Arrival of High-Quality Cattle from Brazil to boost Pakistan Live stock sector

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By Fayyaz Sidhu

Pakistan imports high-breed cattle from Brazil under Green Pakistan Initiative

In Islamabad, the first batch of high-quality cattle from Brazil has arrived in Pakistan under the Special Investment Council (SIFC). This initiative aims to enhance the Green Pakistan Livestock Initiative (GPLI) managed by SIFC. These cattle, boasting superior genetic traits, will be distributed to local farmers for their meat and milk needs. Among the nine breeds imported, some are local to Pakistan while others hail from Brazil. After arrival in Sialkot, the cattle will undergo a two-week quarantine in Okara.

FONGROW, a company established as part of the Green Pakistan Initiative, played a crucial role in facilitating this agreement. The collaboration led to the import of nine cattle breeds from Brazil. Brazilian Ambassador Olyntho Vieira highlighted the potential for increased bilateral trade between Brazil and Pakistan during an interview. He also mentioned the historical exchange of red Sindhi cattle from Pakistan to Brazil in the 1950s, which have been preserved since then.

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