Khurshid Shah For Inquiry Commission Report Before National Assembly

oppossition leader for inquiry commission

Islamabad: Pakistan National Assembly Opposition Leader  said on Monday that  the report of Inquiry  commission should be placed for debate  in Parliament.

Speaking to the point Khurshid shah said that I always played important role for strengthening the parliament. He said that he also talked to PTI Deputy Parliamentary Leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi to present   the report before the house.

He said that the nation was confronting host of difficulties and all issues ought to be completely talked about in the House. The resistance pioneer additionally welcomed all gatherings for tolerating the report of request commission. Talking in the House, PTI Deputy Parliamentary pioneer Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the PTI would respect the understanding and would make it open. He said that in past numerous commissions including Hamoodur Rehman, Abbottabad commission were situated up however their reports and discoveries were not made open. Qureshi said, “We are not saying that this get together is not honest to goodness… we need to reinforce popular government in the nation”. He said complete agreement PTI would not be a piece of any unlawful activity to crash the majority rule transform in the nation. The PTI pioneer said that after 1970, in past all gatherings and their pioneers have reservation over decisions results and same reservations were likewise communicated by Imran Khan after broad races 2013. He said that inquiries were additionally raised about the execution of the Election Commission of Pakistan. He said that the commission report additionally uncovered inadequacies of the ECP. In the interim, reacting to a calling consideration notification, State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheik Aftab Ahmad told the House that 1395 sections of land of area was given to NARC on lease which has as of now been terminated. He said that a synopsis has been sent to the Prime Minister and he would choose the case.

He said that it was an significant subject and it should be concerned to standing committee of the house for deliberateness.

The calling attention notice about conclusion taken by the CDA to introduce a Housing Scheme by breaking up the NARC was moved by Shahida Rehmani in the House.

Later, the House was recessed to meet again on Tuesday at 10.30 am…

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