Terry McAuliffe Wins ‘Nailbiter’ Virginia Governor’s Race 2013

McAuliffe Wins 'Nailbiter' Virginia Governor’s Race 2013

Democrat leader Terry McAuliffe wins Virginia Governor’s Election 2013 over Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and it showed to be a nailbiter.

McAuliffe defeated Cuccinelli in a awesomely slim 48-45 percent victory to become Virginia’s next governor, breakage a long Virginia tradition going back to 1977 of voting for a new governor from the opposition party of the sitting president.


Virginia was one of two states picking out governors Tuesday, along with New Jersey – where Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., was elected again- and a good deal of local elections also took place across the country including elections for various state ballot initiatives and big-city mayors.Virginia Governor’s Election Race MCAuliffe Wins “Nailbiter”

According to exit polls, both McAuliffe and Cuccinelli did very well among their own zealots – each getting more than nine out of 10 votes from people of their own parties. Cuccinelli had a nine-point edge among independents, which constitute three in 10 voters in Virginia Gov Race 2013. But McAuliffe did better than Cuccinelli in getting out his base: somewhat more voters reported themselves as Democrats (37 percent) than Republicans (32 percent) as shown in Figure.

McAuliffe also won among voters under 45 and college graduates – both groups that McDonnell won four years ago – and he led among moderates (22 points) and women (9 points).

Virginia voters may have seen Cuccinelli as more extreme ideologically than McAuliffe. 50% saw Cuccinelli as too conservative, compared to just 41 percent who saw McAuliffe as too liberal person.

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