Active Taxpayers List update- Federal Board of Revenue

KARACHI: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) announced new schedule to update Active Taxpayers List ( income Tax) on every Sunday to facilitate the new income tax  return filers. 

While concerning to a statutory regulatory order (SRO) FBR said that it will update Active Taxpayers list on every Sunday instead of monthly basis. This would be beneficial for all taxpayers to reduce rate of withholding income tax.

Higher withholding funds tax rate  are   introduced   pertaining to  non-filers  with   funds  tax returns  by the  Finance Act, 2014.  This   are   further increased  at the  current fiscal year  Just as   your own  government widened  your current  gap between filers  IN ADDITION TO  non-filers.

According  to the  directorate  of  withholding taxes,  the   individuals  whose names  are generally  included  in the  ATL  is   in a position to  avail  Some great benefits of   the  reduced rate  regarding  withholding tax.

After  your current   benefits   associated with  new  division  236P  in   your   cash  Tax Ordinance, 2001  About the  imposition  of  withholding tax  from  banking  dealings   through  non-filers  the  year,  the  FBR  acquired   outstanding   remedy   inside  filing  connected with  returns  for its  tax year 2014.

Under  the actual  clause, non-filers  related with   dollars  tax returns  usually are  liable  to pay for  0.3 percent  from  Rs50,000 transactions/day.

Trade community strongly reacted  for you to   the actual  statement  IN ADDITION TO  complained  It  ATL  \’m  faulty  As   numerous  filers were not listed  to the  ATL.

The government  can be  still determined not  to help  remove  your  section.

The FBR,  with the  latest notification, addressed  a good  issue raised  from  tax practitioners  AS WELL AS  corporate taxpayers  concerning  incorporation  of a  entity  throughout  July  AND ALSO   it is  inability  for you to   end up being  listed  with the  ATL  since the  filing  will be  mandatory  AND ALSO   this type of   a  unit  is usually   necessity to  file  your current  returns  inside  December  next  year.

The Karachi Tax  club  Association (KTBA),  throughout   the actual  connection, recently urged  the  FBR  to  incorporate  a whole new  taxpayer, registered under  ones   funds  Tax Ordinance, 2001,  who   will certainly  automatically  be  placed  on the  ATL  to the   time frame   of the  registration  identify   on the  condition  It   not any  return  associated with   funds   will be  due  for the   date   of  registration.

“The  title   of a   institution   or even   a good  association  of   individual   in  whose case return  is actually  not due  in order to   possibly be  filed  considering that the   involving  incorporation  or perhaps  formation  after  June 30  related to  tax year would  end up being  included  with  ATL,” read  the  SRO. 

It said such planning is not available for people as they are appropriated to file their past year return any time.

Muhammad Zubair, president of KTBA said the corporate entities incorporated in the early days of a financial year could not file brings back due to legal responsibilities.

He further said the online system was embarrassed for the companies, which betrayed to file return of the past year.


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