Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapses at halftime in Game

Gary Kubiak A   Houston Taxan Coach collapsed at halftime

HOUSTON-Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapsed on the field at halftime of Sunday night game against the Indianapolis Colts when he was getting out.

Kubian was taken to nearby hospital with his family and now he is conscious. According to Taxans , the team did not say anything wrong and coach have no heart attack.


Rick Smith the Houston general manager told press after the night game that Kubiak was being assessed at the hospital, where he was awaken and talking. His vital signs were stable, according to Smith.

The 52-year-old Kubiak fell to his knees and pulled a face when he collapsed on Field, but he never lost consciousness.

Geoff Kaplan the Texans head trainer said that Kubiak was laid on the ground for several minutes surrounding by medical personal. After a few minutes, Kubiak sat up and spoke with those surrounding him before finally being shifted to a stretcher and taken off the field.


Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips took over in the meantime.

Houston led the Colts 21-3 at halftime but aroused on losing the game, 27-24.

Kubiak has been the Texans’ coach since the 2006 season.

His collapse came a day after Denver Broncos coach John Fox was hospitalized in North Carolina after feeling light-headed while playing golf. Fox will have aortal value replacement surgery and is anticipated to miss several weeks.

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