Xbox One Gaming Console A $499 PC for your living room

Xbox One: A $499 PC for your living room

Microsoft’s first new gaming console Xbox One in eight years. It’s a quality piece of hardware but it’s also remarkable because Microsoft is using it to make a statement.

It is just a vedio gaming console Xbox One and also a compute for your living room.

How does it works and it goes on sale of $499 on Friday. It is totally fare that in mind of everyone.

Xbox One Hardware: Its hardware is a big and by next generation console standards. It’s bigger than a cable box and Blu-ray player, but thankfully smaller than an AV Receiver.


That said, the Xbox One is specially designed in a well decorated shape, which makes its size less of an issue. The combination of finishes, textures and angles make the all-black box fun, but not loud. You won’t have to hide this away from public sight. Look on for the proper screen set up needed for the Xbox, a normal TV will only do so much with the power it has.

On the inside, the Xbox is now powered by the same developer-friendly 8-core processor as Sony’s PlayStation 4. It also has 8 gigabytes of RAM, but its approach to using these components is very different from its competitor.

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