Shahbaz Sharif‘s Meeting With south Punjab Leaders

Pakistan Muslim League-N to change Patwari and Thana culture

Lahore: Punjab chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif   said that the government will introduce such a local government System that will empower the masses in reality and will play its role for the best to solve problems of people.

Local bodies elections will soon be held after consultation with the party and other stakeholders, he said during separate meetings with Members Punjab Assembly belonging to Bahawalpur and Multan divisions at 90-Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam.

Shahbaz Sharif said that the historic mandate given by the nation to PML-N demands that no effort should be spared in the service of the people, resolving problems of the masses and raising their living standard.

He said that people have given mandate to Pakistan Muslim League-N to change Patwari and Thana culture, eliminate corruption and resolve energy crisis and it will come up to the expectations of the masses.

He said that country will be steered out of the quagmire of problems and put on the road to progress and prosperity.

He said that power will be used to provide justice to the weak, uphold rights of widows and orphans, supremacy of justice and eradication of crime.

The Chief Minister said that the energy crisis being faced by the country has badly affected national economy, industries, agriculture, education, health and other sectors.

He said that provincial ministers, assembly members and officers serving the people are our pride whereas those who have no interest in this regard have no right to stay on their posts.

Punjab Chief Minister Said the South Punjab selected the PML-N for their best future and   rejects all Corrupt Elements. PML-N has served the People of South Punjab during flood and as results we have got victory.

For the people of South Punjab Government have seen their problems with so close eyes and will resolve their problem within one year.  The government has made a 32 Percent Development funds including Health, Education and infrastructure and compared to its 31 percent Population. The People of South Punjab will see the result of their progress soon.

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