PTCL has stopped Student Broadband DSL Packages

PTCL Broadband DSL Student Packages is discontinue

This likely won’t be very delighting for all the students out there, but the news is that PTCL is likely to phase out its very popular student package over a period of next few months.

While we don’t have official confirmation for this, however, sources confirm us that company is looking for ways to replace its student package with other similar products.

It deserves noting here that PTCL has expressed its customers through monthly bills this month that 1 MB student package would be charged at Rs. 1,250, while 2 MB student package will be charged Rs. 1,450 from November 1st, 2013.

Not to mention, these charges are usual tariff for normal broadband packages.

Student segment, as mentioned above, is vastly lucrative and shares hefty amount of broadband subscribers for PTCL, the market leader in broadband market.

With changing market dynamics, company is now looking for ways to boost revenues by its products.PTCL Economy Broadband Package offers 1Mbps speeds at a monthly charge of Rs. 499, but comes with 10 GB data limit per month.

PTCL told that customers should demand a wide array of products for students starting 2014. Company said that not only various new broadband packages will be announced but more technologies will be brought into the scope the entertainment of students.

Now as a result PTCL discount student broadband DSL Package is over.

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