State of Origin: Luke Lewis’ father-in-law passed away on the eve of game one

State of Origin: Luke Lewis' father-in-law passed away

State of origin NSW forward player Luke Lewis father in law and Sonia Lewis lost her father at Sunday morning at 5:30 AM.

 Luke Lewis Father in law Nick has passed away today of the eve of game one. He is the NSW state of origins Forward player.

Luke lewis Wife Sonia Lewis lost her father when she receives a phone call at 05:30 AM from her shattered mother.

Sonia lewis told her husband when he was going to play the most interested match in 34 years between NSW and Queensland that has to be played in the next day.

With just over 24 hours to go to the biggest match of Lewis’s career, one of the Blues’ most experienced campaigners stood in his Brisbane team hotel room with game plans scuppered by grief.

Sonia father Nick was born in Italy and then migrated to Australia at the age of 25 for better life in Australia.

Sonia was not wanted to disrupt lewis’s sleep before telling him about her dad death by heart attack.

At last she called him but for lewis was not ready to receive that call and he said   what’s wrong.

“Dad passed away,’’ Sonia told her husband down the line. Shocked, he asked Sonia to repeat herself. “Dad has passed away,’’ she replied.

His father-in-law, the caring, close mate with whom he loved to eat and talk sport, had died.

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