Aamir Khan’s Legal Notice to Pakistani Websites for Fake Interview

aamir khan send legal notice to pak websites

Aamir khan has sent a legal to pakistani websites for his fabricated Interview about PK Movie questioning answering  and controversy  with hinduism and muslims.

Aamir khan’s legal representative Anand Desai  sent legal notice on behalf of Aamir khan. he said  that

“Mr Khan Shocked  after seeing this fake interview on several pakistani websites  in which all questions and answers has been made  for religous controversy with hinduism and muslims with reference  of PK movie. he said  he has been impersonated for catching visitors  and drawing the attention of people about PK movie  and it is totally defamotory of our clients”.

Now we have exposed  that this content is  fake and it s a very serious infringement of our client’s rights.  we are sending legal notices to all these content sharing websites. Mr khan will file  a criminal complaint against  with the Cybercrime Cell, Mumbai Police after he returns to Mumbai.”

this is the content of Aamir khan fake Interview that is exposed.

aamir khan fake interview exposed


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