Of Jesus
Mariamormaryam ام امو ما د ما د Arabic Form Of `Mary`
Marib ب ما د Pl. Of Marab, Wish.
Maridah د م A Slave Girl Of Haroon Rashid Had This Name
Mariha د م ة Joyful, Cheerful, Lively.
Mariya ا ما د Purity
Mariyah ٌ ما د Fair Complexion
Marjan ما جان Small Pearls, Corals.
Marjanah ٌ ناج م Precious Stone
Marmar ما ما Marble.
Marnia ة ن م Wealthy In Every Aspect
Maroofa ة فو عم Famous, Known, Eminent.
Marqooma مو ق م Writter, Stated, Well-Defined.
Maruff مع وف Famous, Known, Noted,Celebrated
Marwa م وة A Mountain In Mekkah
Marwah ما واٌ A Mountain In Makkah AlSafa Wa Al Marwah
Marwaormarwah م و م وة A Mountain In Makkah (AlSafa Wa Al Marwah)
Maryam ام ما د Pious, Mother Of Hazrat Isa.
Maryum وم ما د Mother Of Isa AS
Marziya ا ده ذد م Accepted, Well-Pleased.
Marzooqa ة قوز م Blessed, Fortunate.
Marzuqah ٌ قوز م Blessed By God, Fortunate
Masabeeh باص م Lamps, Lights
Masabih باص م Pl. Of Misbah, Lamp.
Masahir ده ٌاس م Ancient Arabic Lute
Masarrah س حم Delight, Joy
Masarrat سا ات م Joy, Delight, Pleasure.
Mashal شال ما Light, Bright Fire, Flame.
Mashel عل ٌ م Light
Mashhuda ة وٌٌ م Present, Manifest.
Mashia دها ٌ ما Wish, Desire, Will (Of Allah)
Mashmool شمول م Included, Sought, After.
Mashoodah عوذةٌم Evidenced
Masira ده ة س م Noble.
Masooda سو ة م Fortunate, Happy, Lucky.
Masooma صومة مع Innocent, Sinless.
Masoomah صومه مع Innocent
Masoon سون ما Safeguarded, Well-Protected.
Masouda سو ة م Happy, Lucky, Fortunate
Masrurah س و ٌ م Glad, Happy, Delighted.
Mastura ة وت س م Protected
Masudah سو ة م Happy, Lucky, Fortunate
Masudah Masouda Happy, Lucky, Fortunate
Masudahormasouda اووس ام وٌ اوس ام Happy, Lucky, Fortunate
Masumah سماٌ م Innocent
Masuoodah سو ة م Present, Manifest.
Matana ة نات م Gift
Mateenah ٌن ده ت م Firm, Solid, Determined
Matina ةن ده ت م Strong, Solid
Mausooma ةموس وم Namely, Viz.
Mavisha فام Blessing Of Life.
Mawadda مو ة Friendship, Intimacy
Mawaddah ضه مو Affection, Love, Friendliness
Mawah موٌ Affection, Love, Friendliness
Mawahib مواهب Talents
Mawar ماوا Rose.
Mawara مو ا Superior
Mawhiba ةب ٌوم Gift, Talent, Sing.
Mawhooba ة بوٌوم Gifted, Talented, Favoured
Mawiya ة م دو Old Arabic Name
Mawiyah ٌ م دو The Mirror
Mawiyah Mawiya The Essence Of Life
Mawsoofa ة فوص وم Worthy Of Description
Maya ا ماد Princess
Mayameen دهن دهام م The Blessed, The Brave
Mayeda ده ا م The Fruits Of Heaven, TheCloth On Which You Eat In Heaven, The Suraah Mayeda

In The Quran

Mayesa دهام Same As
Maymouna ة نوم ده م Auspicious
Maymunah ٌ نوم ده م Fortunate, Blessed
Mays س ماد Proud Gait
Mays Mais Proud Gait
Maysa دهام To Walk With A Proud,Swinging Gait
Maysa Maysaa Walking With Pride
Maysaa ءاس ده م To Walk With A SwingingGait
Maysam ماد Beautiful
Maysan ناس ده م A Star
Maysarah ٌ س ده م Left Hand Side
Maysoon اد م Beautiful Face & Body
Maysoonormaysun دهام Beautiful Face & Body.
Maysormais صم س ده م Proud Gait
Maysun ماد Of Beautiful Face And Body
Maysun Maysoon To Walk With A Proud,Swinging Gait
Mayyada دها ة م To Walk With Swinging Gait.
Mayyadah دها ٌ م To Walk With A SwingingGait
Mayyadah Mayyada To Walk With A SwingingGait
Mayyadahormayyada ده ا ظه م ماد To Walk With A SwingingGait
Mayyasah ٌس ا ده م To Walk With A Proud Gait
Mazida ا م دز Increase, Excess
Maziyah دز م Excellence, Merit, Virtue.
Medina ده ده م Holy City Of Saudi Arabia
Meeza دهزة م Quarter Moon
Mehak م ق Fragrance
Mehek م ق Smell, Fragrance
Meher مه Benevolence
Mehjabeen م جب Beautiful As The Moon,Beloved Person
Mehnaz زان ٌم Prouded Like A Moon
Mehndi ن ٌم Beautiful Colour
Mehr دهه م Full Moon
Mehreen مه Loving Nature
Mehriban ا ب ٌم Kind, Gentle
Mehrish ه شم Wonderfull Smellmehak
Mehrnaz ز ن حم Kindness And Sweetness
Mehrunisa اص ن حم Pretty Woman
Mehrunissa ن حم The Dowry Of The Women
Mehrunnisa اص ن حم Sun Of The Women
Mehry دهه ي م Sun, Also Affectionate, Kind.
Mehtab بات ٌم Moon.
Mehvesh ٌف حم Light Of The Moon
Mehvish ٌف حم Bright Star
Mehwish مهوٌ Moon, Beautiful
Melek كل م Another Spelling For “Malak”
Menaal لان م Special Flower Of Heaven.
Meriem م م د Mary
Mersiha دهها س ده م The Most Beautiful
Merwa م وة A Mountain In Mekkah.
Meymona ة نوم ده م Good Fortune
Midha ضى م Praise, Eulogy In Arabic.
Midhaa ضاء م Appreciate
Midhah ه م Praise
Midhat ت م Praise, Eulogy.
Mihri مه ي Sun
Mina ان ده م A Place Near Makkah
Minaal لان م To Reach Your Destination
Minal لان ده م Gift, Achievement
Minha اٌن م Grant
Minna من Te Gift Of God
Minnah ٌن م Kindness, Grace, Blessing
Minnat ةن ده عم Grace, Kindness, Favour,Gift.
Minoo وون ده م Paradise.
Mirah ده ٌ م Provisions, Supply
Miral ده ال م Doe
Misaal لاث م Example, Copy.
Misam مس ده م Impression, Mark, Beauty.
Misba اب س ده م Innocent
Misbaah حاب ص م A Lamp, A Lamp Light,Lantern, A Morning.
Misbah حاب ص م Lamp, Light.
Misha اٌ ده م Beautiful, Pretty
Mishael لاٌ ده م Torch, Light
Mishal لاٌ ده م Lightened, Sparkling, Shining.
Mishall لاٌ ده م A Light, Beautiful, Pretty
Mishel ل ده ٌ ده م A Light
Miskeenah ٌن ده ك س م Humble
Moattar مطا Fragrant.
Mohaddisa ة ث احم Story Teller
Mohga مهجة The Light Of Happiness
Mohisa ةص ده حم Story Teller.
Mohsana ةن س حم Chaste, Virtuous, Protected
Mohsina ةن س حم Benevolent, Beneficent
Momina ممن Faithful, Truly Believing
Mona ن ى م Wish, Desire
Monera ده ة ن م Shinning Light, Or GuidingLight
Moneraormounira نوم Shinning Light, Or GuidingLight.
Moufida ده ة ف م Necessary
Mouhsina ةن س حم Beneficent
Mouna من Water
Mounia نوم A Wish Or Dream Come True
Mounira ده ة ن م Its Shining
Muazah موزٌ She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Muazza ماذا Elevated, Exalted.
Muazzama معظم Exalted, Respected
Muazzaz معزز Powerful, Strong
Mubaarakah ٌك اب م Auspicious, Blessed, August, Sacred, Holy, Happy,Fortunate.
Mubaraka بمةك ا Blessed, Fortunate, Lucky
Mubarakah ٌك اب م Blessed
Mubashara ة ٌ اب م Bringer Of Good News.
Mubashirah ٌ ٌ اب م Bringer Of Good News
Mubashshara ا ٌ ٌ اب م Giver Of Good News
Mubashshirah ة ٌ ٌ اب م A Bearer Of Glad Tidings OrGood News.
Mubassirah ص ةب م One Who Comments
Mubeenah ٌن ده ب م One Who Makes SomethingClear
Mubin بوم Clear, Obvious
Mubina ان ده ب م Clear, Manifest, Plain
Mubinah ٌن ده ب م Manifest, Clear, One WhoClarifies
Mueenah ٌن ده عم Helper.
Mueerah ده ٌ م A Girl Who Gives ABorrowing.
Mufeeda فمة ده Useful
Mufiah دهة ف مع Obedient, Compliant
Mufida ده ة ف م Beneficial, Advantageous
Mufidah ده ٌ ف م Useful, Helpful, Beneficial
Mufidah Mufeeda Useful, Helpful, Beneficial
Mufidahormufeeda فوم Useful, Helpful, Beneficial
Mugheesah زاٌ م One Who Helps.
Mughirah ده ٌ مغ Daughter Of Hassan
Muhabbat ةب ٌوم Love, Affection.
Muhariba ة ب احم Fighter, One Who Entangles.
Muhayya ا ده ده حم Countenance, Face, Look.
Muhibbah ٌب ٌوم Loving
Muhja مهجة Heart, Soul.
Muhjah مهجه Hearts Blood, Soul.
Muhjah Muhja Hearts Blood, Soul
Muhjahormuhja موهجاهو موهجا Hearts Blood, Soul
Muhra مه ة Filly, A Female Pony.
Muhsina ةن س حم Feminine Form Of MUHSIN R
Muhsinah ٌن س حم Charitable, Benevolent
Muida ضة مو Reviser, Teacher
Muizza دهزة م The Empowerer, TheHonourer, The Strengthener
Mujahida مجاه ة One Who Struggles, Strives
Mujeebah ةب ده جم (Mujibah) One WhoAnswers, One Who Accepts Or Grants Something.
Mujiba اب ده جم One Who Answers
Mukarram ك ا م م Honored
Mukarrama ةم ك م Honoured, Revered
Mukhlisa صة ل مخ Devoted, Faithful
Mukhlisah صه ل مخ Devoted, Faithful
Mukhtar ات خم Free.
Mulayka ةك ده ل م Diminutive Of Malaka, Angel.
Mulook كول م Pl. Of Malik, King.
Mumayyaz دهز مم Distinguished
Mumina ممن Lovely, Sweet Girl
Muminah ٌن مإم Pious Believer
Mumtaz زات مم Distinguished, Exalted
Mumtaza ةزات مم Fem. Of Mumtaz.
Muna ا نوم Water
Muna Mona Wish, Desire
Munaam مان م Soft, Delicate.
Munawar ون م Bright
Munawwar ون م Radiant, Illuminated
Munawwara ة ون م Illuminated, Brilliant
Munazza ذن م Devoid Of Faults, Pure.
Munazzah ٌزن م Sacred, Clean, Honest
Muneebah ةب ده ن م One Who Turns To Allah, AMaster, A Patron, An Agent, A Client.
Muneera ده ة ن م Illuminating, Shedding Light
Muneerah ده ٌ ن م Splendid, Bright Shine OfLight, Illuminous
Munerah ده ٌ ن م Illuminating, Shining
Muniba ةب ده ن م To Consult With Allah,Diverted Toward Allah
Munifa ةف ده ن م Eminent, Exalted, Superior
Munira ده ة ن م Light, Sunshine
Munirah ده ٌ ن م Illuminating, Brilliant
Munirah Muneera Illuminating, Brilliant
Munisa ىس ده ن م Gentle, Friendly
Munisah صة نم Friendly
Munjiyah ة ده جن م A Woman Who SavesSomeone.
Muntaha ىٌت ن م The Utmost, Highest Degree
Muntahi هٌت ن م Last Limit Of Height.
Munya نوم Wish, Desire
Munyah نوم Wish, Desire.
Muqadaas س ق م Holy, Pure
Muqadas س ق م Holy
Muqaddasa ةس ق م Sacred, Holy.
Muqaddasah ةس ق م Holy, Sacred.
Muqbala ةل ب ق م This Was The Name Of ANarrator.
Muqbalah ٌل ب ق م Name Of A Narrator OfHadith
Murdiyyah دهٌ ضم Chosen One
Muriha د م ة Restful, Soothing.
Murjanah ٌ ناج م Small Pearl
Murshida ش ة م Leader, Guide, Adviser
Murshidah ش ٌ م Guide
Muruj مو وج Meadows
Musaddas س س م A Poem Of Six Verses.
Musaddiqa ة ق اص م One Who Affirms The Truth.
Musaddiqah ٌ ق ص م One Who Affirms The Truth
Musarat سا ات م Hapiness, Pleasure, Delight
Musarrat سا ات م Pleasure
Musawat ةعوس وم Equality.
Musaykah ٌاق ده س وم She Narrated Hadith FromSayyidina Ayshah
Musfirah ٌ ف س م Bright Face
Mushahida ة ٌاٌ م Observance, Evidence,Study.
Musharrafa ة ف ٌ م Honoured, Elevated.
Musheera ده ا ٌ م Giving Counsel
Mushira ده ا ٌ م Counsellor, Adviser
Mushirah ده ة ٌ م Giving Counsel, Advising
Mushirah Musheera Giving Counsel, Advising
Mushirahormusheera وم وٌا ده ٌ وماه ه ٌ Giving Counsel, Advising
Mushtari ي ت ٌ م Jupiter.
Musiqah ٌاق ده س وم One Who Affirms The Truth.
Muska ىق س وم Smile, Also Muskan.
Muskaan ك اسن م Smile
Muskan ك ن س م Smile, Happy
Muslima ةمل س م Follower Of The Religion OfIslam.
Muslimah ٌمل س م Devout Believer
Musn سن مو Rain, Clouds
Musnah عه ن صم Rain, Clouds
Mussah سح م She Narrated Hadith
Mussaret ة ص د م Happiness
Mustaeenah ةن ده ع ت س م One Who Prays For Help
Mustaneeah دهٌ ن ت س م Praying For Help, SolicitingAid.
Mutahhara مطه ة Purified, Chaste.
Mutahharah مطه ٌ Purified, Chaste
Mutazah ٌزت عم A Narrator Of Hadith
Mutia دهة مط Obedient, Pious, Devoted
Muwaffaqa فاوم Successful, Prosperous
Muyassar س ده م Facilitated, Wealthy,Successful
Muzaina دهزم Diminutive Of Muzna, Rain
Muzainah دهزم A Small Drizzling Cloud, Name Of A Sahabiyyah(RA),Name Of An Arab Tribe.
Muzaynah دهزم Adornment
Muzna ا نزوم Rain Clouds.
Muznah ٌ نزم The Cloud That Carries TheRain
Myiesha اٌ ده م Great Life
Mysha اٌ ده م Happy For Entire Life
Na ا ن Naayela-Achiever
Naadhirah اظ ٌ ن (Naazirah) One With HealthyAnd Happy Looks, A Bright Face Reflecting Luster And


Naadirah ا ٌ ن Rare, Choice, Precious.
Naafiah ف Profitable, Advantagious,Useful, Beneficial, Good.
Naailah دها ن Earner, Winner.
Naairah ا ٌ ن Bright, Shining
Naajidah ج ٌ ن Courageous, A Lady Who Accomplishes Difficult OrTakes Libertasks. One Who Appeals For Help Ties.
Naajiya دهة اج ن One Who Saves Oneself, OneWho Gets Salvation.
Naashirah ش ٌ ا ن A Helper, A Friend.
Naashitah ةطٌ ا ن Lively, Brisk, Active,Energetic, A Monitor, A Giving Sound
Naasihah ص ه ا ن An Advisor, A Sincere Friend: Counselor, A FaithfulMinister, Advice.
Naasira ص ا ن Defender, Helper, One WhoHelps Render Victorious,


Naaz از ن Pride, Elegance
Naazhimah دهمة ازح ن (Naazimah) Administrator,Manager
Naazhirah ظه ة ن (Naazirah) Fresh, Spectator,Seer.
Naazira اظ ة ن One With Healthy AndHappy
Naazneen ظن ن Beautiful
Naba نا با Great News
Nabaahat ن Renown, Nobleness,Eminence
Nabaha ن Fame, Nobility
Nabawiya ن Prophetic.
Nabeeha ن Intelligent
Nabeela ن Noble
Nabeelah ن Noble
Nabiha ن Eminent, Noble, Alert,
Nabihah ن Intelligent, Noble, Eminent
Nabihah Nabeeha Intelligent
Nabihahornabeeha با ن Intelligent
Nabijah ن Ambitious, Leader And Brave
Nabila ن Happiness, Generosity
Nabilah ن Noble, Magnanimous
Nabilah Nabeela Noble
Nacira ن Victorious
Nada ا ا ن Generousity, Dew
Nadaa اء ن Dew, Generosity, Liberality
Nadeeda ده ض ن Equal (To Another Person),Rival
Nadeemah مه د ن A Companion, Friend.
Nadi ا ي ن Moist, Damp, Tender,Delicate.
Nadia ا ا د ن The Beginning, First
Nadida ده ض ن Rival, Equal.
Nadidah ده ة ض ن Equal, Rival
Nadidah Nadeeda Equal, Rival
Nadima ا مة ن Intimate Friend, Companion
Nadimah مه د ن Friend
Nadine ا د ن Showerer Of Blessings
Nadira ا ة ن Rare, Extraordinary, Choice
Nadirah ا ٌ ن Rare, Precious
Nadirah Nadira Rare, Precious
Nadirahornadira ا ده ا ن وٌا ده ا ن Rare, Precious.
Nadiyah ٌ ا د ن Announcement
Nadiyya ة ا د ن Fem. Of Nadi, Dew
Nadjiba اب ده جض ا ن Assiduous
Nadra ا ا ن Rare, Unique
Nadwa ا وا ن Council, Club.
Nadwah ا واٌ ن Councel
Nadwah Nadwa Council, Generosity
Nadwahornadwa او ا ن وٌاو ا ن Council, Generosity
Nadya ا ا د ن Variant Transcription OfNADIYYA
Nadyne ا د ن Flower
Naeema مة اد ن Ease, Blessing
Naeemah مه اد ن Joyful
Nafasat ن Purity, Refinement.
Nafay ن One Who Gets Profit.
Nafeesa ن Precious
Nafeesah ن Precious, Choice, Exquisite,Delicate, Refined, Pure.
Nafeesaornafisah ن واس ده دهفا Precious Thing, Gem
Nafeeza ةذ فا ن Percious One
Nafia فا ن Profitable, Beneficial
Nafiah ن Profitable
Nafisa ن Refined, Pure, Precious
Nafisah ن Precious Gem
Nafisah Nafeesa Precious Thing, Gem
Nafissa ن Invaluable
Nafla فا ن Surplus, Overabundance
Naflah فا ن Surplus, Overabundance
Nageena ان ده ج ن Precious Stone
Nageenah ةن ده جا ن Precious Stone
Nagheen دهن اجح ن Pearl
Naghma مةن Melody, Song.
Naghmah مه ن Melody, Song, Sweet Voice
Nagina ان ده ج ن Diamond
Nagla ا لج ن Wide-Eyed
Nagma اجما ن Tune
Nagwa اجوا ن Intimate Conversation
Nahal هال ن Small Plant
Nahar ها ن Day I.E. Daytime.
Naheed ده ح ن Honorable
Nahid اه ن One With Full, Round Breasts
Nahida ضة ٌن Elevated, Delightful
Nahidah ضة ٌن Big
Nahidah Naheeda Big
Nahiya دهة اح ن One Who Advises, Adviser.
Nahiza ظى ن Elevated, Deligent.
Nahla ةل ٌ ن Drink
Nahlah ٌل ٌ ن A Drink Of Water
Nahlah Nahla A Drink Of Water
Nahlahornahla ا لٌا ن وٌلاٌا ن A Drink Of Water
Nahleejah ةجل ح ن Down To Earth, Cool
Naida ا اد ن A Nymph
Naif ف اد ن Stable Never Change
Naifah دها ن This Was The Name Of A Well-Known, Woman Loved By The Masses For Her Kindness And Generosity, Her Advice Was Sought ByThe People In Different Affairs
Nail ل اد ن Winner, Achiever, A Boon
Naila ن Fem. Of Nail.
Nailah ن Acquirer, Obtainer, Winner
Nailah Naila Acquirer, Obtainer, One WhoSucceeds
Naima دهمة ع ن Delicate, Soft, Smooth.
Naimah مه اد ن Comfort, Tranquillity
Naimah Naima Comfort, Amenity,Tranquility, Peace
Naimahornaima ام ن ٌم دها ن Comfort, Amenity,Tranquility, Peace
Naimat مات اد ن Blessing, Favour, Delight,Ease, Wealth
Nain ن اد ن Eye
Naina ن Eyes
Naira ن Shinning, Glittering
Nairaornairah ا نة ن Shinning, Glittering, Bright.
Naiyyira ن Luminary, Bright Star
Najaah جاح ن Success
Najaf اجاف ن City In Iraq
Najah جاح ن Success, Safety
Najah Najaah Success
Najat جاة ن Safety
Najdah ج ٌ ن Courage, Bravery
Najeeba ةب ده ج ن Of Noble Birth
Najeedah ج ٌ ن Brave, A Lady WhoAccomplishes Difficult Tasks.
Najet جت ن Help
Najia دها اج ن Saved, Liberated
Najiba ةب ده ج ن Noble, Excellent, Generous
Najibah ٌب ده ج ن Of Noble Birth, Distinguished
Najibah Najeeba Distinguished
Najibahornajeeba ده ده جا ن وٌاب ده جا ن Distinguished, Of Noble Birth
Najida ن ج Brave
Najidah ج ٌ ن Succour, Help
Najiha اج ة ن Successful, Prosperous
Najihah اج ه ن Victory
Najiya دهة اج ن Intimate Friend
Najiyah دهح ج ن Safe
Najla الاج ن Of Wide Eyes
Najm جم ن Star, Planet.
Najma اجما ن Star, A Fine Species Of Grass.
Najmah اجماٌ ن Star
Najwa اجوا ن Confidential Talk, RomanticTalk, Secret Conversation
Najwan اجوان ن Saved, Liberated.
Najya دها اج ن Victorious
Nakhat تاٌك ن Fragrance
Nama اما ن Gift, Present, Grace
Namar اما ن Name Of A Mountain
Nameera ده ى م ن Delicious Water, PiousWoman.
Namia دها ام ن Force To Move Forward
Namirah م ٌ ن Princess.
Namra ام ا ن Number, Figure
Namyla ا ل ده ما ن Quiet, Serious
Nangialai ن Honorable.
Naqa ة قا ن Purity, Refinement, Clarity.
Naqeebah ن Leader, Head, Chief
Naqiba ن Mind, Intellect, Leader.
Naqiya ن Clear, Pure, Clean
Naraiman مان ا د ن Pious Angel
Narenja ده ا ن Orange.
Nargis دهس ا ج ن Narcissus
Nargisornarjis س ده ج ا ن وس ده ج ا ن Name Of Flower
Narisha ن ٌ Goddess
Narjis دهس ا ج ن Narcissus
Narmin دهن ا م ن A Flower, Delicate, Soft,Slender
Narmina ان ده م ا ن Clean, Soft, Delicate
Naseeha ده ة ص ن Preacher, Advisor
Naseeka دهك س ا ن Nusuk Arabic Sacrifice, PieceOf Gold
Naseema ن Breeze
Naseemah ن Breeze
Naseemahornasmah ٌامس ا ن وٌام ده ده س ا ن Breeze.
Naseera ده ا ص ن Helper, Protector, Friend
Naseerah ده ٌ ص ن Helper
Nasha اٌس ا ن Scent, Perfume
Nashat ن Liveliness, Vigour
Nasheed ن Beautiful One
Nasheelah ن Honey Comb
Nasheem ن Breeze, Morning Air.
Nashema ن Wise, Blossom
Nashida ن Student
Nashika ن One Who Forgives, Forgiver.
Nashirah ن Publisher, Diffuser
Nashita ن Energetic, Dynamic, Lively
Nashita EnergeticFull Of Life Null
Nashitaenergetic ٌ ا ن س ده Null
Nashitah ن Active, Energetic
Nashmia ن Garden Of Flowers
Nashwa ن Fragrance, Perfume, ThatWhich Intoxicates
Nashwaa ن Elated, Exultant, Flushed
Nasia دها س ا ن Clear, Pure, Fem. Of Nasi.
Nasiba ن ص ٌ با Noble, Highborn
Nasifa ةف س ا ن Just, Equitable.
Nasifah ن ص ٌ فه Just, Equitable
Nasiha ٌ ده س ا نا One Who Gives ValuableAdvice
Nasihah ده ه ص ن Advisor
Nasila ىل ص ن Honey That Flows From TheComb.
Nasim دهم س ا ن Fresh Air, Breeze
Nasima ن Fem. Of Nasim, Zephyr
Nasimah ن Gentle Breeze, Zephyr
Nasiqa ن One Who Manages,Organiser.
Nasira ه ص نا Victorious, Helper
Nasirah ده ٌ ص ن Helper, Protector
Nasma ن Ripple.
Nasmah ن Breeze
Nasooh صو ح ن Advised, Suggested.
Nasra ص ا ا ن Helper
Nasreen ن Wild Rose
Nasrin ن Eglantier
Nasrullah ص ا ن Victory Of Allah
Nasya دها س ا ن Reformer, Advisor.
Natasha اٌ ا تا ن Strong
Nathifa ةف ده ظ ن Clean, Pure
Natila دهل ط ن Relation, Way, Sake.
Natiqa ةق طا ن One Endowed With Speech
Naureen ن و د ن Bright Light
Naushaba ةب ٌ ا ن Elixir
Naushabah ن Elixir.
Nausheen دهن صح ا ن Sweet, Pleasant, Agreeable
Naveen ن New, Excellent, SomethingThat Is Better Than The Rest
Navil فا ن To Be Blessed
Nawal اوال ن Gift
Nawalornawel ل دهوا ن و لاوا ن Gift
Nawar اوا ن Flower
Naweed ن و Good News
Nawel ل ا دو ن Gift
Nawfa ا فو ن Excess, Surplus.
Nawla ا ل اون Gift, Present, Grant
Nawlah ٌ لوا ن She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Nawra او ا ن Blossom, Flower.
Nawrah و ٌ ن Blossom, Flower, Happiness
Nawwal وا ل ن Gift
Nawwar ن و May
Nayab اب اد ن Scarce
Nayyab ب اد ن Very Rare, Exclusive
Nayyar ن Sun.
Nayyara ن Luminous, Shining
Nayyirah ن Luminary
Nazaaha زاهة ن Purity, Righteousness,Honesty
Nazafarin ن ف ظ ن Producing Delight.
Nazaha زهة ن Purity, Righteousness
Nazahah زهة ن Purity, Righteousness,Honesty
Nazahah Nazaaha Purity, Righteousness,Honesty
Nazakat ك ن ز Delicacy, Subtlety.
Nazan ظن ن Proud, Vain, Haughty.
Nazanin دهن ن ازع ن Elegant, Delicate, Beloved.
Nazanina ان ده ن عزا ن Handsome, Whimy.
Nazara ظ ة ن Bloom, Beauty.
Nazarat ظا ات ن Freshness Of Splendour.
Nazarha ظ ها ن A Sight
Nazdana ا ن از ن One We Take Care Of.
Nazeefah ٌف ده ظ ن Clean
Nazeeha هة دز ن Pure, Virtuous, Honest
Nazeera ا ذد ن Warner
Nazeerah ده ٌ ظ ن Warner
Nazeeya ة دز ن Optimistic And Full Of Hope
Nazgul ن ل ز Cute Flower.
Nazheerah ظه ة ن (Nazeerah) Example,Instance, Precedent.
Nazia ة دز ن Pride
Naziah ٌ دز ن Companion, Friend.
Nazifa ةف ده ظ ن Pure, Clean, Neat, Chaste
Naziha هة دز ن Pure, Honest.
Nazihah هه دز ن Honest
Nazihah Nazeeha Honest
Nazihahornazeeha دهزا ن وٌاٌ دهزا ن Honest
Nazila ا ل دز ن Lovely, Charming.
Nazima ظما ن Arranger, Organizer
Nazimah ظمه ن Administrator
Nazindah دهز ن Name Of A Liberal WomanOf Baghdad Who Founded A Religious School
Nazira ا ذد ن Observer, Supervisor.
Nazirah ده ٌ ظ ن Observer, Supervisor
Nazirah Nazeera Like, Equal, Matching
Nazish ٌ ا دز ن Fragrance, Proud
Nazli لزا ني This Was The Name Of AnIntelligent, Learned Woman Who Had Command Over Different Languages, Turkish, Arabic, French, English And Was An Expert In Different


Nazma ظما ن Star
Nazmin ظمن ن Light
Nazneen ظن ن Beautiful
Naznin نن ظ ن Delicate Lady, Beloved,Lovely
Nazo زٌ ن Handsome, Whimy
Nazpari ن بذ A Queen Of Ancient Persia.
Nazrat ظ ة ن Pride, Nice, Great.
Nazuk ازك ن Delicate
Nazy ازي ن Cute
Nedjma ضجما ن Star
Neelam مل ع ن Sapphire
Neelma مل ع ن Bluish, Like Blue.
Neelofar ن The Lotus, Water Lily.
Neelofer ن Lotus, Water Lily
Neeshad ن Cheerful
Negar ن Sweetheart.
Neha ن Love, Rain
Nehla ةل ٌ ن Present, Gift, Sing Of Nihel.
Nejat جاة ن Freedom, Stress Free
Nelam ن Precious Stone
Nelofar ن Lotus, Water Lily
Nesayem ن Flower
Nesrin ن A Field Of Wild Roses
Nevaeh ن Heaven, Peace, Angels
Ni ن ه Blessings
Niaz ن Desire, Urge To Express Love.
Niazmina ان مظ ن Dear One, Apple Of The Eye.
Nibaal ن Arrows
Nibal ن Arrows.
Nibal Nibaal Arrows
Nibras ن Lamp, Light
Nida ن ى Call
Nidaa اء ن Call
Nidda ن ى Call
Nigaar ن Painting, Decoration,Beloved
Nigar ن Beautiful
Nighat ج ت ن Vision, Sight
Niha ن Bright One, Naughty One.
Nihad ها ن Height
Nihal ن Drink
Nihala ن Exalted, Pleased, Prosperous
Nihel ن Presents, Gifts.
Nihla ةل ٌ ن Present, Gift, Sing. Of Nihel.
Nija ن Saved One
Nijah جاح ن Success
Nikhat تاٌك ن Sweet Smell
Nilofar ن Waterlily
Nilofer ن Wild Mountain Rose
Niloufar ن A Flower (Water Lily)
Nima ن Blessing In Arabic.
Nimaat ن Blessings, Boons, Bounties
Nimah ن Blessing, Loan, Favour
Nimah Naeema Blessing, Loan
Nimat ن Blessing
Nimat Nimaat Blessings, Loans
Nimra م ة ن Soft, Lion
Nina ن Gracious One
Nisa ده Women
Nisha ن Whole World
Nishat ن Happiness
Nisma ن Fresh Air
Nisreen ن Flower
Nisrin ن Kind Of Aromatic Plant
Nissa ن Ladylike
Nivin ن Kines
Niyaf ن Tall And Pretty
Niyyat ن Intention, Determination
Nofal لا فو ن Blessing, Donation.
Nojood جو ن Noble, Wise.
Noor ن و Light, Illumination.
Noor Nur Light
Noor Al Haya Light Of My Life
Noor Jehan An Indian Queen Had ThisName
Noora و ا ن Light, Fem. Of Noor.
Noorafsha ٌ ف ع ن One Who Sprinkles (Spreads)Light
Nooralhaya ا ده ح لا و ن Light Of My Life.
Nooraniyah نا و ن Luminous, Brilliant.
Noori و ي ن Light.
Noorien ن و د ن Light
Noorjehan عها ج ن An Indian Queen Had ThisName
Noorornur ن و ن Light
Nooruddunya ن و ن Light Of The World.
Noorulain ل و ن Peace Of Eyes, Light Of Eyes.
Noorunnahar ٌا ن و ن Day Light, Light Of The Day
Noorussabah ةب س و ن Light Of The Day Break, TheLight At Dawn, Morning Light
Nora و ا ن Light
Noreen ن و د ن Lovable, Bright
Noreenah ده و ن A Sweet Dish.
Norhan و هان ن Light
Noshaba ن Elixir, Water Of Life
Nosheen ن Sweet Thing
Noshi ٌ و ن Of Pleasant Taste.
Noshin دهن ٌ و ن Sweet, Pleasant, (I.E.Dream).
Nouf وو ف ن Highest Point On A Mountain
Nour وو ن Light
Noureen ن و د ن Light
Noya ن Beautiful
Nuaybah ن One With Good Lineage.
Nuaymah مه اد ن Name Of A Narrator OfHadith
Nuboogh ن Distinction, Eminence
Nudar ن Gold
Nudar Nudhar Gold
Nudbah ن ب ٌ Lament, Scar
Nudhar ن ظ Gold
Nudoora و ة ن Rareness.
Nudra ن ة Rarity, Rareness.
Nudrat ن ة Singularity
Nufaysah ن Name Of The Daughter OfMunyah Who Arranged The
Marriage Of The ProphetPBUH With Sayyidah Khadijah RA.
Nuha هىن Intelligence
Nuhaa اء ن Intelligent
Nujud ن ج Noble, Wise
Nujud Nojood Noble, Wise
Numa وما ن Beautiful And Pleasant
Nunah ٌا نو ن Dimple In The Chin
Nupoor ن ع بر Anklet
Nupur و بو ن Payal
Nur Al Huda Light Of The Faith
Nura و ا ن The Light, Eg Nurul Islam,The Light Of Islam
Nurah و اٌ ن Light
Nurah Noorah Corolla, Blossom
Nuralhuda ى ٌ لا و ن Light Of The Faith
Nuriya ة و د ن Light, Luminous, Radiant
Nuriyah ٌ و د ن Radiant, Brilliant
Nurjahan عها ج ن Light Of The World
Nurjenna ان ج ن Light Of Paradise
Nuryn ن و د ن Light
Nusaiba ن Diminutive Of Nasiba, Noble.
Nusaibah ن ص ٌ به Old Arabic Name
Nusaibahornusaybah اٌ ب Old Arabic Name
Nusaiybah ن ص ٌ به A Female Companion
Nusayba ن Proper Name
Nusaybah ن ص ٌ به One With Good Lineage
Nushaba ن Water Of Life, Elixir
Nusrah ص ٌ ن Helpful
Nusrat ص ة ن Help, Victory
Nuwaira ة دو ن Petals Of Flowers
Nuwairah ٌ دو ن Small Fire
Nuwairah Nuwayrah Small Fire
Nuwwar وووا ن Blossoms, Flowers
Nuwwara و ة ن Blossom, Flower.
Nuwwarrah و ٌ ن Blossom, Flower
Nuzar زا ن Pure Gold.
Nuzha زهة ن Pleasure Trip, Excursion Spot
Nuzhah زهة ن Pleasure Trip, Promenade
Nuzhat زهة ن Cheerfulness
Nyasia ن Most Beautiful One
Nyla ن Winner, Achiever
Nyneishia ن Indian Princess
Obaidiyah ب Bondswoman Of Allah
Omera أم ا One Who Posses An Inspiring And Great Personality, Enjoys Having A PositiveAttitude
Ommata ىت مأ Girl Slave.
Orwiya أ وي Female Mountain Goat.
Orzala أ ذل Brightness Of Fire.
Ozra وز ا Virgin, Virgin Mary
Ozza أذا A Baby Fawn, Young Female
Pakeezah ب Pure
Pakiza ب Pure, Chaste, Polite, Nice
Palwasha ب Light Ray Of Moon.
Panra ا نا ب Leaf.
Pardaj ا اج ب Splendour.
Pareerou ب د Having A Face Like A Fairy
Parghunda ب غ ن ا Cotton.
Pari ا ي ب Fairy, Fairy-Like Beautiful.
Parizad ذاذ ب Of Divine Origin
Parsa سا ا ب Chaste, Devout, Pious.
Parveen ب Very Noble
Parvin ف ا ب The Pleiades.
Parween ب دو ن (Persian) Cluster Of SmallStars,Brilliant Group Of

Persons Or Things.

Pashmina ان ده مٌ ا ب Woollen Type Of Cloth
Patasa ةس اط ب Sort Of Candy.
Peridot ب د ة A Gem
Perkha ب ق اٌ Dew.
Poupak ب A Kind Of Bird.
Qaabilah با ق Capable Woman,Midwife
Qaaria ة ا د ق Reciter (Of The Holy Quran)
Qabalah ق Responsibility
Qabila ق Able, Wise.
Qabilah ق Consenting.
Qabool ق Accepted. An Early Woman
Qadira ق د ة Powerful, Able.
Qadr ق ا Fate, Destiny.
Qadriyah ق د ة To Believe In God S Will.
Qadriyyah ق د ة Strong.
Qahira اه ة ق Overpowering, Victorious.
Qaifa ق Estimater.
Qailah دها ق One Who Speaks.
Qaima ةم ئا ق Bestower.
Qais ق Name Of A Sahabi Who TookPart In The Battle Of Badr,Was The Chief Security Guard Of The Holy Prophet

Peace Be Upon Him.

Qamar اما ق Moon.
Qamara م ا ق The Moon
Qamayr اماد ق She Was A Narrator OfHadith.
Qameer ده م ق Wife Of Masrooq Bin Al-Ajda
Qamra م ا ق Moonlight, Moonlit, Bright
Qanaat ق Patience.
Qaniah ق Contented.
Qantara ق Small Bridge.
Qanturah ق 3rd Wife Of ProphetIbraheem (Abraham)
Qaraah اٌ ق Cloudlet
Qarasafahl لٌف ص ق She Was A Narrator OfHadith.
Qareebah ده ق Near.
Qaribah ده ق Name Of A Woman Scholar
Qarsafah ةف ص ق She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Qaseema قة Beautiful Woman
Qasiba ق One Who Plays At Flute
Qasida ق Mesenger.
Qasima ق Distributor, Divider
Qasira ق Patient.
Qasoomah ق She Was A Poetess.
Qaylah اله اد ق Two Women CompanionsHad This Name.
Qaymayriyah ق She Was A Student OfHadith.
Qaysar ق A Name Of Women.
Qindeel ق Light.
Qirat ق Beautiful Recitation
Qisaf ق Birttle, A Student Of Hadith.
Qismah ق Destiny, Fate
Qismat ق Fate, Destiny, Area.
Qiyyama ق Stand For Allah.
Quadriyyah ق د ة Strong.
Qubilah ق Concord.
Quddoosiyyah دهٌ س ق A Girl Who Is Free From Any Physical Or Moral Defects,ABlessed Girl. A Pious Girl,Celestial.
Quddusiyah دهٌ س ق Sacred, Pious.
Quddusiyyah دهٌ س ق Sacred, Pious.
Qudsia دهة س ق Holiness, Sacredness
Qudsiyah دهٌ س ق Glorious, Sacred
Qudwa و وا ق Model, Example.
Quraisha د ق Strong,Pertaining To TheTribe Of Quraish In Makka
Quraybah ده ق Utricle.
Qurratulain ت ق Cooling Or Delight Of TheEyes.
Qurratulayn ت ق Delights Of The Eye, Darling.
Qutaiba ق Sahabi
Qutaylah ق Daughter Of Sayfi Al-Ansari
Qutayyah ٌع ده ط ق A Woman Studne Tof Hadith
Ra ا Leade
Raabia با Name Of Residing Peacefully, Name Of A Sahabiyyah(RA), Name Of A Saint Who IsKnown As Rabiah Basriyyah.
Raabiah با A Bounding In Green Foliage.Name Of A Sahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr.
Raabitah ٌط با Connection
Raafiah فا High, Exalted, Wealthy.
Raahilah ٌل حا A Travelling Woman.
Raahima دهمة ح Merciful, Compassionate,Pitying
Raaida ئا ة Leader.
Raaina ده Beautiful Princess
Raakiba كا Horse Rider
Raameen دهن ام Obedient
Raana ا نآ Of Elegant, Statue, Soft
Raani ه نآ A Queen.
Raashida ا ش Rightly Guided, Having TheTrue Faith
Raashidah ش ة ا Pious, Follower Of The RightPath.
Raawiya ة ا دو Transmitter (Of AncientArabic Poetry)
Raazia ازي Pleased, Satisfied, Willing
Raaziyah دز ة (Raadiyah) Agreed, Willing,Satisfied, Pleased.
Rabab با با White Cloud In The Sky
Rabah ح با Name Of A Sahabi(RA).
Rabee ب ه Spring.
Rabeea با Springtime, Garden
Rabeeah ب A Bounding In Green Foliage.
Rabia با Spring, Springtime
Rabiah ب Garden, Springtime
Rabiah Rabeea Garden, Springtime
Rabiahorrabeea ب Garden, Springtime
Rabih با Winner, Gainer.
Rabiha ب Winner, Gainer, Fem. Rabih.
Rabita ةط با Band, Bond, Link Nexus.
Rabitah ب Bond, Tie
Rabiya ب ه Princess, Queen
Rabiyah ب Hill
Rabwa ةو ب Hill.
Rachida ده ة ٌ Well Guided
Radeyah دهة ض ا Content, Satisfied
Radhiya دهة ض ا Means Content
Radhiyaa دها ض ا Content, Satisfied
Radhwa ضوى Name Of Mountain InMedina
Radifa ده One Who Is Full Of Shame.
Radiya ض Veiled, Covered.
Radiyah دهٌ ض ا Content, Satisfied
Radiyah Radhiya Content, Satisfied
Radiyahorradhiya ا دهه ذد ض ا Content, Satisfied
Radiyyah دهٌ ض ا (Raziyyah), Pleased,Delighted, Contented.
Radwa ضوى Contentment
Radwa Radhwaa A Mountain In Medina
Radwaorradhwa و ذوا A Mountain In Medina
Raeefa ده Compassionate,Kind
Raeesa س اد Leader, Chief, Princess
Raeesah ده Princess
Raeha ها اد Fragrance, Perfume, Scent.
Raeleah ده Rays Of Sunshine
Rafa ا فا Happiness, Prosperity.
Rafa Rafa Happiness, Prosperity
Rafah ف ح Pleasant, Luxurious Life
Rafah Rafat Mercy
Rafal لا فا To Trail A Garment
Rafat تا فا Mercy, Compassion, Pity.
Rafee فا Means High
Rafeeah ف Sublime, High.
Rafeeqah ف Friend
Rafia فا High, Sublime
Rafiah ف Sublime, Exquisite
Rafida ف Support, Prop.
Rafidah ف Support
Rafif فا To Gleam, Shimmer
Rafiqa ف Intimate Friend, Companion
Rafiqah ف Friend, Companion
Rafraf ف ف Cushion, Eyeshade.
Raghad Pleasant
Raghad Or Raghda Pleasant
Raghada ة Comfort Opulence,Affluence.
Raghadorraghda ا Pleasant
Raghd ا Pleasant, Plenty.
Raghiba ةب غ Desirous, Wishful, Willing
Raghibah ةب غ Desiring, Desirous
Raghid ده غ Comfort, Opulence
Raghidah ده ة غ Pleasant
Raha اها Peaceful
Rahaf اهاف Delicate, Fine
Rahana ان ح Sweet Basil
Rahat ة ا Rest, Comfort, Ease, Relief.
Raheema دهمة ح Merciful, Companionate,Kind.
Raheemah دهمه ح Merciful
Rahiba ةب ده ٌ Nun
Rahifa ةف ده ٌ Sharp, Fem. Of Rahif.
Rahil دهل ا ٌ Wife Of The Prophet Yaqub
Rahila ا ل ده حا One Who Travels
Rahilah ٌل ده ح One Who Travels
Rahima دهمة ح Kind, Compassionate
Rahimah مه Merciful, Compassionate
Rahiq دهق ا ٌ Nectar
Rahla ةل ح Happy, Mirth, Joyous.
Rahma مة Mercy
Rahmaa ماء To Have Mercy Upon
Rahmah مة Mercy
Rahmaorrahmah م همة Mercy
Rahmat مة Mercy, Compassion,Kindness.
Raida د ا Explorer, Guide, Leader
Raidah ئا ٌ Leader, Pioneer
Raidah Raaida Leader
Raifah ده Merciful
Raiha ها اد Smell, Fragrance.
Raihaana ة ناح ده A Sweet-Smelling Flower
Raihana ة ناح ده The Fragrance Of A Rose
Raima ما د Happiness
Raina دها Peaceful Queen.
Raiqa دها Pure, Clear, Tranquil
Raiqah دها Clear, Pure, Undisturbed
Raisa د Feminine Form Of RAIS
Raitah دها A Narrator Of Hadith
Raja اجا Hope.
Raja Raja Hope
Rajab اجاب The Seventh Month Of TheIslam.
Rajah جه Hope
Rajeeyah دهٌ اج Hoping,Full Of Hope
Rajia دها اج Hopeful, Hoping
Rajiha عها اج Superior, Predominant
Rajini دهن اج Kingly, Very Exclusive.
Rajiya دها اج Hope, Expectation, Wish.
Rajiyah دهٌ اج Hoping, Full Of Hope
Rajwa اجوا Hope.
Rajya دها اج Variant Transcription OfRAJIYA
Rakhas خص Soft And Delicate, Supple.
Rakheelah ةل ده خ Name Of A Sahabiyyat(RA).
Rakhima دهم خ Soft, Pleasant, Melodious
Rakhshaan صها خ (Persian) Dazzling,Resplendent.
Rakhshan صها خ Dazzling, Bright.
Rakhshi صه خ Beautiful-Faced, Charming.
Rakhshinda ا ن ٌص خ Resplendant, Bright.
Rakhshindah ة ن ٌص خ (Persian) Bright, Resplendent
Rakina ق Firm, Steady, Fem. Of Rakin.
Rama اما Beautiful Women &GreatDress
Rameen دهن ام Successful Woman.
Rameesah ٌس م Hidden.
Rameesha دهٌ م A Bunch Of Roses
Rameethah ةث ده م Name Of A Sahabiyyah (RA).
Ramia دها ام Sender
Ramiza مزا Intelligent, Level Headed.
Ramla امال Sand. Wife Of The ProphetMuhammad PBUH.
Ramlah ٌل م Old Arabic Name
Ramlasand ن س ل م
Ramsha ةٌ م Face Like Moon
Ramza امزا Coquette.
Ramzia دز م ة Gift
Ramziyah دز م ة Symbolic
Rana ا نا To Gaze, Look
Ranaa ن ا Lovely,Beautiful,Graceful,Delicate
Rand نا Bay Laurel
Randa ا نا Tree Of Good Scent
Rania نا Queen
Ranim نا Singing, Song, Music.
Ranim Raneem To Recite In A Sing SongVoice
Ranimorraneem ن To Recite In A Sing SongVoice
Raniya نا Gazing
Raniyah نا Gazing.
Raniyah Raniya Gazing
Ranrha اٌ نا Light.
Ranya نا Conquerer
Raodah ضه و (Raozah) Park.
Raoom وم Loving, Tender.
Raqeebah ق Guardian
Raqia قا Superior, High Ranking
Raqiba ق Guardian, Supervisor.
Raqiqa ق Delicate, Fine, Soft
Rasee ا س Life Full Of Happiness.
Rasha شا Young Gazelle
Rashad شا Straight
Rashaqa ة قاٌ Graceful, Stature, Grace
Rasheeda ده ة ٌ Righteous
Rasheedah ده ٌ ٌ Intelligent One, Sober
Rasheedahorrashida ش ا ده ه ٌ Intelligent One, Sober.
Rashida ده ة ٌ Intelligent, Sober
Rashidah ده ٌ ٌ Wise, Mature
Rashidah Rasheeda Wise, Mature
Rashiqa ةق ده ٌ Graceful, Elegant
Rasikha ةخس ا Well-Established
Rasima ةمس Planner, Designer
Rasina ةن ده ص Calm, Composed.
Rasmiya دهة سم Ceremonial, Ceremonious
Rasmiyah دهٌ سم Official, Formal
Ratiba ت Well-Arranged, Well-Ordered.
Raudah ضه و (Rauzah), Paradise.
Rauhah ه و Happy Contented
Raunaq ق نو Beauty, Grace, Glamour
Raushan شان و Light, Luminous, Bright
Raushani شان و Light, Splendour.
Rawa اوا Satisfaction With Drink
Rawah واٌ Charm, Beauty, Splendor
Rawaha واها Name Of A Person.
Rawahah ه و A Noted Narrator Of Hadith
Rawan وان Sensitive
Rawda ضة و Garden
Rawdah ضه و Garden.
Rawdah Rawdha Garden
Rawdahorrawdha ضه وذا و Garden
Rawdha او ها Garden
Rawhah ه و Nice
Rawhiyah دهٌ و ح Spirituality
Rawia ا ا دو Narrator, Reciter
Rawiah وعه Transmitter Of AncientArabic Poetry
Rawiah Raawiya Transmitter Of AncientArabic Poetry
Rawiahorraawiya ا وعه دو Transmitter Of AncientArabic Poetry
Rawiya ة ا دو Storyteller, Derived FromArabic (Rawa) “To Relate”.
Rawiyah ٌ ا دو Transmitter Of AncientArabic Poetry
Rawya ا ا دو Variant Transcription OfRAWIYA
Rawza وزا Garden.
Raya ا اد Sated With Drink
Rayan ان اد One Of The Doors OfHeaven.
Rayann ن نا دها Its The Door Of Heaven ThatOpens In The Month Of Ramadhan
Rayhanah ٌ ناح ده Aromatic Sweet Basil
Rayia ة اد Guardian, Custodian, Patron
Rayna دها Pure, Clean
Raytah دها Daughter Of Hurayth
Rayya ة اد Light
Rayya Rayyaa Sated With Drink
Razaanah ة نا ز One Who Is Calm
Razan ازان Balanced
Razan Razaan Sensibility And Respect
Razana ة نا ز Calm, Composure
Razeen دز ن Gentle, Noble, Name Of ASahabi.
Razeenah ده ز Name Of A Sahabiyah (RA)
Razia دز ة Content, Satisfied
Razina ده ز Calm, Composed
Raziqa ده ز One Who Feeds Others,Feeder.
Raziya دز ة Delighted, Satisfied
Razwa ازوا Name Of A Mountain InMadina.
Reeha د ة Air
Reem د م Beautiful Gazelle
Reema ما د White Antalope
Reham هام د Rain Drops
Rehana ا ناٌ ده A Handfull Of Sweet Basil
Rehemat مة Gift
Reja جا د Good News
Resha د Line
Resham د Silk, Softness.
Reshma د Golden Silk, Expensive
Reshmina ده Silken.
Reshtina ده Truthful.
Reyah اح د Comfort
Reyhana ة ناح ده Sweet Smelling Flower OfParadise
Ribqah ب The Wife Of Hzrat Ishaaq(Ishacc) Peace Be Upon Him, A Prophet Of Allah Almighty.
Rida د ا Favored By God
Ridaa ضاء (Rizaa
Ridwaanah ٌ ناوض (Rizwaanah), Pleasure,Delighted, Content.
Ridwana ضوان Feminine Form Of RIZWAN
Rifa ده Happiness, Prosperity.
Rifaat تا ف Altitude, Height, High
Rifah ده Name Of Twenty ThreeCompanions Of Muhammad.
Rifat تا ف High Rank, High Standing,Dignity, Exaltation,
Riffat تا ف High
Rifqa ده Kindness, Gentleness.
Rihaana ة ناح ده Sweet Basil
Rihab هاب د Vastness, Expanse
Riham هام د Lasting, Fine Rain
Rihana ا ناٌ ده Sweet Basil
Rihanah ٌ ناح ده A Flower,Wife Of Rassole
Rija جا د Desire, Hope
Rijja جا Heavens Beauty
Rim Reem Gazelle
Rima ما د White, Gazelle, Antelope.
Rima Reema White Antelope
Rimsha ةٌ م Bunch Of Flowers
Riqbah ق Name Of The Wife OfProphet
Riswana ة نو ز Satisfaction, Pleasure
Riyaz د ز Pl. Of Rawza, Garden.
Riza زا د Pleasure.
Rizeen دز ن Dignity, Heavy And Precious
Rizqin قز ده Good Fortune
Rizwan زوا ن د Satisfaction, Acceptance
Rizwana ة نو ز Beautiful, Guardian OfHeaven
Robeena بو Happy, Girl.
Roha ا و Soul, Life.
Rohaan هان A River In Paradise
Roheen دهن ٌ Iron.
Rohi ح و Life, Soul
Rohin دهن ٌ Rising
Romaana ة نام Variant Of Romana:Romantic
Romana ة نام Pomegranate
Romeesa اس ده مو Heavens Beauty
Rona ا نو Shining Light
Ronaq قا نو Light
Roobi ه بوو Ruby, Pearl.
Roshan شان و Bright.
Roshanak ك ناٌ و Small Light.
Roshani شان و Brightness
Roshina ةن ٌ و One Who Gives Light.
Roshini ٌ ن Light, Noor
Roshna ان ٌ و Light
Roshni و ٌ ن Light.
Roya دو ا Dream
Rozina ده ز Rose
Rozinah ده ز Daily Wages, Pension,Reward.
Ruaa واء Invisable
Ruba ا بو Pl. Of Rubwa, Rabwa, Hill.
Rubaa ب ا Hills, Height
Rubaba ا با بو Rose
Rubadah ب Ash Colored
Ruban نا بو Pl. Of Rubwa, Hill.
Rubi بو ه Red Gem
Rubina بو Blessed With Love, Waterfall
Rubiya بو Spring Season
Rudainah ده Old Arabic Name
Rudainah Rudaynah Old Arabic Name
Rudainahorrudaynah ده او Old Arabic Name
Rufaidah ف Support.
Rufaidah Rufaydah Support
Rufayah ف An Early Student Of Hadith.
Rufayda ف She Was A FemaleCompanion
Ruhab وهاب Our Who Keeps OnesPromise.
Ruhani ي و ان Spiritual
Ruhaniya ناحو Spirituality.
Ruhee ح و Soul, A Flower, Who TouchesThe Heart
Ruhina ةن ده ٌ Sweet Fragrence
Ruhiya دهة و ح Spiritual.
Ruhma مة Kind, Merciful.
Rukan ن ك Steady, Confident
Rukayat ق It Is The Name Of One Of The Daughters Of The Prophet, ItMeans One Who Allah Loves
Rukhailah ةل ده خ Female Sheep. Name Of ASahabi Who Took Part In The Battle Of Badr.
Rukhaylah ةل ده خ This Is Also A Male Name.
Rukhsaanah ةن ص خ (Persian) Name Of A Girl.
Rukhsaar خ ص Cheek, Face.
Rukhsana ان ص خ Beautiful
Rukhsar خ ص Cheek
Rukhsara ص ا خ Loving, Charming Face
Rukhshana ان ٌص خ Bright, Brilliant, Shining.
Ruksha ق Beautiful
Rumailah ةل ده م Old Arabic Name.
Rumailah Rumaylah Old Arabic Name
Rumailahorrumaylah ال ه الهو وماد وماد Old Arabic Name
Rumaisa اس ده مو Bunch Of Flowers
Rumaithah ةث ده م Name Of A Sahabiyah(RA).
RumaithahRumaythah Old Arabic Name
Rumaithahorrumaythah دهامو Old Arabic Name
Rumana ى نامو Romantic, Loving
Rumaysa اس ده مو She Was Umm Sulaym
Rumeha دهها م Beautiful Stone
Rumman ومان Pl. Of Rummana,
Rummana ى نامو Pomegranate.
Rummanah ٌ نامو A Pomegranate.
Runa ا نو Sixth Month
Ruqa ق ة Pretty, Beautiful.
Ruqaiya ق Name Of The Prophet
Ruqaya ق Daughter Of The ProphetSAW
Ruqayya ق Gentle
Ruqayyah ق The Daughter Of TheProphet Muhammed SAW
Ruqayyah Ruqayya Gentle
Rushd و ش Sensible Conduct
Rushda ش ا و Most Rightly Guided.
Rushdiya ي ش Rightly Guided
Ruwa ووا Beauty In Arabic.
Ruwaa واء Beauty, Grace, Prettiness
Ruwaida دو ا Walking Gently.
Ruwaidah دو ٌ Walking Gently
Ruwaidah Ruwaydah Walking Gently
Ruwaidahorruwaydah اٌ اهو وواد وواد Walking Gently
Ruwayda دو ا Walking Gently
Ruwaydah دو ٌ Walking Gently.
Ruya دو ا Seeing, Viewing, Looking.
Ruyaa دو اء Dream, Vision.
Ruyah اح د Dream, Vision
Sa سا Happy
Saabira ة باص Patient
Saabirah ٌ باص Patient, Tolorant.
Saadat سا ات Blessing.
Saadia ة سا د Lucky
Saadiqhah ةٌ ق اص True, Sincere, Faithful,Veracious, A Woman Of His
Saadiya ةس ا د Flower
Saahibah ٌب حاص Friend, Colleague.
Saaida ساع ة Branch, Tributary.
Saaimah مه صاد Fasting Woman.
Saaiqa ةق عاص Lightning.
Saairah ٌ صاد Name Of A Sahabiyyah (RA).
Saajidah ساج ٌ Prostrating In Prayer (Salah),One Who Makes Sajdah.
Saaleha صةح لا Flower
Saalifah لاس Previous, Last.
Saaliha ةح لاص Pure Pios And Devoted
Saalihah ٌح لاص Pious, Righteous.
Saalikah ةك لاس Following, Proceeding.
Saalima ام لاس Safe, Healthy
Saamiya دهة سام Elevated, Lofty
Saara صا Wife Of The ProphetIbrahim.
Saarah سا ٌ (Saara) The Wife Of Hazrat Ibrahim (Peace Be UponHim) The Prophet Of Allah.
Saariyah ٌ سا د Name Of A Sahabiyyah (RA).
Saarrah سا ٌ A Lady Whose CarmingManner Causes Joy And Happiness.
Saat سات Moment, Time, Occasion.
Saba ا باس Sheba, A Town In Yemen
Sabaa اب ص A Nice Wind
Sabaahat تاحاب ص Beauty, Gracefulness,Comeliness.
Sabah حاب ص Morning
Sabaha احاب ص Morning, Dawn, Beautiful
Sabahat تاحاب ص Beauty, Gracefulness
Sabat تب س Firmness, Stability
Sabbaaqa ة قاب س Triumphant, Superior, Pre
Sabburah ٌ وب ص Very Patient, Enduring
Sabeeha ده ة ب ص Beautiful, Handsome,Morning.
Sabeehah ده ة ب ص Beautiful, Handsome.
Sabeen باس Cool Breeze Of The Morning
Sabeena باس From The Name Sabine AnItalian Culture
Sabeera ده ب س Patient, Tolerant
Sabeeyah دهح ب ص Baby Girl
Sabha اٌ باس Pretty, Beautiful, Graceful
Sabia دها ب ص Captivating, Enchanting
Sabih دهح ب ص Pretty, Beautiful, Graceful.
Sabiha ده ة ب ص Beautiful
Sabihah ده ة ب ص Beautiful
Sabihaorsabihah باس Beautiful
Sabina باس Flower
Sabiqa باس First, Winner, Fem. Of Sabiq.
Sabiqah باس Past
Sabira ا ب ص Patient, Tolerant
Sabirah ٌ ب ص Patient, Perseverant
Sabirah Saabira Patient
Sabirahorsabira باس Patient, Perseverant.
Sabita دهت ب س Well Established, Certain
Sabiya دها ب ص Brilliant, Splendid
Sabooha ةحوب ص Pure, Chaste.
Sabqat باس Supremacy.
Sabr باس Patience, Self Control
Sabrina ده باس White Rose
Sabriya ة ده ب ص Patient, Fem. Of Sabri.
Sabriyah ٌ ده ب ص Patient
Sabriyya ة ده ب ص Feminine Form Of SABRI
Sabuh صب ح Shining, Brilliant.
Sabuhi ه حب ص Morning Star
Sabura ة وب س Very Patient, Enduring.
Saburah ٌ وب ص Ibn Abdul Aziz A Narrator OfHadith Had This Name.
Sadad ص Right Thing To Do, LuckyHand
Sadaf صا ف Shell, Oyster, Pearl
Sadah سا ٌ Happiness
Sadaqa ة قا ص Deeds Of Charity Done InAllahs (Swt) Cause
Sadaqat تا قا ص Truth.
Sadat سا ات Happiness, Bliss, Felicity
Sadeeqa ده ص Friend, Companion
Sadi سا ي Daughter Of Awf Al-Muruyyah
Sadia ا سا د Feminine Form Of SADI
Sadiah ة سا د Good Luck
Sadiahorsadiyah سا د اهو سا د Good Luck. Fortunate
Sadida ا س د Correct, Right, Sound
Sadiqa ده ص True, Truthful, Honest
Sadiqah ده ص Truthful, Sincere
Sadiya ة سا د Happiness, Luck, Blissful
Sadiyah ث د Fortunate
Sadoof ص وف Name Of A Poetess
Sadooh صا و ٌ Singer, Singing.
Saduq سا وق Honest, Truthful, Sincere
Saeeda ده ة ع س Happy, Lucky, Fem. OfSaeed.
Saeedah ده ٌ ع س Fortunate, Auspicious
Safa ا فاس Pure
Safaa ءاف ص Clarity, Purity, Serenity
Safeena ةن ده ف س A Boat, Safeenah
Safeenah ٌن ده ف س Ship
Safeerah ف Messenger
Saffah حاف س Killer, Blood Shedder.
Saffanah ٌ ناف س Pearl
Saffiya فاص Best Freind
Safia دهة ف ص Pure
Safira ده ة ف س Traveller.
Safiya دهة ف ص Untroubled, Serene, Pure,Best Friend
Safiyah دهٌ ف ص Righteous
Safiyaorsafiyyah ا ده وا ده دهفاس Untroubled, Serene, Pure, Best Friend
Safiyya فاص Best Friend
Safiyyah فاص Untroubled, Serene, Pure,Best Friend
Safiyyah Safiya Untroubled, Serene, Pure,Best Friend
Safoor وف س Exalted.
Safoora وف س God-Fearing, Pious, Chosen
Safooraa ءا ف ص Name Of The Wife Of HazratMoosa (Peace Be Upon Him).
Safoorah ٌ ف س Wife Of Prophet Musa AS
Safreen ن ده ف ص Pure Love.
Safun نف س Breezing
Safura س ف ة Wife Of The Prophet Musa.
Safwa ةوف ص The Best Part, Elite, Top
Safwah حوف س An Arab Feminine Name
Safwana صف وان A Shining Star, Rock
Sageda ساج ة Sageda Is
Sagheera ده ة غ ص Young, Very Small, Minor,Tender
Sagheerah ده ٌ غ ص Short
Saghira ده ة غ ص Small, Slender, Tender.
Sahab س اب Clouds.
Sahana ان حص Other Name For GoddessLakshmi
Sahar ٌس Dawn
Sahibah ٌب حاص Colleague
Sahimah ز مه Partner
Sahira سا ة Moon
Sahirah سا ٌ Wakeful
Sahla ا لٌس Smooth, Simple, Fluent
Sahlah ٌل ٌس Easy, Convenient
Sahlah Sahla Smooth, Soft, Fluent,Flowing
Sahna ان حص Form, Figure, Complexion
Sahrish ٌ ده ٌاس Sunrise
Saiba دهاس Straight, Pertinent.
Saibah حاب ص She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Saida ده ة ع س Most Beautiful, Unmatched,Friendly
Saidah ده ٌ س Happy, Fortunate
Saihah ده ه ص Good, Useful
Saila ىل ص Sunshine
Saima ةم ئاص Keeps Fasts
Saimah مه صاد Fasting
Saiqa ئاس Lightning
Saira ده ة س Happy
Sairah ده ٌ س One Who Travels
Sairi ده ي س Satisfaction, Saturation.
Sairish ٌ د ساد Magic, Flower
Saiyyda ده ة ع س Means Chief.
Saja ساجا To Be Calm And Quiet
Sajida ساج ة Prostrate In Worship
Sajidah ساج ٌ Prostrating To God
Sajila ج لس Determined.
Sajiya دهة سج Attractive.
Sakeena ةن ده ك س God-Inspired Peace Of Mind,Tranquility
Sakeenah ٌن ده ك س Calm, Quiet And Tranquil
Sakeenaorsakeenah ن وان ده دهكاس God Inspired Peace Of Mind,Tranquility
Sakeeza از قز Fragrance.
Sakha اٌ قاس Generosity, Liberality.
Sakhawat زخوٌ Generosity.
Sakhiya دهة سخ Generous, Liberal
Sakhrah صخ ٌ Rock(S).
Sakina ةن كاس She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Sakinah ٌن ده ك س Allah-Inspired Peace Of Mind
Sakinah Sakeena God Inspired Peace Of Mind,Tranquility
Salam ا ل س م Peace, Safety, Security.
Salama المة س Peace, Safety, Security
Salamah المه س Name Of A Sahabi Who TookPart In The Battle Of Badr.
Saleema دهمة ل س Unhurt, Affable, Healthy
Saleemah دهمه ل س Healthy, Sound
Saleshni صهن ل ص Salihah, Correct, Agreeable
Salha اٌ لاس Feminine Form Of SALIH
Sali ه لاس Frend
Salifah لاس Previous
Saliha ةح لاص Pious, Virtuous, Just
Salihah ٌح لاص Correct, Agreeable
Salihaorsalihah لاس Pure Pios And Devoted.
Salika ةق ده ل س Traveler, Devotee
Salikah ةق ده ل س Following
Salima دهمة ل س Safe, Secure, Perfect
Salimah دهمه ل س Sound, Safe, Healthy
Salimah Saleema Peaceful, Flawless, Faultless,Safe, Healthy
Salma ىمل س Peaceful, Safe, Healthy
Salmaa ام لاس Peaceful
Salmah ٌم لاس Peace, Fem. Of Salm.
Saloua ىول س Peace
Salsabeel دهل ب س ل س Spring In Jannah.
Salsabil دهل ب س ل س A Fountain In Paradise
Salsabil Salsabeel Spring In Jannah
Salwa او لاس Solace
Salwah ٌو لاس Comfort, Ease, Amusement.
Sama سما Heaven, Sky.
Samaa سماء Sky
Samaah سماٌ Generosity
Samah سماح Generosity
Samah Samaah Generosity
Samaira ده ة سم Enchanting
Saman سامان Price, Value.
Samar سام Evening Conversation
Samara سما ة Protected By God
Samarah سما ٌ Soft Light
Samawah سموٌ Summit, Height
Sameea دهة سام One Who Listens
Sameeah دهٌ سام Hearing.
Sameeha مس ةح ده Generous Blessing Of Allah
Sameen دهن سم Precious
Sameena ةن ده مس Precious
Sameenah ٌان ده مس Overweight, Fat
Sameera ده ة سم Companion
Sameerah ده ٌ سم Companion In Nightly Entertainment, ConversationPartner, Entertainer.
Sameh دهٌ سام Forgiver
Sameya سا م ة Pure
Samia دها سام Exalted, Noble, Much Praised
Samiah دهٌ سام Forgivness Or Forgiver
Samiha دهها سم Generous, Kind, True
Samihah ده ه سم Generous
Samihah Sameeha Generous
Samim دهم سام Sincere, Genuine, Pure
Samima دهمة صم True, Sincere, Genuine.
Samin س م ن Valuable, Precious, Priceless.
Samina ةن ده مس Precious, Generous
Saminah ٌان ده مس A Healthy Girl, Fertile LandWithout Rock And Stone.
Samiqa اق ده ماس Lofty, Towering.
Samira ده ة سم Call
Samirah ده ٌ سم Entertaining ,Companion
Samirah Sameera Entertaining Companion
Samitah ٌت ده مس Mighty.
Samiun دهن سم The Hearing
Samiya دهة سام To Hear
Samiyah دهٌ سام Elevated, Exalted, Lofty
Samiyah Saamiya Elevated, Exhalted, Lofty
Sammar سام Fruit
Samra سام ا Soft, Light Tanned Color
Samrah سم ٌ Name Of A Fruit, Written InThe Quran 24 Times
Samreen ن سم د Fruitful, Beneficial, Helpful.
Samrina ن سم د Flower Or Fruit.
Samshad س دهم س Long, Beautiful Tree
Samurah سمو ٌ Name Of A DistinguishedSahabi RA.
Samya دها سام Exalted
Sana ا ناس Resplendence, Brilliance
Sana Sanaa Eminence, Sublimity,Brilliance, Splendor
Sanaa ءان س (Thana),Praise Of God.
Sanad س ن Support, Prop, Document.
Sanah ٌن س Skilful, Radiance, Elegance
Sanam مان س Beloved
Sanari ي ن س Sweet And Beautiful
Sanaubar بون ص Cone Bearing Tree
Sanaubur ب ص ون Cone Bearing Tree.
Sandara ا ناس Song.
Sangeet ة ده ج نز Music, Rhythm.
Sangina ان ده ج ناس Polite.
Saniha نا ث Tall And High, Bright.
Sanika دهك ن س Strong Minded, WarmHearted
Sanina ان ده ن س Friend, Childhood Friend.
Saniya نا ث Brilliant, Majestic
Saniyah نا ث Resplendence, Brilliance
Saniyya نا ث Feminine Form Of SANI
Sanjeeda جن س Weighted, Guarded.
Sanjeedah ٌ جن س Serious
Sanya ناس Variant Transcription OfSANIYYA
Sapna باس Dream
Saqaafa ث Wisdom, Prudence.
Saqabat قا ث Brightness
Saqat طق س Strength, Courage, Power.
Saqiba قا ث Penetrating, Piercing
Sara سا ا Princess
Sarab س اب Mirage.
Sarah سا ٌ Name Of The Wife Of TheProphet Ibrahim
Sarahat ص ا ة Explanation, Detail
Sarahna ان حا س Praise, Appreciation
Sareea ة س د Determined.
Sareema صا مة Determination, Resolution.
Sariba ده ص Loverly.
Sarika ة ق س A Thing Of Beauty, Nature
Sarina ده س Peace
Sarish ٌ سا د Morning
Sarita ده اس Intelligent, Clever, Active.
Sariyah د ص ح Name Of A FemaleCompanion
Sarmadi س م ي Eternal, Everlasting
Sarood و س Rhythm And Ecstasy.
Saroor و س Happiness, Calm,Satisfaction.
Sarosh سا وٌ One Who Gives Good News
Sarra سا ة She Was A WomenCompanion
Sarrinah ٌا نز Beautiful, Companion OfProphet SAW
Sarvia ف ص Rich Woman, Affluent Lady.
Sarwa سا وا Fortune, Wealth, Riches.
Sarwaat وا ت ث (Tharwat) Wealth, Power,Influence, Affluence.
Sarwana ة نو اس Of Generous And GoodNature.
Sarwar سا وا Chief.
Sarwari س و ي Chief
Sarwat وا ت ث Wealth, Power, Influence
Sarwath ٌ تو ث Wealth, Riches
Sarya ا سا د Name Of A Pious Woman.
Sasha شا سا Helper, Assistant, Supporter.
Sataish دهٌ ت س Praise.
Satila ا ل ده ت س Royal.
Sauda ص ى Leadership, The Narrator OfHadith.
Sauda Sawdah Wife Of The Prophet
Saudah سو ٌ Name Of One Of The Honourable Wives Of The Holy Prophet(Peace Be UponHim).
Saudaorsawdah ساو اٌ ساو او A Wife Of The Prophet(S.A.W).
Sawab صواب Reward
Sawda سو ا Proper Name
Sawdah سو ٌ A Wife Of The Prophet SAW
Sawera صو ة Dawn, Early Morning.
Sawsan سن سو Lily Of The Valley
Sayida ده ة س Chief, Leader, Lady, Mrs
Sayyah دهاح ص Fragrance.
Sayyedah ده ٌ س (Sayyidah) Name Of TheWife Of Hazrat Ismaa
Sayyida ده ة س Lady, Mistress In Arabic.
Sayyidah ده ٌ س Lady, Woman
Seema دهما س Mein, Expression,Countenance.
Seemeen ث Name Of Some Women
Seerat ده ة س Inner Beauty, Fame
Sehr دهه س Sunrise
Sehrish د س ٌ The Sunrise
Selima دهمة ل س Variant Transcription OfSALIMA “Safe”, Derived From

Arabic (Salima) “To Be Safe”.

Selina ان ده ل ده س Moon, Salty
Selma ىمل س Peaceful
Senada ا ن س Graceful, Heavenly
Senait دهة ن س Good Luck
Senzela لظن س Type Of Flower.
Sfiyah دهٌ ف ص Righteous
Shaad شا (Persian) Happy, Pleased.
Shaadaan شاذان (Persian) Happy, Pleased.
Shaadiya ة شا د Singer
Shaafiah فاٌ One Who Deprecates, OneWho Intercedes, Advocate,

Patron, A Mediator.

Shaaheen ن ده ٌاٌ A Royal White Falcon.
Shaaheenah ٌن حاٌ A Royal White Falcon.
Shaahidah ٌ ٌاٌ One Who Bears Witness, ADeponent.
Shaaistah ةت س ٌ (Persian) Polite.
Shaakirah ٌ شا ك Grateful (For), Thankful,Content, Praising, One Who

Gives Due Appreciation.

Shaariqah ٌ ق اٌ Radiant, Shining.
Shabah ٌ باٌ Resembling.
Shaban نا باٌ The Eighth Month Of TheIslam.
Shabana ان ب ع ٌ Famous
Shabeehah دههه ب ٌ Picture, Image, Like
Shabibah ش ب ٌ بة Youthful
Shabin باٌ Of Night, Music Of Night.
Shabina باٌ ن ده The Eye Of The Storm
Shabnam مان ب ع ٌ Dew
Shad شا Happy.
Shadaab ش اب Green, Fresh, Wet, Ever-Green.
Shadah ش ٌ Pleasant, Happy, Jovial,Jubilant.
Shadan شا ن Young Gazelle
Shadha شذى Aromatic
Shadha Shadhaa Aroma
Shadhiyah دهة شظ Aromatic
Shadia ا شا د Singer.
Shadin ن شا د Fawn, Young Deer.
Shadiya ة شا د Feminine Form Of SHADI
Shadiyah ٌ شا د Singer
Shadman ش ما Glad, Cheerful, Joyful.
Shadmani ش من Joy, Happiness
Shadya ا شا د Variant Transcription OfSHADIYA
Shafaat طاف ٌ Recommendation,Exoneration.
Shafana ان ف ٌ Integrity And Virtuous
Shafaq قا فاٌ Dawn Redness In The Sky At
Shafath ش ف ته Curing Or Healing People
Shafeeah دهٌ ف ٌ Advocate, Patron,Intercessor.
Shafeeqah ٌق ده ف ٌ A Compassionate KindHearted Friend
Shafeeqahorshafiqa h وٌاق ده دهفاٌ A Compassionate Kind Hearted Friend.
Shaffan ناف ٌ Cool Breeze, MorningBreeze.
Shafia فاٌ Mercy
Shafiah دهٌ ف ٌ Intercessor
Shafiqa ةق ده ف ٌ Compassionate, Kind-Hearted
Shafiqah ٌق ده ف ٌ Compassionate, Sympathetic
Shafqat ةق ف ٌ Compassion, Pity, Kindness
Shaghalay ل شا غ Contended.
Shagoofa ا فوغ ٌ Blossom
Shagoon شجون Omen, Luck, Fortunate
Shagufta تف غ ٌ Blooming
Shaguftah ش غ ف تة Blooming, Happy.
Shahaba ةب حاٌ Flame Of Fire.
Shahada ة اٌٌ Bearing Witness
Shahamat ةماٌٌ Bravery, Valour.
Shahana ةن حاٌ Queen
Shahay هٌاٌ Beautiful
Shahd ٌاٌ Honey, Honeycomb
Shahdorshahed ده ٌاٌ و ٌاٌ Honey, Honeycomb
Shahed ده ٌاٌ Honey
Shaheeda ا ده ٌٌ Martyr In The Cause OfIslam.
Shaheen ن ده ٌاٌ A Royal White Falcon
Shaheenah ٌن حاٌ Falcon
Shaheera ة ده ٌٌ Famous, Eminent, Renowned
Shaheerah ٌ ده ٌٌ Well-Known
Shaheerahorshahirah ٌا ده ٌاٌ وٌا ده ده ٌاٌ Well-Known. Famous
Shahida ا ده ٌٌ Witness
Shahidah ٌ ٌاٌ Witness
Shahina ن ده ٌاٌ Princess
Shahiqa ةق ٌاٌ High, Towering, Lofty, Tall
Shahira ة ده ٌٌ Renowned In Arabic.
Shahirah ٌ ده ٌٌ Well Known, Famous
Shahla ا لٌٌ Dark Flower, Dark Grey Eyes
Shahlaa ءا لٌٌ Having Grey Eyes With A Shade Of Red, A Species OfNacissus Flower.
Shahlah ةل ٌٌ Blush
Shahlalai لا لٌٌ Queen Of Flowers.
Shahnaaz زان ٌٌ Pride Of The King
Shahnaz زان ٌاٌ Bride
Shahnoor ن حاٌ Royal Glow
Shahra ا ٌاٌ Gift, Souvenir.
Shahrazad ا زٌٌ Teller Of “Tales Of 1,001Nights”
Shahrbano نا ب ٌٌ Lady Of The City.
Shahrin ن ده ٌاٌ Month. Shahrin
Shahrizad ا زٌٌ Variant Transcription OfSHAHRAZAD
Shahrnaz زا ن ٌٌ The Towns Loved/FavoriteOne.
Shahrzadah ةا زٌٌ Offspring Of The City
Shahzaadee ذ ش Princess
Shahzadi ذ ش Princess.
Shaiba ةب ده ٌ A Variety Of Artemisia.
Shaida ش ة Greatly Attached
Shaila ىل ده ٌ Small Mountain
Shaima دهما ٌ Daughter Of Halima
Shaira شاع ة Poetess
Shairah ده ٌ ٌ Poetess
Shaista ات س ٌ Polite She Desires Support And Encouragement In All Her Goals Extremely Dedicated And VeryIntelligent
Shaistah ةت س ٌ Polite, Courteous
Shajarah شج ٌ Tree
Shajeea دهة شج Courageous, Bold, Brave
Shajeeah دهة شج Brave
Shakeeba دهب ك ٌ Patience
Shakeela ا لك ٌ Comely
Shakeelah ٌل ك ٌ Comely, Beautiful
Shakila ا لك ٌ Pretty
Shakira شاك Thankful, Grateful
Shakirah ٌ شا ك Thankful
Shakufa ةف ق ٌ Blossom, Opening Bud.
Shakura ك ا ٌ Thankful, Grateful
Shakurah ك ٌ ٌ Grateful, Very Thankful
Shalimar لاٌ Beautiful & Strong
Shama شاما Lamp
Shamaailah ٌ لامٌ Good Qualities, Virtues,Excellencies, Talents,

Dispositions, Customs, Northerly Winds Or Regions.

Shamaamah ةمامٌ The Fragrance Of Scent,Perfume.
Shamail دهل شم Virtues, Pl. Of Shamila.
Shamailah ئامٌ Good Traits ExcellentDisposition
Shamama شمام Forgive
Shamamah ةمامٌ Fragrance
Shameela ةل ده مٌ Natural Disposition
Shameelah ةل ده مٌ Good Quality, Virtue,
Excellence, Talent,Disposition, Custom, Northerly Winds Or Regions.
Shameem دهم شم Shy.
Shameemah دهمة شم A Fragrant Breeze
Shameena ان ده مٌ Shareefa
Shamikh دهخ شام High, Lofty, Towering.
Shamila ةل ماٌ One Of Friendly And LikableNature
Shamilah ٌل ماٌ Complete, Comprehensive
Shamim دهم شام Perfume, Scent.
Shamima دهم شم Fragrant Breeze
Shamimanoble لب ن م ده مٌ
Shamira ده شام Experienced, Expert
Shamis دهس شام The Sun
Shamla شامال Breeze, Air
Shamma شما Pinch (Of Snuff).
Shamoodah شم ة Diamond
Shams شمس Sun
Shamsa ةس مٌ Sunshine
Shamshaad شا شم (Persian) The Box Tree, A TallAnd Upright Tree, The Graceful Figure Of A


Shamshad ش شم Tall And Upright Tree
Shamsia دهة س شم Beautiful, Shining Star, OneAnd Only
Shamuda ع ا شم Diamond.
Shanaz زن ده ٌ Pride Of King
Shanika اق ن ٌ Good
Shanum مو ناٌ Allahs Blessing, Dignity
Shanza از ناٌ Woman Of Diginity.
Shanze زن ده ٌ Rose.
Shaperai ا ب ٌ Fairy.
Shaqeeqah ٌق ده ق ٌ Real Sister
Shaqiqa ةق ده ق ٌ Full Sister.
Shaqra ا قاٌ Blond, Fair-Haired
Shaquarria ا ق ٌ Gifted And Talented*
Sharaf شا اف Nobility, High Rank
Shareefa ده ٌ Noble
Shareefah ده ٌ Noble, Holy, Modest,Humble.
Shareekah ده ٌ Partner
Shareen د ش ن Sweet
Sharfa ا ف اٌ Most Noble, Gentle, Urbane.
Sharfaa ءا ف ٌ A Most Noble AndHonourable Lady, Name Of A Sahabiyyah.
Sharia ة ع د ٌ Princess
Sharifa ده ٌ Noble, Eminent, Honourable
Sharifah ده ٌ Noble, Honoured,Distinguished
Sharifah ShareefaSherrifah Noble, Honored
Sharifahorshareefa ف ده اٌ وٌافه Noble, Honoured, Distinguished.
Shariqah ٌ ق ٌ Shining
Sharleez ل اٌ Beautful
Sharmeela ا م لٌ Shy
Sharmeen ش م Shy
Sharmin دهن شا م Modesty
Shasmeen سم ٌ Very Beautiful, A Heart Of Gold , Trustworthy, An Angel, Perfect
Shatha شذى She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Shawq شاوق Longing
Shayaan دهان ٌ Intelligent.
Shayla دهاٌ Little Mountain
Shayma دهما ٌ Having A Beauty Spot
Shayma Shaymaa To Look Out
Shaza شذى Aroma, Fragrance.
Shazana شاذان Princess
Shazfa شظف Success
Shazi شذي Fragrant In Arabic.
Shazia شذى Aromatic
Shazmah ةمذٌ Rare Moon
Shazmina ان مذٌ Too Much Love.
Sheeba ةب ده ٌ Infatuated, Demented,Loony.
Sheema دهما ٌ Face, Expression
Sheen ن ده ده ٌ Beautiful, Pretty, Good
Sheenaz زن ده ٌ Beauty
Sheereen ن ده د ٌ (Persian) Sweet, Name Of AQueen Of Iran.
Shehla ا لٌٌ Kind Of A Flower
Shehr Bano Princess
Shehrbano نا ب ٌٌ Princess.
Shehzadi ذ ش Princess
Shehzeen ش ذ A Ray Of Sunshine
Sheila ىل ده ٌ Little Mountain
Shellah ٌل ٌ Truely, Kind Person ,Beautiful
Sherin ن ده د ٌ Very Sweet
Shermin دهن ده م ٌ Shy
Sheyla ىل ده ٌ Pine Tree
Sheza شذى Good Religious Girl
Shezan شذا Beautiful
Shifa اف ده ٌ Curing, Healing
Shifaa ءاف ٌ Cure,Remedy,Sahabia
Shihaam مٌٌ Intelligent
Shillan نا ل ده ٌ A Flower
Shimaa دهماء ٌ Mirth, Joy, Ecstasy, Gladness.
Shimah دهمه ٌ Nature, Habit
Shimaz دهماز ٌ Beloved
Shinat طن ٌ Beautiful Lady
Shinkai كن ده ٌ Greenish.
Shinogai ه جن ده ٌ Having Green Eyes.
Shireen ن ده د ٌ Sweet
Shiya ٌ Exceptional
Shiyaaj دهاج ٌ Endeavour, Strife, Hardwork.
Shiyam دهم ٌ Nature, Character
Shiza دهزا ٌ A Gift Or Present
Shmoodah شم ة Diamond
Shola ا ل شو Flame, Blaze
Shua شوا Rays Of Sun Light
Shuaa شاء The Rays Of The Sun,Sunshine, Light, Luster, Splendor.
Shuaila ىل ده ٌ Burning Candle.
Shudun ش ون Powerful, Straight
Shughla ا ل شو غ Light Ray.
Shuhda ا ٌٌ Honey, Honeycomb
Shuhrah ٌ ٌٌ Fame, Reputation
Shuhrat ة ٌٌ Fame, Renown
Shujana ان جٌ Brave, Strong
Shukr شو ك Thanks, Gratitude
Shukrah ك ٌ ٌ Thankfulness
Shukria ك ا ٌ Thank You
Shukriya ا ك د ٌ Variant Transcription OfSHUKRIYYA
Shukriyah ٌ ك د ٌ Of Thanks
Shukriyya ا ك د ٌ Feminine Form Of SHUKRI
Shula ا ل شو Flame In Arabic.
Shumaila ةل ده مٌ Beautiful Face
Shumaylah ةل ده مٌ The First Woman In IslamWho Wore Coloured Garments Was Shumaylah
Shumaysah ةس ده مٌ She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Shuqra ا قوٌ Fair-Complexioned, Blonde
Shurafa ة ف ٌ Noble
Shuraih ح ئا ٌ Name Of A Sahabi (RA).
Shurooq ش وق Dawn, Sunrise
Shurooqorshuruq قو وٌ و قوو وٌ Dawn, Sunrise.
Shuruq شو وق Rising, Shining
Sibaal لاب س Eyes With Long Lashes.
Sibal لاب ده س Eyes With Long Lashes
Sibal Sibaal Eyes With Long Lashes
Siddeeqah ده ص Truthful, Righteous.
Siddiqa ده ص Righteous, Very Truthful
Siddiqah ده ص Upright, Very Truthful
Siddra ده ا س Like A Star
Sidra ده ا س Tree
Sidrah ده اٌ س Name Of A Tree
Sih دهٌ س Arrow
Sihaam ماٌس Arrows
Siham ماٌس Arrows
Siham Sihaam Arrows
Silah ال ح س Arms, Armour, Weapons.
Silai هل ده س Wind.
Silma ىمل س Peace, Fem. Of Silm
Sima دهما س Sign Of Prostration
Simaab دهمب س Mercury, Silver.
Simaal سمال A Redresser Of Grievances,Defender
Simah سماٌ Sign, Characteristic,Expression
Simin ث Silvery, Made Of Silver
Simra سم ة Heaven, Princess
Simrah سم ٌ Jannat Heaven
Sincerity ت ٌ ن ده س Honour, Hospitality,Generosity.
Sirah ده اٌ س See “Sarah”
Sirin ن ده د س Wife Of Prophets CompanionHassan Ibn Thabit
Sirin Sireen Wife Of Prophets CompanionHassan Ibn Thabit
Sirinorsireen ده ده س Wife Of Prophets CompanionHassan Ibn Thabit
Sisban ناب س ده س Tree
Sitaarah ٌ ات س (Persian) Star, A Planet.
Sitara دهط ة س Veil, Screen, Curtain
Sitarah دهط ة س Star
Siyana ة نا ده ص Protection
Smera ده ا سم Smily
Sobaika ةك ده ب س Gold
Sobia بوس Good And Noble Girl
Sobiya ب Nurse Of Prophet PBUH.
Sofia فوص Beautiful
Sogand ن جس Oath, Pledge.
Soha اٌوس Star
Somaya دهة سم Beautiful GardenSurrounded With Roses And Flowers
Somila ةل ده مز Tranquil
Somna ان مص Moonlight
Sonia نوس Pretty, Very Beautiful
Soniya دهة ن س Wisdom
Sooraya ا سو د Pleiades (Cluster Of SevenBrilliant Stars In Taurus)
Soraiya ا سو د Princess
Soraya ا سو د Beautiful
Sorfina ف ص Clean, Neat, Free From Dirt
Souad عو س Wellbeing
Souhayla ةل ده ٌس Star
Sparghai ص ب غ Firespark Or Ember.
Suad سوا Good Fortune
Suad Souad Good Fortune
Suadorsouad س ده س Good Fortune
Subah حاب ص Beautiful, Graceful.
Subaha احاب ص Beautiful
Subayah دهح ب ص Daughter Of Al-Harith Al-Aslamiyah, She Was A Narrator Of Hadith
Subaytah س ب ٌ تة Brave.
Subbiha ده ة ب ص Clean, Tidy
Subh ٌ بوس Dawn, Aurora, Morning
Subhaan ناحب س Praising Allah
Subhah ٌحب ص In The Morning
Subhana ناحب س Pure, Chaste, Fine, Nice
Subhiyah ٌ ده حب ص Of The Morning
Subuhi ه حب ص The Cold Breeze Of Morning
Suda سو ا Happy, Lucky
Sudi سو ي She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Sufia فوص A Person Who FollowsSufism – Clean Heart
Sufiya فوص A Mystic
Sughra ص ى Small
Sughraa ص ى Small, Slender, Tender.
Sugra ص ى Very Small, Minor, Young,Tender
Suha اٌوس Name Of A Star
Suhaila ةل ده ٌس Canopus.
Suhailah ٌل ده ٌس The Star Canopies, The Star.
Suhailah Suhaylah Smooth, Soft, Fluent,Flowing
Suhailahorsuhaylah دهاٌوس وٌا ل دهاٌوسٌا ل Smooth, Soft, Fluent,Flowing
Suhaima امٌس Small Arrow.
Suhaimah ز مه Small Arrow
Suhaimah Suhaymah Small Arrow
Suhair ده ٌس Proper Name.
Suhair Suhayr Proper Name
Suhaira ة ٌس Beautiful, Pretty.
Suhairorsuhayr دهاٌوس و دهاٌوس Proper Name
Suhayla ةل ده ٌس Smooth, Soft (Ground),Fluent, Flowing (Style)
Suhaylah ٌل ده ٌس Smooth, Soft, Fluent,Flowing
Suhayma دهم سح Small Arrow
Suhaymah دهمة سح Small Arrow
Suhayr ده ٌس Proper Name
Suheera ده ٌس Beautiful
Sujah دهوجه س Civilization.
Sukaina ةن ده ك س Diminutive Of Sakina
Sukainah ٌن ده ك س Diminutive Of Sakeenah ,Meaning Is Same As Sakeenah.
Sukainah Sukaynah Charming, Likable
Sukaynah ٌن ده ك س Calm, Quietude
Sulabha اٌب ل س Simple,Easily Available
Sulafa اف ل س Choicest, (Wine).
Sulafah فلاوس Choicest
Sulaima دهمة ل س Diminutive Of Salma,Beloved.
Sultaanah ٌ ناطل س Queen, Empress.
Sultana ناطل س Queen, Woman Ruler
Sultanah ٌ ناطل س Sultaness
Sulwa ىول س Comfort, Ease, Amusement
Sumaira ده ة سم Princess, Successful
Sumaira Sumayra Diminutive Of Samra
Sumairaa ده اء سم Of A Brownish Colour, NameOf A Sahabiyyah(RA).
Sumaiya دهة سم Pure
Sumaiyaa ا سماد Proper Name
Sumaiyah دهح سم Name Of A Lady Companion
Sumaiyah Sumayyah Name Of A Lady CompanionOf The Prophet The First Martyr In Islam
Sumaiyahorsumayyah ٌ دهاهوسوماد Name Of A Lady CompanionOf The Prophet The First Martyr In Islam
Sumamah صممه Millet (Plant).
Sumanah ٌن مس She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Sumara سما ة Entertainer
Sumaya دهة سم Diminutive Of Samia, High.
Sumayrah ده ٌ سم Brownish
Sumaytah ٌت ده مس She Was A Companion
Sumayya دهة سم High Above In Arabic. This Was The Name Of The FirstMartyr For Islam.
Sumayyah دهح سم Proper Name
Sumbal لب مس A Fragrant Weed.
Sumbul لب مس Frail, Delicate
Suml سومل Name Of An EarlyDistinguisher.
Sumlina هن ده ل مز Morning Star
Summar سم Fruit, Gifts
Summaya دهة سم The First Lady Who ObtainedShahadat In Islam
Summayyah دهح سم First Martyr Of Islam
Sumnah ٌن مس Name Of An Arab Girl FH
Sumra سم ة Fruit, Summer Fruit
Sunat ةن س Way, Method
Sunbul لب ن س Spikes Of Grain
Sunbula ةل ب ن س Ear Of Corn.
Sundas س ن س Dress Of Heaven
Sundus س ن س Silk Brocade
Sunya نوس Sunshine, Brightness
Sura سو ا To Travel By Night
Sura Suraa To Travel By Night
Suraiya ا سو د Polite
Suraya ا سو د Star
Surayya ا سو د The Pleiades
Surayyaa ا سو د Cluster Of Seven Brilliant Stars In Taurus, Commonly Known As The Seven Sisters, A Wealthy Lady, Luster,Chandelier.
Suri سو ي Red Rose.
Surraya ا سو د Pleides
Susan سا ن سو Lily Of The Valley, Iris.
Sussan سن سو A Flower, Lily Of The Valley.
Suwaibah ٌ باوص (Thuwaibah) Name Of TheWoman Who Breast-Fed The

Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) In His Infancy.

Suwaydah ٌ د س دو She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Suzan سوزان Oaceptabelt Beetende!
Swiyyah ٌ س دو Little One
Taabah با ت Sweet, Agreeable, Pure,Excellent
Taadeel ت Moderation, Equality
Taahira طاه ة Pure, Chaste
Taahirah طاه ٌ Clean
Taaiba ا باط Repentant
Taaibah دها ت One Who Refrains From Evil-Doings, Repentant.
Taalea ه لا ت Fortunate
Taaliah لا ت Lucky, Fortunate, Fortune
Taalluf ف لا ت Harmony, Intimacy, MutualAffection
Taaqul ت Wise Thought.
Taasees دهس س ا ت Inception, Foundation.
Taba ت اب ا Clean
Tabahhuj ت Be Glad, Cheerful
Tabahhur ت Like The River, ProfoundlyLearned, Deep
Tabalah ت She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Taban عن ب ط Glittering, Splendid.
Tabana ت Bright Moonlight.
Tabani ت Light
Tabassum ت Smiling
Tabasumm ت Sweet Smile
Tabeedah ت Complex, Zigzag, Curling.
Tabeen ت Followers.
Tabeer ت Result Of Deeds.
Tabina ت Enlighting, Sparkling.
Tabinda ت Bright, Shining
Tafida ت Paradise Egyptian Name
Taghrid ت Singing As A Bird
Tahani ه ناٌ ت Congratulations
Tahera طاه ة Pure, Chaste
Taheraortahira ا ٌ ت ح ت Pure, Chaste.
Tahira طاه ة Holy, Pure
Tahirah طاه ٌ Pure, Chaste
Tahirah Taahira Pure, Chaste
Tahiya دهة ح ت Greeting, Salutation, Cheer
Tahiyah ٌ ده ده ح ت Greeting
Tahiyahortahiyat ت وٌا ده ده ٌا ت Greeting
Tahiyat دهة ح ت Greetings
Tahiyyah ٌ ده ده ح ت Greeting,Cheer
Tahkeem دهم ك ح ت Power, Rule.
Tahleem مل ح ت Beauty, Decoration
Tahmina ان ده مح ت Wife Of The Famous PersianHero Rustam And Mother Of Sohrab.
Tahniat ةئ ن ٌ ت Congratulations
Tahreem ت د م Respectful, Respected
Tahseen دهن س ح ت Adornment, Ornament
Tahseenah ٌن ده س ح ت Acclaim
Taiba ئا ت One Who Refrains From Evil-Doings, Repentant, Fem. Of


Taibah ٌب ده ط Repentant
Taif دهف ط Vision, Spectre.
Taima ت Oasis In Northwest Arabia.
Taima Tayma Oasis In Northwest Arabia
Taimaortayma ت مط Oasis In Northwest Arabia
Taisir ت Felicitation.
Tajmeel دهل جم ت Decoration, Beauty, Show.
Tajweed ج دو ت Praise Of Allah, Hymn.
Takiyah قاط Pious, Righteous
Takreem ت Respect, Honour, Sanctity.
Talah ت Young Palm Tree.
Talah Taalah Young Palm Tree
Talat ت لاط Face, Sight
Talbashah ت A Narrator Of Hadith
Talhah ٌحل ط Her Kuniyah Was UmmGhurab And She Was A Narrator Of Hadith.
Tali ه لا ت Rising Star, Rising.
Talia لا ت Dew Of Heaven.
Taliba لاط Student, Seeker, Pursuer
Talibah لاط Seeker After Knowledge
Talwasa ت As In May You Always Live.
Tamadhur ض ما ت Proper Name
Tamador ض ما ت Milk, Praises
Tamadur ض ما ت Brilliant
Tamanna ن ى م ت To Wish, To Desire, To Hope.
Tamanni ت م ن Wish, Wishing (For), Desire.
Tamar ام ت Dats
Tamara ما ا ت Date Tree
Tamazur مز ت Brilliant, Whiteness.
Tameemah دهمه م ت Name Of A Poetess
Tameemiya دهة دهم م ت Perfection.
Tameen دهن ام ت Protection, Patronage, Care.
Tameez دهز م ت Distinction, Difference
Tameka مك ت Twin
Tamkeen دهن ك م ت Honour, Place, Status, Show.
Tamra ام ت Date Palm, Palm Tree
Tamseel دهل ث م ت Example, Allegory, Parable.
Tanaz ت Delicate Body
Tanisha ت Happiness
Tanjia ةجن ط Rescue, Salvation
Tanveer ت Rays Of Light(Origin Islamic)
Tanweer ت Radiant, Illuminating
Tanzeela ت Revelation, ReceivingHospitably
Tanzila ت Revelation, Sending Down
Taqadus ت Sactity.
Taqdees ت Respect.
Taqiya قاط God-Fearing, Devout, Pious
Taqiyah قاط Heedful Of God
Taqwa ت Piety, Devoutness,Heedfulness Of God
Taqwa Taqwaa Piety, Devoutness,
Heedfulness Of God
Taqwaa ت Piety, Devoutness
Tara ا ا ت Star
Taraab ا ب ت Joy & Sorrow.
Tarana ا نا ت Melody, Song
Tarannum ت ن م Singing.
Tareefa ده ط Rare, Strange, Curious
Tarfa ة ف ط Kind Of Tree
Tarib ب ا د ت Lively, Gleeful, Merry.
Tarifa ده ط Rare
Tariqah ده ط This Was The Name Of The Freed Slave Of Labeet Of TheFamily Of The Princes Of Al- Qays Bin Zayd AN
Tarneem ت ن Rhythm, Voice.
Taroob ط وب Lively, Gleeful, Merry.
Tarub ا وب ت Merry
Tarz ا ز ت Music Rythem
Tasheen ت Ever Ambitious
Tasiyah ت Consolation, Comfort.
Tasleem ت Greeting
Tasleema ت Greeting
Taslima ت Greeting, Salutation
Tasmeekh ت Living In Fragrance.
Tasmeem ت Strong, Durable, LongLasting.
Tasmia ت Bismillah, Giving Name.
Tasmin ت She Who Fulfills.
Tasmiyah ت An Arabic Name For FemaleMeans Elevation,Noble,And

Also Means (In The Name Of Allah). Tasleem,Tasleemah

Tasneem ت Fountain Of Paridise
Tasneema ت A Spring In Paradise.
Tasneemortasnim س ا ت موم ده ده ن Fountain Of Paridise.
Tasnim ت Fountain In Paradise
Tasweeb ت Justification, Truth.
Taufeeq فو ت Instruction, Courage, Daring.
Taufeer فو ت Obundance, Excess.
Taufiqa فو ت Prosperity, Success
Tauqeer قو ت Respect, Honour.
Tawaddud ت و Endearment
Tawbah ٌ بو ت Repentence
Tawfiqa فو ت Prosperity, Good Luck
Tawheeda ده وح ت One Who Say La Ilaha IllaAllah
Tawoos طاووس Peacock.
Taybah ٌب ده ط Pure
Tayseer ت One Who Facilitates AndHelp Others
Tayyaba ةب ده ط Pure, Chaste, Generous,Good-Natured
Tayyiba ةب ده ط Good, Good-Natured, Sweet
Tayyibah ٌب ده ط Good, Pleasant, Agreeable
Tazim ز عم ت Respect
Tazima ت Glorification, Exaltation
Tazkia ك ت ز Special, Unique
Tazmeen ظمن ت One Having Good Qualities,Nature & Habits
Tehmina ان ده مح ت Clever
Tehreem ت د م Respect, Sanctity.
Tehzeeb ب هذد ت Respect
Thabitah با ث Firm
Thameena ةن ده م ث Valuable
Thameenah ٌن ده م ث (Sameenah) Expensive,Precious, Costly, Dear.
Thamina ةن ده م ث Healthy In Arabic.
Thaminah ٌن ده م ث Precious, Generous
Thana ث Thankfulness, Praise
Thana Thanaa Thankfulness,Commendation, Praise
Thanaa ث Praise, Applause, Eulogy.
Thara ذ ة Wealth
Thara Tharaa Wealth
Tharaa اء ث Wealth
Tharwah وة ث Wealth
Tharwat و ت ث (Sarwat): Wealth, Power,Influence, Affluence
Tharya ا ر ث Name Of A Pious Woman
Thashin دهن ٌ ح ت Acclaim
Thawab وا ب ث Reward
Thoraya ة و د ث Star
Thubaitah ث Name Of A Sahabiyyah (RA).
Thubaytah ث She Was Among The Early Muhajirs To Madina And A Distinguished Woman Comapnion, Daughter OfYaar Bin Zayd Al-Ansariyah
Thufailah ت ح ف لة Elegant With Good RespectFor Her Elders
Thuml ومل ث Name Of An EarlyDistinguished Woman
Thuraiya ة و د ث Star, Constellation Pleiades
Thuraiya Thurayya Star, Constellation Pleiades
Thuraiyaorthurayya ا ده ث ده ح ت Star, Constellation Pleiades
Thuraya ا ر ث Star
Thurayya ا ر ث Star
Thurraya ة و د ث Pleides
Thurrayya ة و د ث Star,The Pleiades
Thuwabah ٌ بو ث (Thuwaybah)Name Of ASahabiyyah (RA), Name Of The Lady, Who Had Breast-
Fed The Holy Prophet,Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).
Thuwaibah دهو ث Deserving Of Gods Reward
Thuwaibah Thuwaybah Deserving Of Gods Reward, Name Of A WomenCompanion Of The Prophet
Thuwaibahorthuway bah دهاوو ث وٌابب Deserving Of Gods Reward
Thuwaybah دهو ث Name Of One Of The Wet-Nurses Of The Prophet SAW
Tibah ٌب ده ط Goodness, Kindness
Tirana ت Song, Anthem.
Tisha ت One Who Is Active, Lively
Tooba ة بو ت Good News.
Toshana ت Lover Of Life
Trana ا نا ت Melody, Song.
Tuba ت وب ا The Name Of A Tree InHeaven
Tuba Tubaa Blessedness, Beautitude
Tubaa ت وب ا Blessedness, Beatitude.
Tufaylah ت This Was The Name Of TheFreed Slave Of Al-Waleed Bin Abdullah
Tuhfa ت ح فة Gift, Present.
Tulayhah ده ة ل ط She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Tumadur ض ما ت Old Arabic Name
Tuqa ا قوط Heedfulness Of God.
Tuqa Tuqaa Heedfulness Of God
Turfa ة ف ط Rarity, Rare Object, Novelty.
Ubab با بو Waves, Heavy Rain.
Ubab, با بو Waves, Heavy Rain
Ubab Ubaab Waves, Heavy Rain
Ubah ٌا بأ Flower
Ubaidah ده ٌ ب ع Servant Of God
Ubayda ده ة ب ع Female Servant
Udaysah ده أ She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Udoola ال ع و Justified.
Ugay وجاي Kind Of Necklace.
Uhee ٌ أ Soul, A Flower, Who TouchesThe Heart.
Uhud وهو Commitment, Pledge,Delegation
Ujala ةل جع Light Of The Universe
Ulema امل ع Intelligent One
Ulfah لأ Harmony, Intimacy
Ulfat لو Friendship, Intimacy, Love
Ulwiyat تا دهو لوأ Sublimity
Ulya دها ل ع Higher, Highest, Fem. Of Ala.
Ulyaa دهاء ل ع High, Eminent
Umaimah دهمة أم Diminutive Of Umm, Mother.
Umaira ده ة أم Living A Long Life
Umaiza دهز أم Bright, Beautiful And SoftHearted
Umama أمامة Proper Name.
Umamah أمامه Young Mother
Umarah عم ٌ Name Of A Sahabi Who TookPart In The Battle Of Badr.
Umayma دهمة أم Diminutive Of Umm, Mother.
Umaymah دهمة أم Young Mother
Umaynah ٌن ده مأ She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Umayrah ده ٌ أم She Was The Daughter OfAlqamah
Umayyah ٌ أماد She Was A Narrator OfHadith.
Umm E Kulsum The Mother Of Kulsum
Umm Kalthum Name Of The ProphetsDaughter
Umm Kulthum One With Round Face
Ummayyah دهة أمم She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Ummid ده عم Hope.
Ummkalthum لاق م Name Of The ProphetsDaughter. One With Round Face.
Ummkulthum لوق م One With Round Face.
Ummulkhair ٌك ل مأ Nice Mother
Umnia دهة ن أم Gift
Umniaorumniyah ده ده ن مو وا ده ن مو ٌا A Wish, An Aspiration, Gift.
Umniya دهة ن أم Wish, Desire, Hope.
Umniyah دهٌ ن أم A Wish, An Aspiration
Umrah عم ٌ Pilgrimage To Makkah
Unaiza دهزة ن ع Sheep/Goat
Unaysah نأ Friendly
Unquda وق ن ع Bunch Of Grapes.
Urooba ا بو وأ Woman Who Loves HerHusband.
Urooj ع وج Height, Exaltation.
Uroosa ةس و ع Bride, Heroine.
Urshia اٌس ع One Who Belongs In TheSkies
Urwa أ وى Support, Handhold.
Usaimah ٌماس أ Old Arabic Name.
Usaimah Usaymah Old Arabic Name
Ushna ان ٌ و Fragrant.
Ushta شت ع EverlastingHappiness,Illumination
Uswa سوة أ Sunnah, Practice.
Utaybah ع ت ٌ به A Narrator Of Hadith
Uwaisah ع دو Bilberry.
Uwaisah Uwaysah Bilberry, Whortleberry
Uzma أزمة Greatest
Vafia ف Complete, Just
Varda ف ا Rose
Vardah ضه ف Rose
Varisha ف ةٌ Lightning
Vega ف Falling Star
Waabisah باو Name Of A DistinguishedSahabi (RA).
Waahibah ٌب حاو Giver, Generous.
Waahida وا ة One, Alone, Unique
Waahidah وا ٌ One, Unique.
Waaizhah وازهة (Waa
Waajida واج ة One Whose Wants AreSatisfied, Wealthy, A Lover Or Beloved.
Waajidah واج ٌ One Who Acheives Her GoalsIn Life, Loved, Beloved
Waaliyah لاو The Female Governor, SheWho Directs, Manages, Conducts, Governs,


Waarithah ٌ ث او (Waarisah) An Heir, A Master, A Lord, An Owner, ASuccessor.
Waasifah ٌف س او Describing
Waasilah ٌل ص او Joining, Connecting.
Wabisa س بو Something Bright
Wabisah باو Bin Mabad RA Had ThisName.
Wadaaat وذات Mildness, Gentleness, Peace
Wadaana ا ن او Prosperous.
Wadad ا و Love, Friendship.
Waddia ة و د Amicable, Friendly.
Wadeedah ة وع د Lover, Friend, Beloved,Devoted
Wadha ض ةوا Bright.
Wadha Wadhaa Bright
Wadhaa واذا Pretty
Wadi وا ي Gentle, Calm.
Wadiah ٌ و د Calm, Peaceable
Wadida ة وع د Attached, Devoted, Friendly
Wafa ا فو Faithfulness, Fidelity
Wafa Wafaa Faithfulness
Wafeeqa ده Successful, Fem. Of Wafiq.
Wafeeqah فو Successful
Wafia فاو Faithful, Loyal.
Wafiqa فو Successful.
Wafiqah فو Successful
Wafiqah Wafeeqa Successful
Wafiqahorwafeeqah فاو Successful.
Wafiya فو True, Trustworthy, Reliable
Wafiyah فو Loyal, Faithful
Wafiyya فو Loyal
Wafiyyah فو Loyal, Faithful
Wafiza ز فو Fresh Air
Wagma واجما Morning Breeze, Dew
Wahabah ٌب ٌو This Was The Name Of APoetess
Wahbiyah دهة بوٌ Giving
Waheebah ٌب ده ٌو One Who Gives.
Waheeda ده ة وح One, Exclusive, Unique
Waheedah ده ٌ وح Unique, Singular,Unparalleled, Alone.
Wahiba ةب ده ٌو Giver.
Wahibah ٌب ده ٌو Giver, Donor
Wahida وا ة One Of Its Kind.
Wahidah ده ٌ وح Exclusive, Unique
Wahuj وهج First Light Of Day, Dawn,New Beginning
Waiya ا دو Guardian, Watchguard
Wajahat واجهت Respect.
Wajd واج Passion, Strong Emotion
Wajee وا ج Happy, Jolly, Pleasant.
Wajeeda ده ة وج One Who Is Noble.
Wajeeh دهٌ وج Of A Good. Appearance,Aspect. Appearance, Handsome, Respectable.
Wajeeha دههة وج Eminent, Distinguished
Wajia دهة وج Melody.
Wajida ده ة وج Achiever, Excited, Finder
Wajidah ده ٌ وج One Who Acheives Her GoalsIn Life, Loved, Beloved.
Wajiha واج هة High, Eminent
Wajihah وجهه Eminent, Distinguished,Notable
Wajna ةن جو Happy, Jolly, Pleasant.
Wakalat ة لا كو Advocacy.
Wakee ه كو Advocacy, Practice At The Bar, Atembassy, Agency, Commission, Name Of The Teacher Of Hazrat ImamShaafi
Wakeela كو Agent.
Wakeelah كو Agent
Wala الو Loyalty
Wala Walaa Loyalty
Walia لاو Friendly.
Walidah ٌ لاو Newborn
Walihah ةٌ لاو This Was The Name Of APoetess
Waliyah لو Princess
Wallada ة وال Prolific, Fertile, Fruitful.
Walladah ٌ لاو Frequently Producing,Prolific
Waniya نو Gift Of Allah (Swt).
Waqar ا قو Dignity.
Waqeea قاو Respected.
Waqia قاو Lofty, Wise, Forceful,Respectable
Waraqa ة ق و Rich, Paper-Made.
Warda وا ا Guardian, Protector
Wardah ٌ و Rose
Wardah Wordah Rose
Wardahorwordah وا اهو وو اٌ Rose
Wareesha ده و Happiness
Warisa ده و Heiress.
Warqa ة ق و To Do With Paper, Leaf.
Warqa Warqaa Pigeon
Warqah ٌ ق و Petal Of A Flower.
Warsan سان وع True News, Wonderful News
Wasama ةماس او Beauty, Gracefulness
Waseefah ٌف ده س و Servant
Waseema دهما س و Beautiful, Pretty, Charming.
Waseemah دهمه س و Comely
Wasfiyah دهٌ ف ص و Depictive
Wasfiyahor فص و ٌ ده Depictive
Washida ش ة و Bloomed, Fresh.
Washma شما و Cultured.
Wasia دها س وا Expansionist, Vast, Spacious.
Wasifa ةف ده ص و Praiser
Wasifah ٌف ده س و One Who Describes
Wasifi هف ده ص و Praiseworthy.
Wasila ةل ده س و Inseparable Friend.
Wasilah ٌل ده س و Inseparable Friend
Wasilla ةل ده س و Bond
Wasima دهما س و Beautiful, Pretty, Graceful
Wasimah دهمه س و Pretty, Beautiful
Wasiqa ثو Confident, Sure, Certain
Wasma سما وا A Pretty Face, Beautiful
Wasna ةن س و A Narrator Of Hadith HadThis Name
Wateeb دهب وط Heart
Wawrina اوو ي ن Snow White.
Wazeera ة و دز Women Minister
Wazeerah ٌ و دز Female Minister.
Wiam ام دو Harmony, Agreement
Widad ا و Love, Friendship
Widad Widaad Love, Friendship
Wided دو د Affection
Wifaq قا فو Harmony, Consent
Wijdan وج ان Ecstacy, Sentiment
Wisaal وإد Communion In Love
Wisal دو Communion In Love
Wisal Wisaal Reunion, Being Together,Communion In Love
Wisam سام و Decoration, Medal
Wisam Wisaam Medal, Badge Of Honor
Wranga اج نا و Ray Of Light.
Wrashmin شمن و Silken.
Wurud وو و Roses
Yaani ه نا ده Ripe, Scarlet
Yaaqoot تو قا ده Ruby, A Precious Stone, AGarnet.
Yafiah ده High
Yafita ةط فا ده Savior.
Yakootah ٌ تو قا ده Emerald
Yakta ده Unique, Incomparable.
Yalaa ا ل ده Exalted, High.
Yalqoot ده An Early Woman Who GaveMuch In Charity
Yamaamah ٌمام ده Intention, Design, MaidenWho Could See A Person At
A Distance Of Three Days
Yamamah ٌمام ده Valley In Arabia
Yamana ىن م ده Pious
Yamha اٌما ده Dove
Yamina ان ده م ده Happy
Yaminah ٌن ده م ده Right And Proper
Yamna ةن م ده Fortunate
Yaqaazah ده Watchful, Providant
Yaqoot تو قا ده Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz.
Yara ا ا ده Little Butterfly
Yarah ٌا ده Warm
Yariqa ى ق ده Bright, White, Fair
Yaser س ا ده Wealth
Yasharah ده Intelligent, Precious Stone.
Yashfeen ده Shefa, Healthiness.
Yasim ده Jasmine.
Yasira ده Rich Woman.
Yasirah ده Lenient
Yasmeen ن ده مس ا ده Jasmine
Yasmeenah ٌن ده مس ا ده Sweet-Smelling FlowerAmong Er Work Is A Commentry On Surah Al- Baqarah, She Is Mentioned By Salahuddin Al-Safdi In His Book As One Of The Distinguished People Of Egypt
Yasmin ن ده مس ا ده Jasmine Flower
Yasmin Yasmeen Jasmine
Yasmina ان ده مس ا ده A Beautiful Flower ThatShines
Yasmine هن ده مس ا ده Flower
Yasminoryasmeen مس ا ده نا ده ون Jasmine Flower.
Yasna ده It Means White Rose InArabic
Yasra ده Affluent, Rich, Prosperous.
Yelda ده Dark Night
Youmna ان مو ده Hope
Yousra ده Reconciling
Yumn نمو ده Good Fortune, Success
Yumna ان مو ده Good Fortune, Success
Yumnaa ان مو ده Right Side, Blessed, Grace.
Yumnah حن م ده Happiness, Success, Fem.
Yumnah Yumna Right Side
Yusairah دٌ Name Of A Sahabiyyah (RA).
Yusayrah ده Easy One Of The First Two Swear Allegiance Bayah To The Prophet SAW Among The Ansar But It Is Also Said That She Was Among TheMuhajirs Emigrants
Yusra ده Prosperous
Yusra Yusraa Most Prosperous
Yusraa اد Left Side,Easier.
Yusriyah ده Most Prosperous
Yusriyya ده Easy, Kind, Smooth, Sahabia
Yusur ده Prosperous
Zaafira ة فاظ Victorious, Successful
Zaahidah زاه ة Abstinent, Lacking MundaneAmbitions.
Zaahira ظاه ة Feminine Form Of ZAAHIR
Zaahirah ظاه ٌ Guest
Zaaiirah دز ٌ Visitor, Guest.
Zaamat ذمة Power, Authority, Command,Glory, Honour
Zaaminah ٌن ده مز One Who Stands Surety ForAnother One Who Helps.
Zaara زا ا Beautiful Flower
Zababa ة با بذ Leader, Head, Chief
Zabana ة نا بز Flame (Of A Candle)
Zabeebat بز Syrup
Zabia دهة ب ظ Like Deer
Zabiyah دهٌ ب ظ She Was The Daughter Of Al-Barra Bin Maroor, She Reported Hadith From The

Prophet PBUH.

Zabreen بز Dominant, Exalted, Upright.
Zabya دهة ب ظ Female Gazelle.
Zaeemah مه دز Leader
Zafeera ده ة ف ظ One Who Is A Source OfSuccess, A Successful Lady.
Zafeerah ده ة ف ظ Firm
Zafira ده ة ف ظ Victorious, Triumphant
Zafirah ٌ فز Victorious
Zafirah Zaafirah Victorious, Successful
Zafrat تا فز Strong
Zafwat ةاو فز Affluence, Plenty, Complete
Zagheefat اف ده غزة Green, Blooming, Fresh
Zagheeghat ةاغ ده غز Abundance, Affluence,Multitude
Zaghlula لول غز Young Pigeon, Fem. OfZaghlul.
Zaghrab زا اب Flowing Abundantly, Deep
Zahaa زهاء Radiance, Brilliance
Zahab ذهب Gold
Zahabia دهة بذٌ Golden, Precious.
Zahabiya دهة بذٌ Gold
Zahara زه ة Flower, Beauty, Star
Zahbia دهة بذٌ Beautiful
Zaheen دهن ذح Intelligent
Zaheera ده زٌ Helper, Supporter
Zaheerah ده ةزٌ Helper, Assistant
Zahia دها زا ٌ Pious, Noble, Grand, Great.
Zahida ده ةزٌ Devout, Ascetic, A Hermit
Zahidabano ب Pious Princess
Zahidah ده ٌزٌ Ascetic, Abstentious
Zahidasultana لوس ا ده ٌاز Pious Queen
Zahir ده زا ٌ Bright, Brilliant,Distinguished, Lofty
Zahira ده ةزٌ Bright, Brilliant, Shining
Zahirah زه ٌ Shining, Luminous
Zahra زاه ا Beautiful
Zahra Zahraa White
Zahraa زه اء Lady Of Jannah
Zahrah زه ٌ Flower, Beauty, Star
Zahwah زهوٌ Beauty, Pretty
Zaib ب زاد Beauty
Zaiba دهز Beautiful. Adorned
Zaid دز Growth, Increase
Zaida ة ئاز She Was A Very DevotedWorshipper About Whose

Worship The Prophet SAW Also Learnt

Zaima ما دز Leader.
Zain دز ن Beauty, Grace
Zain Zayn Beauty
Zaina دهز Beautiful
Zainab دهز Prophets Wife
Zainab Zaynab An Ornamented Tree
Zainaborzaynab دهاز An Ornamented Tree
Zainba دهز Beautiful (Two Words
Zairah ٌ ئاز Visitor
Zaitoon دهز Olive.
Zaitoona دهز Olive
Zaitun دهز The Olive Tree Or The OliveFruit.
Zaituna دهز Olive, Fem. Of Zaytun.
Zakia زاك Intelligent.
Zakira ةذاك One Who Speaks Of,Speaker.
Zakirah ٌذك One Who Remembers AllahRegularly
Zakiya زك Intelligent, Bright
Zakiyaa زاك Pure
Zakiyah زك Pure
Zakiyya زك Pure, Chaste, Sinless, Fem.
Zakiyyah زك Pure
Zala الزا Shiny-Ness.
Zalanda دهز Bright, Masculine Zaland.
Zalfa لز This Was The Name Of ADistinguished Woman Of Her Times, She Was Hajib Known

As Umm Al-Hajib Abdul Malik

Zamda زام ا A Plant That Grows In Quick
Zameelah ٌل ده مز Companion
Zameena دهن زم Intelligent, Intellectual
Zamrud زم She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Zamurd زامو A Narrator Of Hadith
Zamzam زمزم The Name Of A Spring InArabia.
Zane ه ناز Beloved
Zaniah ناز Beautiful.
Zanubiya بو نز Name Of A Great SyrianQueen
Zaqawat تو قز Wisdom, Sharpness,Prudence.
Zara زا ا Bright As The Dawn
Zarafat تا فاز Wit, Humour, Wisdom,Prudence.
Zaray ز ي Possibly A Variant Of
Zarbaha ٌ ب ذ Gold.
Zareefa ده ظ Elegant, Witty, Graceful
Zareen ن ز د Full Of Expression And Smile.
Zareena ا ن از Gold
Zareenah ٌا نز A Companion Of ProphetSAW
Zareesh د ز ٌ Wealth.
Zarghuna ان غز Green.
Zarifa ده Elegant, Graceful, Witty
Zarifah ده ظ Beauty, Smart
Zarin ن زا د Just Like Gold.
Zarina ان عز Golden.
Zariya ة ذ د Beauty And Light
Zarka ازا ك Elegant Bird (Crane).
Zarma زا ما Captivating.
Zarmina ان مز Lovely And Precious Gold
Zarnab با ن از Pure Gold
Zarola الزا و Hunter
Zarqa ا ق از Blue
Zarqaa ءا قز Blue Color.
Zarqabano با قز Blue Eyed Princess
Zarqahabiba اب ب ٌ قز Blue Eyed Friend
Zarqasultana لوس ا ق از Blue Eyed Queen
Zarrah زا ٌ She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Zarrah ` زا ها She Was A Narrator OfHadith.
Zartaj جا ت از Queen
Zawiya ة زا دو Slim Beauty
Zayaan ان دز Something Beautiful
Zayb ب زاد Adornment
Zayba دهز Adornment
Zayn ن زاد Beauty
Zayna دهز Feminine Form Of ZAYN
Zaynab دهز Proper Name, Name OfProphets Daughter
Zaynah دهز Beautiful
Zaynah Zaina Beautiful
Zaynahorzaina دهز Beautiful
Zaytoon دهز Olive
Zaytoonah دهز A Single Olive
Zeba دهز Beauty
Zeena دهز Ornament, SomethingBeautiful
Zeenaat دهز Decorations
Zeenat دهز Gorgeous
Zehak زهق Smile.
Zehba ىب ٌذ Gold
Zehna ى نٌذ Beautiful
Zehra زه ة Flower
Zeinab دهز Timorous
Zenia نز Flower
Zerada ة ز Gold Maker.
Zerah ذ ٌ Rising Of Light
Zerina ان عز Princess, Smart, Inteligent
Zhaahirah دهه ةزٌ (Zaahirah) Apparent,Evident, Bright.
Zhafeerah ح ز (Zafeerah) Of Firm And Resolute Intention.
Zhaheerah دهه ةزٌ (Zaheerah Assistant,Supporter.
Zhalai ز ل Hail.
Ziba دهز Pl. Of Zaby, Gazelle.
Zilal ال ل دز Shade, Shadow
Zilla ا ل ذد Shadow
Zinaat دهز Pl. Of Zinat, Ornament.
Zinah دهز Beauty
Zinah Zinat Adornment, Ornamentation
Zinat دهز Adornment, Ornament,Decoration, Elegance,


Zineb دز Comforting
Zinia دهز Name Of A Flower.
Zinneerah دز Name Of A Sahabiah
Ziram ام دز Glow
Ziya ه دهز Light
Ziyada ا ة دز Growth
Ziyan دز ن Elegance
Zobia دهة ب ظ God Gifted
Zoeya ا دز Life
Zoha زها Light
Zohal ز ل Moon Of Another Planet.
Zoharin ظه ن Dawn, Light Of Day
Zohniyya دهة ن ذٌ Bright Minded
Zohra ظه ا Venus, Jewels Of Sky
Zohura زه ة Beautiful, Innocent AndCaring
Zonira نز Precious Stone, ExpensiveJewel
Zoona زون Wise Women
Zorah زو ٌ Dawn
Zoreed ز One Who Meets
Zoufishan فز Moonlight
Zoya ا ز دو Loving & Caring
Zubaah حا بذ Name Of A Sahaabiyyah
Zubaida بز Diminutive Of Zubda, Butter
Zubaidah بز Excellent
Zubairaa بز Diminutive Of Zahraa
Zubaydah بز This Was The Name Of TheDaughter Of Jafar Mansoor And The Wife Of Khalifah
Haroon Rasheed
Zubdah ٌ بز Butter
Zubi ه بز Loving And Understanding
Zudora زو و ا Laborer
Zuha زها Brightness, Early Morning.
Zuhaira ده زٌ Floret, Small Flower.
Zuharah زه ٌ Planet Venus
Zuhayra ده زٌ Courage
Zuhera زه ة Name Of A Planet
Zuhoor زهو Flowers
Zuhra زه ة Venus, Brilliancy, Brightness
Zuhrah زه ٌ Brightness
Zuhur زهو To Flower, To Blossom, ToGlow
Zukhruf زخ ف Pure Gold
Zulaikha لز Wife Of The King Of Egypt
Zulaykha لز She Was A Narrator OfHadith
Zuleika لوز Brilliant And Lovely
Zuleikha لز Brilliant And Lovely
Zulekha لز Brilliant Beauty
Zuleyka لوز Beautiful
Zulfa لز First Part Of The Night
Zulfah لز Nearness, Closeness
Zumarrada زم ة Emerald,Precious Stone
Zumurrud زم Emerald
Zumurruda زم ة Emerald
Zumzum زمزم Sweet Water Of Paradise
Zunairah ة ا نز Flower Found In Paradise
Zurafa ة فاز Elegant, Witty, Graceful
Zynah دهز Beautiful

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