Again USD dollar exceeded to Rs.160 against Pakistani Rupee

Again USD dollar exceeded to Rs.160 against Pakistani Rupee

Islamabad (16th July 2019- Tuesday): Again USD dollar exceeded to Rs.160 against Pakistani Rupee. Untold rupees of Pakistani rupees in comparison to the dollar in foreign exchange markets, the price of the dollar in Interbank increased by Rs. 4, followed by the dollar worth 160 rupees. Media reports have reported that the dollar has increased from Rs 159.86 to 160.90 rupees. The prime minister says pressure on rupees is being seen on increasing demand for dollar on payments.

In the Paris-based Interbank market, more than Rs 1.15 in dollar price and Rs 95 percent in sales, while buying the price of the dollar in the open market, 50 paise and price of 1.00 rupees were recorded. According to the figures released by the Forex Association of Pakistan, the price of US dollar worth Rs 1.15 in rupees and 95 percent of the money sold in sales, recorded that the price of US dollar increased from Rs 158.75 to Rs 159.90 and Rs 159 From Rs .05 to Rs 160.00.

In the open currency market, buy a dollar worth US $ 50 rupees and 1.00 rupees in the price of sales were recorded, resulting in the purchase of US dollar from Rs 159.00 to 159.50 rupees and from 159.50 rupees to 160.50 rupees. Euro worth Rs 1.00, while British money price was bought 30 paise and 40 pieces of money were recorded in sales , respectively, accordingly, the purchase of Euro price increased from Rs 178.50 to Rs 179.50 and Rs 180.50 to Rs 181.50 respectively, while British Pound cost Rs 199.50 Rs 199.80 and sales increased from Rs 201.50 to Rs. 201.90.

According to the Forex report, prices of Saudiral and OAE remained constant at the cost of Saudi Arabia, which resulted in the cost of Saudi Arabia price at Rs 42.40 and Rs 42.90 in the same period as compared to Rs 43.40 in the same period and Rs 43.90 in the sales. The price of the prices of the Parukachunyi Yuan, resulting in sugar yuan, was Rs 21.50 rupees and price sales of Rs 23.00 remained constant.


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