An investor’s guide to the Twitterati

Do you tweet?

This question puzzles mostly when you are out of the loop that you have tweeted or not. In Fact most of us  have no tweeted but if anyone from America over 29 years old than that you’ve ever done it.

 In spite of the fact that Twitter (TWTR) is a household name, and that it has induced many humans to begin tweeting in public, it is still not quite the mass phenomenon it is used in many terms of Global Internet reach in context form.

As it prepares for startup as a public company on the New York Stock Exchange this week, that fact is Twitter’s strength. It can be down depending on views about company as an investment.

At least now new introduce ot “Twitterati”as a social media to connect people and who are in the  loop and shows exclusively close to Facebook Small group.

Pew Research surveyed American Community this week and find out that only 16 % Adults use Twitter. And half of these people use twitter as a source of News. That’s why they use it and comment it on twitter for getting breaking news, and also connecting with people.

Twitter News owners tend to be young, with 45% between 18 to 29 years old, As they are more educated and brilliant than the whole US community. They also use twitter on mobile devices to connect online.


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