US flag raised over reopened Cuba embassy in Havana

John Kerry begins historic Cuba visit to raise flag over

The US flag is raised after 54 years in Cuba by establishing a warming Ties between two countries.

The first US Secretary John Kerry visit cuba in 70 years and presided over the ceremony held in Cuba  at Havana.

At first time the US Flag was raised in 1961 by the name of US Marines in Cuba.

Now Cuba has reopened its Embassy in Washington last month but the last emperor of Cuba who was the leader of Cuba country has played a very negative role for not lifting the role for establishing the trade embargo with USA.

In an open letter on Thursday, Mr Castro said the US owed Cuba millions of dollars because of its 53-year-long embargo. The letter makes no mention of the reopening of the US embassy.

Mr Kerry depicted the lifting of the flag as a “historic moment” speaking during the ceremony on Friday on dated 14th August 2015.

In any case, he likewise cautioned that the US would not quit squeezing for political change in Cuba.

“The populace of Cuba would be best served by a bona fide majority rules system, where individuals are allowed to pick their pioneers,” he told a horde of hundreds assembled outside the international safe haven building.

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