Apple iPhone 6 Plus with Smart Watch

apple iPhone 6 two new models

U.S. technology company Apple, the iPhone for the first time with two new models , Apple Watch, is introduced as a smart watch .The company co-founder Steve Jobs’s death, the first since the company introduced the new product.

This smart watch fitness tracker and can run several apps and touch screen display. he price of this watch is made of $ 349, according to the company until the beginning of next year will be available in the market.

Samsung and other companies have already introduced such a smart watch , but experts believe that Apple has been the history of the company that brings to market the product , if belated , but do not turn market the product.

Ceremony in California on Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook said the company’s two new iPhone models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus also unveiled.The Tim Cook said, “by far the most advanced and today we are happy to offer the iPhone.Both the iPhones call volume is large , but thin.

IPhone 6 screen has four decimal seven inches , while the iPhone 6 Plus has five screens.Experts believe that the increase in the size of the screen, users ayndrwd phones is going to stop.

These two new phones for the 8 -chip and high -resolution screen , retina HD ‘technology is used.The new iPhone OS 8 operating system will work will be available from September 18.

According to the company the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will be available on September 19 in the United States in the global market, the two -year contract price of $ 199 to $ 499 will get.

Look at new products in technology experts say the new product called Smart Watch is the new model of iPhone smart phones in the market, the company can get its old location.

Apple WatchesAccording to research company address Apple’s share in the global market of smart phones and 11 point seven percent from 13 percent RH. Conversely ayndruyd phones in the market between April and June, up from 79.6 percent to 84.7 percent , which has benefited companies like Samsung and Lenovo.

 Watch the new addition to the smart phones like Apple ‘s new payment method or a new payment gateway , at Apple also introduced.

Tim Cook says he wants to change the way shopping stores and then people will have to go to the shops wallet.

The company claims that this service would be safe enough for him to Apple your credit card information will be safe as well as a credit card for payment to the vendor will have to pay.


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