5 Ways To Increase Horsepower Under $150

5 Cheap Ways to Increase Horsepower

Everyone want to increase the horsepower of  his car but that seemed so much costly. Here on this page we will give you 5 best and easy ways to increase your car horsepower   Just under $100.

 So let see the  five  Ways  to increase horsepower of Cars.

1-Air intake filter: 

Use good Air Intake filter such  as K&N filter which can increase your car with several horses.

2-Aftermarket Exhaust Muffler: 

Replace the  builtin Muffler  from market that will  not only increase horsepower but also can sound good.

3-High Flow Catalytic Converters:

if it’s legal in your country, replace the factory catalytic converter with high flow one.

4- High Performance Engine Oil:

Performance synthetic oil reduces the friction between the engine parts which will help in improving the horsepower & the torque.

5-Aftermarket Exhaust Headers:

the stock one didn’t design to give power so replacing it is the solution, a lot of them is breaking the $150 but some online shops have it for $200


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