Anti Dengue Day in Pakistan on Saturday 27 July 2013

Anti Dengue Day observation in Pakistan

Lahore: Provincial Government Has decided to observe Anti Dengue Day on Saturday 27th of July in all districts of Punjab.

 Chief Minister of Punjab has given the necessary instruction to all concerned health officers and All DCO’s of the Punjab Districts. In this connection in all districts of the Punjab senior concerned officers and district Management under each DCO will organize Seminars and will give awareness to people to cleanliness and elimination of breeding sites all public places.

 People should be aware through Banners and Pamphlets and health staff will go door to door for anti Dengue day awareness.

 All District Management will particular emphasis to eliminate breeding sites and cleanliness of industrial areas, tyre shops, graveyards and junkyards.

In Particular Public Places District administration will move to aware people and banners and Pamphlets will be displayed on particular places and road of each district of Punjab.  The District Administration will give awareness to masses through local cable network.


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