3G and 4G auction in Pakistan by April 23 2014

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) Chairman, Ismail Shah told  the Supreme Court  of Pakistan about 3G and 4G licenses that  will be auctioned by April 23.

A three-member bench  of Supreme  Court headed by Justice Jawaad Khawaja heard the Case of  3G and 4G auction  on Thursday.

 Only  those companies will  auction 3G and 4G which will get Licensed   said Justice Khawaja and in Pakistan only  3 Telecom Companies will  get license.

The Chairman PTV Ismail Shah  informed the Apex court the  3G 4G Auction will by  applicable by 23 April  and it  was expected to generate Rs 1.3 trillion.

The hearing of the case has been withdrawn till April 16.


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