Pakistan-India rugby final on Saturday in Lahore

Pakistan will play rugby final Against India on 05th October 2013

Lahore:  Arch-rivals India and Pakistan will play rugby on Saturday, with officials and captains vowing to promote peace through sports.

The final is a rare sporting event between Pakistan and India. New Delhi had conked bilateral sporting relations in awaken of 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, which India blamed Pakistan militants.

 Pakistan has recently played a cricket series this year   with Arch-Rival in India after 2007.but that proved to be a one-off, as heightening tensions on the Line of Control in the disputed Kashmir region jumped the peace process.

Now Indian rugby team manager Kulvinder Singh said that that final will be a first step towards peace for both countries.

 “I am happy that kids of below 19 years are starting this with the final,” Singh told AFP. “I wish the oneness back between us and that we give a message of peace to New Delhi and Islamabad.”

“I came here as a player in 1999 and now as a manager and have always felt at ease, got so much love and warmth that I feel at home,” he said.

His mother came from Faisalabad and his father from Rawalpindi before the partition in 1947.

“I know there are so many derailments but I am sure Pakistan will take India as its brother and India would feel the same way,” said Singh.

Indian Captain Suraj Veer Said “It’s a wonderful feeling to be in Lahore and the affection is memorable,” said Veer, adding he hoped his team will beat Pakistan.

And Pakistani Captain Dawood Gill stated as “Pakistan is making progress in rugby and I am sure my team will beat India but it’s all for the peace of the two nations,”

Pakistan rugby team also made a tour of Mumbai next week of this month to join Asian Sevens by 16 countries participants.

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