Sharif presided over a meeting on the energy situation

Sharif  meeting on Energy Crises in Pakistan

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today saluted his government would make effective use of all available resources to counter Pakistan’s energy crisis as the gap between demand and production of electricity soared up to 6,000 MW.

Sharif presided over a meeting on the energy situation at the State Guest House here and was given a detailed briefing on the crisis. A plan for reducing power failure was presented by officials to thePrimeMinister.

“I have to put in place such openings that keep industrial wheels and the fans of everyone’s home on the move,” Sharif said.

The energy sector is one of the antecedences of the PML-N government and all stakeholders will be taken on board to overcome the problem, he said.

Sharif has repeatedly described the energy crisis, which has resulted in power outages of up to 20 hours a day across the country, as the biggest challenge currently facing Pakistan.

power failure across the country browned off as the gap between demand and production of electricity reached 6,000 MW, state-run Radio Pakistan reported.

The current generation of electricity is 11,000 MW while the demand is 17,000 MW.

Due to increasing demand’ big cities were facing power outages of one to two hours after every hour, the report said.

The new government plans to gradually retire the power sector’s huge circular debt to contour the electricity generation chain and bring outages under control, officials said.

Sharif directed authorities to determine the property of all electricity projects and to prepare estimates and financial requirements for enforcing the projects.

He stressed the need for expediting work on power projects to ensure the generation of electricity at a low cost.

He also called for getting rid of unqualified officials and useless machinery.

Officials were directed by the premier to take rigorous measures to stop electricity larceny.

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